Restoring a Bent iPad Pro that was RUN OVER BY A CAR!

3 okt 2020
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"My 12 year old son dropped the iPad while getting into the car and dropped the iPad on the gutter.
As he waved good bye I saw the Pad getting squashed between the tire and gutter." - The previous owner.
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  • I got an iPad I dropped it one side of the screen has lines I don’t see any crack in the lcd but the glass on it didn’t crack I dropped it once

    Fire LyricsFire Lyrics11 timmar sedan
  • Hello, where do you find replacement parts ? On ifixit its so expensive to be profitable and on AliExpress its bullshit parts ...

    Cyril PCyril P3 dagar sedan
  • What kind of kid has an ipad pro?

    Ayaan_0307Ayaan_03074 dagar sedan
  • Hail Hail Hail 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻😊

    Tanveer SinghTanveer Singh6 dagar sedan
  • U should do a collab with Cat and Andrew

    DaTecTec!DaTecTec!6 dagar sedan
  • Get a nokia 3090 smh

    Yuan UiYuan Ui8 dagar sedan
  • 3:10 : you should have JerryRigEverything to fix it for you.

    FryingRonaldFryingRonald8 dagar sedan
  • slap on a case and you would never know

    Hugh GrahamHugh Graham9 dagar sedan
  • My iPad

    HaRrY DHaRrY D10 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Chase JohnsonChase Johnson10 dagar sedan
  • 0:59 that's normal for apple products

    Citaro SRCitaro SR10 dagar sedan
  • jerry rig everything: can snap ipad car: best i can do is bend

    JakeJake10 dagar sedan
  • why did it look like a macbook air at first for me lol

    Rithvik KonaRithvik Kona11 dagar sedan
  • Hey Hugh I have this exact iPad same size everything we got told it would cost £500 to cost to fix the lcd still worked and shockingly touch still worked we got it repaired for the £500 and for some reason every time it’s used the new touch screen thing stops working

    Harrybo GamesHarrybo Games11 dagar sedan

    T e n s e 9T e n s e 911 dagar sedan
  • Modern problems require jeffrey solutions

    raidraid11 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    ReddylionReddylion11 dagar sedan
  • "apple products break instantly" this 12y/o kid: "observe"

    RomanRoman15 dagar sedan
  • that kid who dropped the ipad probably got beaten 24 times a day every hour for 5 years

    alpitu21alpitu2118 dagar sedan
  • I thought all iPad pros had Face ID, no?

    Jason L77Jason L7719 dagar sedan
    • No

      Yuan UiYuan Ui8 dagar sedan
  • That person ran over there cheating boyfriends iPad.

    WAE WAEWAE WAE19 dagar sedan
  • I'm amazed that this iPad still works.

    Cursively RedBoyCursively RedBoy20 dagar sedan
  • Ever tried a galaxy ace?

    jacksepticboss dabossjacksepticboss daboss22 dagar sedan
  • Was it run over by Bentley? 😂😂

    Jakrit MuangkiawJakrit Muangkiaw23 dagar sedan
  • An iPad pro without a homebutton? IMPOSSIBLE!

    EpicgameryeetEpicgameryeet24 dagar sedan
  • Bending iPad with two other iPads. 💪

    Stefano MusicaStefano Musica25 dagar sedan
  • did the old owner get him a new one?

    Okejay57Okejay5726 dagar sedan
  • The common aluminum byerly carry because greek immunohistochemically wrap than a lamentable drake. shrill, lamentable kiss

    Aiden SaechaoAiden Saechao27 dagar sedan
  • Can't wait for more iPad videos in the future! Keep up the good work man

    BrunkkiProBrunkkiPro27 dagar sedan
  • u could use heat to mend the ipad housing.

    LuiisLuiisMånad sedan
  • Ah yes, we use the iPads to fix the iPad

    TheLoppyLizardKing IrvineTheLoppyLizardKing IrvineMånad sedan
  • Sorry the title of this video made me laugh 😂

    sebastian vesey holtsebastian vesey holtMånad sedan
  • iparked

    Cam NeilCam NeilMånad sedan
  • hi sir i want to send my iphone 8 plus to u for replacing. back glass front ear speaker. and lcd glass how can i send it to u. and how much will this cost

    APbrar VlogsAPbrar VlogsMånad sedan
  • Hugh, I got an Ipad Pro 2020 edt. a couple of months ago. However before I put in a cover, I made a small scratch on the back. Do you have any surgestions on how to hide such scratches?

    Mads Frederik ToftMads Frederik ToftMånad sedan
  • Looks like the one I punched when I was younger 😅 It was a crazy old ipad

  • iPads helping an iPad

    RyanG128RyanG128Månad sedan
  • Rich people's run over on poor people's refurbished iPad.

    N BauaN BauaMånad sedan
  • Nice repair. With a good case it’ll be just fine for whomever uses it.

    M RM RMånad sedan
  • love this guys vids. i usually hate restoration vids cuz they get so long winded but this guy keeps it to the point

    carlos tha rippacarlos tha rippaMånad sedan
  • "this particular one has been run over by a CAH"

    CarterPlaysCarterPlaysMånad sedan
  • At the start the iPad looks normal

    terraria Warsterraria WarsMånad sedan
  • If this was a pro 3, it would be a icylinder

    ayyオイカorb ャulonlmaoayyオイカorb ャulonlmaoMånad sedan
  • This is why you shouldn’t give your young children iPads. I bet they were on their way to a restaurant so the kid could just play on it the whole time. Smh

    Ethan ElliottEthan ElliottMånad sedan
  • the poking out camera behind the iPad will always look hideous, and makes an uneven surface when left of a table, STUPID

    comeberzacomeberzaMånad sedan
  • 1:17 - Just a little something for in case you didn't know in the Video, through all the Marks & stuff due to the damage of the Touch Screen, looking at the Model Name in there is an iPad Pro 10.5". Basically my Sister has one, but her's is in Rose Gold & she has the 512GB one compared to this 256GB Space Gray one in the Video. My iPad Pro that I have is the 12.9" 2ND Gen, which I may have to end up replacing though due to an Unresponsive Screen Glitch & if I do replace mine due to it, I would get myself the Latest iPad Pro 12.9" 4TH Gen, although then would I have to start getting used to the new way of the Touch Screen with swipe up to unlock, Face ID, etc., as I'm currently used to the Home Button Apple iDevices, which are still being barely made currently, as the Latest Home Button iDevices are currently the iPhone SE 2ND Gen, iPad Mini 5TH Gen, iPad 8TH Gen 10.2", & the iPod Touch 7TH Gen, but at least would I have the Dual Rear Cameras, which is pretty nice for Apple to add on the iPads, when they made the iPad Pro 11" 2ND Gen & the iPad Pro 12.9" 4TH Gen earlier this year.

    Video LoverVideo LoverMånad sedan
  • Interesting.

    Allwyn RobertAllwyn RobertMånad sedan
  • I had to go hug my ipad pro after seeing this..

    C0nesC0nesMånad sedan
  • When you fix a ipad with a ipad

    Kitty PawsKitty PawsMånad sedan
  • im curious on how many apple stuff u have by now

    Mikhaela KrichelMikhaela KrichelMånad sedan
  • Homie used ipads to fix an ipad

    Harrison KirkpatrickHarrison KirkpatrickMånad sedan
  • This is why kids shouldn't have new tech, it's a money bag for companies and the kids just expect replacements, it should be left to sink in so they don't make the same mistake again and the more devices they break, the crappier they get so they can look after it and build back up, and learn to appreciate what they have.

    X Razorsz XX Razorsz XMånad sedan
  • That is the exact same iPad I’m using rn

    SV_ APEX07SV_ APEX07Månad sedan
  • Just buy your kid a kindle fire! Why do people get their kids $1100 devices expecting them not to screw it up. 😂

    Carter Thiel / XDGFTWCarter Thiel / XDGFTWMånad sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys : "I was amazed that the true tone was disabled." Tim Cook "Somebody is getting fucking fired!! Sell his/her/its family into slavery and implement plan "roboto ru A4D222C" we must hasten our plan to take over the world with junk that cant be fixed!

    Not the oneNot the oneMånad sedan
  • Later on he might fix something PlainRock124 broke during Bored Smashing

    Aron LiAron LiMånad sedan
  • Bro,I have a bent iPad pro with everything working condition. Will you buy mine? I will subscribe to your channel if you buy.

    Bobo GunnerBobo GunnerMånad sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys can fix anything.

    Phillip RhinehardtPhillip RhinehardtMånad sedan
  • boi i can seperate the screen from the case on an ipod 5th gen with only 2 screw drivers and you need a heatgun lol

    Gaming_TimeGaming_TimeMånad sedan
  • hey Hugh, I do have iPhone XS with fully cracked screen and it is bended I can sell it for ya and it will be interesting video

    КавказецКавказецMånad sedan
  • How do you fix a cracked home button for iPad Air 1

    May The LionMay The LionMånad sedan

    Anti HeroAnti HeroMånad sedan
  • Who buys a 1000 dollar iPad for a kid

    I dare you to pronounce HsudjeijebeirnnehhehshsI dare you to pronounce HsudjeijebeirnnehhehshsMånad sedan
  • If my kid left my iPad underneath the tire of my car and I ran it over? This will be a day he would never forget LOL

    Jeff DavisJeff DavisMånad sedan
  • Ipad Pro-Bend Series

    Clark Alfred D. ManaloClark Alfred D. ManaloMånad sedan
  • I have that same iPad. It’s a beast.

    Zackaree HuttonZackaree HuttonMånad sedan
    • In performance yes

      Yuan UiYuan Ui8 dagar sedan
  • Run over by a toy car.

    MrCosmin94MrCosmin942 månader sedan
  • SEworld has had this on the top of my recommendations for three days, okay fine lol.

    CarputingCarputing2 månader sedan
  • My ipad is bent a little , which makes the screen look weird (it doesnt have any problems) it only looks weird...

    FaithFaith2 månader sedan
  • Does th

    George GalpinGeorge Galpin2 månader sedan
  • my ipad 4 broke after being dropped off a 3 story balcony

    andrew penroseandrew penrose2 månader sedan
  • You can anneal the metal with a blow torch and take the bend out. It relaxes the metals grains. You should also get a jewelers hammer set. Lead hammer, copper hammer, hdpe hammer.. small dead blow if lead hammers are illegal in your country. A good work area that will cause the least amount of damages. Line the tables with hdpe cutting boards. You can add shock absorbers to it by lining the underside with rubber. I have also made my own wrench tools to realign edges.

    Jason BrooksJason Brooks2 månader sedan
  • My favorite laptops are the ones that come in where the person left it either on the top of a car or next to the wheel of the car or next to the door of the car and the inevitable played out and now they want their data off of it was my favorite because they come in all shapes and sizes

    Jason BrooksJason Brooks2 månader sedan
  • idk I wouldn't be satisfied, should have just got a new housing. Would look brand new and would have better resale value.

    DiscreteCinemaDiscreteCinema2 månader sedan
  • Hi, You could have tried to apply some heat while bending the housing....

    Labiche CanrinusLabiche Canrinus2 månader sedan
  • "Aussie dollars" wow Aussies are very cute, they seem to be very chilled and calm, p.s i didnt go to Australia myself nor tried Veggiemite

    mikey evansmikey evans2 månader sedan
  • can you buy my actuall unfixable iphone 8 many parts are in bags and the phones logic board is broken

    xHelluuxHelluu2 månader sedan
  • hey my cat died and u have helped me through whats going on thanks

    infinitelyinfinitely2 månader sedan
  • Wow such a great knowledge you have needed to fix anything

    Fury GodFury God2 månader sedan

    ROSEz HTECHROSEz HTECH2 månader sedan
  • why did the previous owner give a 12 year old a $1,000 device?

    Andy WeeseAndy Weese2 månader sedan
  • Good video!

    Hellscream GamesHellscream Games2 månader sedan
  • Gray???

    Cola96Cola962 månader sedan
  • Hey man I love your work if you don't already have one you should get an business for people to send there broken estuff to you could earn money from that that

    junejune2 månader sedan
  • Can i buy it?

    m overdrivem overdrive2 månader sedan
  • Hugh saying “Hi guys!” is the best

    Nataniel TiglaoNataniel Tiglao2 månader sedan
  • Just run over it again🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Helen KifluHelen Kiflu2 månader sedan
  • Yet again, not knowing what this dude is talking about. But seems very interesting seeing this iPad being restored

    AJ AviationAJ Aviation2 månader sedan
  • Now put it up on GumTree for $900 "AS NEW iPad, barely used"

    The Credible HulkThe Credible Hulk2 månader sedan
  • Here I am working music production with an iPad 6 because I can’t afford a better one while someone squashed an iPad Pro :c

    Victor Ibelles MxVictor Ibelles Mx2 månader sedan
  • I am watching this on a iPad 7th generation

    Ideal 296Ideal 2962 månader sedan
  • just buy a new ipad an replace the entire thing

    dorumydorumy2 månader sedan
  • New Ipad Apple Triple pro...its Curves

    KarenKaren2 månader sedan
  • This is was not driven over. I made many test for the insurance. If it was run over it would only be bend in the midle. This looks as if it was on a ball and the run over. Because the wheel is round it does not meen that it will bend in the shape of the wheel. Also no signs of small stones that lie on the road. Or was this floor microscopicaly clean? 👍

    Samo VogrinecSamo Vogrinec2 månader sedan
  • How hard is it to make money by doing this type of thing as a side gig/hobby?

    The OceanThe Ocean2 månader sedan
  • Nice vid but one question... HOW DO YOU RUN A IPAD OVER WITH YOUR CAR?!

    Springy C:Springy C:2 månader sedan
  • Wait RUN over by a CAR? my god that's like as rediculous as parents dying at a sea parks 😂 get IT?

    S RahmanS Rahman2 månader sedan
  • how to fix broken ipad: buy anew one

    Hi IdiotHi Idiot2 månader sedan
  • Bro this dude just fixed a flipin ipad that was ran over bye a car and he fixed it

    Jeffrey PembertonJeffrey Pemberton2 månader sedan
  • how is the glass not even cracked though?

    Siamese CatSiamese Cat2 månader sedan