$75 Destroyed iPhone 11 Pro Max Restoration

19 dec 2020
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I never pay full retail price!
Its time to repair this smashed and bent iPhone 11 Pro Max
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  • its like building a phone

    HarmonyYourFellowRatHarmonyYourFellowRat2 timmar sedan
  • How’d you get it reset if it has a passwords and Apple ID? Did you just contact the seller?

    TookeyTookey6 timmar sedan
  • Wow that is awesome these videos are very helpful

    Abir AlahmedAbir Alahmed6 timmar sedan
  • Or does JerryRigEverything own the phone?

    ItzTimeItzTime11 timmar sedan
  • I need my Red iPhone SE (2020) back glass fixed

    SL33ZYP34ZYSL33ZYP34ZY14 timmar sedan
  • where did u buy that iphone?

    aiman fithriaiman fithri18 timmar sedan
  • Where do you get those phones?

    Hunter NealeHunter Neale22 timmar sedan
  • Did my guy phone say 9 11

    Ksje JsidKsje JsidDag sedan
  • how much time you take to done all of this complete work ?

    mr.white vlogmr.white vlogDag sedan
  • Legend says that to repair this mobile he got special will power and memory by sacrificing his favorite lamb to Apple god Steve job.

    Anoop RahaAnoop RahaDag sedan
  • real bargain phone to buy

    Samsung S5Samsung S5Dag sedan
  • I'll buy it!

    vineeth Tvineeth TDag sedan
    • Is it available ?

      vineeth Tvineeth TDag sedan
  • What a mess jeeez

    Roberto PinnaRoberto Pinna2 dagar sedan
  • Phone fixer: why did they do this to a phone Me:watching while charging

    alphine limalphine lim2 dagar sedan
  • You should do a collab with Dankpods! Australian iPod based SEworldr! He has made many repairs that have failed!!!

    Bastian EspejoBastian Espejo2 dagar sedan
  • Can you make a video of resetting an iphone?

    Ti2i.3 TiTi2i.3 Ti2 dagar sedan
  • I would like to buy that phone please hahaha

    KrazidyKrazidy2 dagar sedan
  • Just subbed for the amount of screws you removed damn

    KrazidyKrazidy2 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for fixing lol

    daniel tshimangadaniel tshimanga2 dagar sedan
  • best way to replace iphone parts with no official supplies is being an official apple technician, stealing apple's repair tools from an apple store and that's it!

    BerfroidMorzenBerfroidMorzen2 dagar sedan
  • A robot could do this in 1.5 minutes but still great vid

    ItsLeeeroy Roblox and More!ItsLeeeroy Roblox and More!3 dagar sedan
  • Just use Ramen

    Jaki BoyJaki Boy3 dagar sedan
  • Rip the guy who gave this to him for 75usd

    king Ammoking Ammo3 dagar sedan
  • A 'few hours' work? Man, that was epic!

    Bob HolmesBob Holmes3 dagar sedan
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    MarkoMarko3 dagar sedan
    • um uh-huh 😃 good job?

      kokonetz!kokonetz!2 dagar sedan
  • The seller of this bended iphone : JerryRigEverything

    StanMeStanMe3 dagar sedan
  • Wholesome

    Reviews by RaselReviews by Rasel3 dagar sedan
  • so much overengineering that is kind disgruntling

    Feno DroideFeno Droide3 dagar sedan
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    Djehuti Ausar RaDjehuti Ausar Ra3 dagar sedan
  • Me wanting an iphone: *watching the first few clips of the broken iPhone sad* Also me wanting an iphone: *asking my brother if he gets a new iphone I can have his old one says yes* And me again: *HAPPY BOI*

    KoalaGamingKoalaGaming4 dagar sedan
  • how did he bypass the icloud lock?

    Egemen AksuEgemen Aksu4 dagar sedan
  • Please help me get one 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Cute & funnyCute & funny4 dagar sedan
  • The grouchy profit fortuitously notice because layer socioeconomically worry against a imaginary syrup. best, wholesale babies

    simon wangsimon wang4 dagar sedan
  • Wedged in a bed pfs sure he dropped it down the stairs and got mad and stomped on it and then sold it and lied

    Joshuaboy57Joshuaboy574 dagar sedan
  • As a mechanic, I find this mesmerising. Im using to big m10 and m12 bolts and heavy stuff. But watching this, I can compare it to what it’s like working on a BMW 😂

    Sour SkittlesSour Skittles4 dagar sedan
  • How do you manage to get (even destroyed) phones this cheap? Because I started to fix phones for my friends and family and decided to try and fix one of the newer ones like the 11 pro, but every listing on eBay I have come across was almost as expensive as a used 11 pro despite being totally obliterated. The same situation happened when I looked for a broken x and xs.Do you have any tips on how/ where to find destroyed phones for cheap?

    ProLabProLab5 dagar sedan
  • the new housing doesnt have Apple logo where to find housings with Apple Logo ?

    Bashar AbufarhaBashar Abufarha5 dagar sedan
  • I can also suggest to replace battery instead of bending it to look like it wasn't damaged

    4OTKO4OTKO5 dagar sedan
  • ج

    Aiger AkabaneAiger Akabane5 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how much he sold this phone.

    Stephine JoseStephine Jose5 dagar sedan
  • Are you wearing the wrist straps that come with the ifixit kit?

    Fin WatsonFin Watson5 dagar sedan
  • if it has older owners data how to reset it without icloud lock ?

    Md Aamir AslamMd Aamir Aslam5 dagar sedan
  • One of the most satisfying repairs.

    Ahamad LuqumanAhamad Luquman5 dagar sedan
  • Man this guy is awesome how my youtube feed don't shows me his content as much i want to. Seriously man i can't imagine how much effort he has put to get this iPhone 11 pro to run and he also to edit this video i think he clearly has a editor to edit his videos if not then he literally a God. Someone please give a trophy for this restoration. He fucking deserves it.

    ParitoshParitosh5 dagar sedan
  • am i the only one who thinks on JerryRigEverything by reading his name

    Patrick StarPatrick Star5 dagar sedan
  • You didn't get the 'genuine display' warning because when you copied the data from the original display's COF (Chip On Flex) over to the new screen to retain TrueTone, you also copied the CL-COF-DID (Codex Logic-Chip On Flex-Display ID). Your JC read/write device doesn't copy the two COF registers separately, but as a complete logical block. OEM refurb'd and quality 3rd party displays have compatible COFs, and copying ALL of the data transfers both the SN & CL-COF-DID data to the new display assembly, and also avoids running into weird register additions that Apple is notorious for, hence no warning. You can definitely read and write both ID register blocks separately, but I don't know why one would want or need to, unless you want a screen warning with no TrueTone, or TrueTone with no screen warning. Love your content!!

    Jackson SneedJackson Sneed5 dagar sedan
  • Who is Huge Efry?

    FizzickzFizzickz6 dagar sedan
  • this is surgery, good job !

    David DevorsDavid Devors6 dagar sedan
  • Am i the only one that's having anxiety watching this

    Noven XNoven X6 dagar sedan
  • NiceJob 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👑

    Tanveer SinghTanveer Singh6 dagar sedan
  • Hi If i put à battery from an iPhone icloud To an other xs Ths status will be the same %

    Simo862Simo8626 dagar sedan
  • i think he bought it from Techrax

    Airis 23Airis 236 dagar sedan
  • Guru i love your vids

    Vesa NieminenVesa Nieminen6 dagar sedan
  • Bargain for that phone wow nice

    Bradley 0212Bradley 02127 dagar sedan
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    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif7 dagar sedan
  • how much did it cost for the repair

    Janaka SrinathJanaka Srinath7 dagar sedan
  • How did you get past the activation lock when you did the factory reset?

    Bryan WatsonBryan Watson7 dagar sedan
  • Aren't all of those parts knock off parts? How can you sell it on eBay when it's a replica

    kenmastersmasterkenmastersmaster7 dagar sedan
  • This will never work for the iPhone 12’s and after

    Koena • 67Koena • 677 dagar sedan
  • 10:37 Do Not Do This With A Battery!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hunter GHunter G8 dagar sedan
  • ~lol~

    adam ur dadadam ur dad8 dagar sedan
  • *lol*

    adam ur dadadam ur dad8 dagar sedan
  • -lol-

    adam ur dadadam ur dad8 dagar sedan
  • can u please donate me this phone i bad need it for pubg i subscribed plz donate me that phone

    Shakil WalkerShakil Walker8 dagar sedan
  • How do u do stuff do repair so proffesionally (i broke an iPhone 11 64 gig)

    Sangram RaoraneSangram Raorane8 dagar sedan
  • 15:42 screen on left looks bad! Weird discoloration on bottom portion of display. Phone display on the right looks much better!

    Alvee OneAlvee One8 dagar sedan
  • Lucy: you know what my iPhone is broken let’s sell it passcode 5829. Lucy in number passcode. My kids jumped in my bed and destroyed my iPhone. eBay: Okay fine Heart Filia’s iPhone 11 Pro. Cost: $2472 okay. Hugh: Okay let’s see on eBay. Woah. iPhone 11 Pro. Let’s buy and repair that phone. Let me see passcode. Umm 0000. Phone: incorrect. Hugh: ugh thank god there is a passcode of that phone. 5 8 2 9. Phone: unlocked. Hugh: ok. Let me see on someone’s settings. Phone: AppleID: LucyHeartFilia145 Hugh: oh my this phone belonged to Lucy HeartFilia. Hugh: factory resets phone but backs up all data. Hugh: sells iPhone back to Filia. Lucy: thank you repairs!

    Luka AirGirlLuka AirGirl8 dagar sedan
  • I’m looking to start repairing and want a iPhone 6-6s or + sizes I have fixed a iPhone 6s Plus before and have installed a led Apple logo in my iPhone 7plus but I don’t know how to buy a iPhone online without it being I cloud locked and if it is idk how to remove it

    imightdoyoutubeimightdoyoutube8 dagar sedan
  • Can I buy this phone

    vortex killer 690vortex killer 6909 dagar sedan
  • Destroyed in a bed! Now that's next level, maybe someone was trying to hide it. ;)

    Nick BaldersonNick Balderson9 dagar sedan
  • glad to see the phone I just got is so easy and not a pain to fix :)

    RuttablRuttabl9 dagar sedan
  • Hugh..man I like your videos soo much, keep up the good work

    mishab ansarimishab ansari9 dagar sedan
  • new respect for phone repair guys, like holy fk this is so complicated... fk that, way to much work

    stoner salesstoner sales9 dagar sedan
  • 64GB :|

    y0d404y0d4049 dagar sedan
  • Why do ppl dislike this vid what did he do to u unless u pressed it by accident why would u do it

    Fumez On YtFumez On Yt10 dagar sedan
  • Next episode on extreme cheapskates

    Greek GooseGreek Goose10 dagar sedan
  • 14:28, It's not apple anymore.

    ANDRO GuyANDRO Guy10 dagar sedan
  • Me: hmm I should do this but idk the tools to use *All the tools being liked in the description* *Happy noises*

    Ethan PattersonEthan Patterson10 dagar sedan
  • this guy should of just bought a new phone

    Jake SlaughterJake Slaughter10 dagar sedan
  • _I rather android_

    Gerard20jGerard20j10 dagar sedan
  • Are you playing mighty car mods music!! damn

    Mohamad91961Mohamad9196110 dagar sedan
  • Can repair my phone

    Gill GurwinderGill Gurwinder10 dagar sedan
  • Where to buy?

    Mellow YellowMellow Yellow10 dagar sedan
  • someone raged a little too hard

    tox1c clxpz yttox1c clxpz yt10 dagar sedan
    • I highly recommend j_hack14 on Instagram who helped me gain access into my partners account without me been noticed..

      Jack SalvationJack Salvation10 dagar sedan
  • Uhhhh it feels really weird watching an iPhone 11 pro max restoration on an iPhone 11 pro max 😂

    Gaming CringgGaming Cringg11 dagar sedan
  • I can build gaming computers at the age of 13, but this is far more advanced in my opinion

    GlitchedP4ND4GlitchedP4ND411 dagar sedan
  • I’m not an expert but, isn’t it dangerous to install back a bent battery? Could the iPhone start a fire? :v

    David HerreraDavid Herrera11 dagar sedan
  • 14:27 am i blind ? Where is the Apple logo 🤯

    Kerem ÇetinKerem Çetin11 dagar sedan
  • How to buy this phone from you after fixing it?

    unais .kunais .k11 dagar sedan
  • Just get an iPhone 12, much easier!

  • Hi

    The Mclish FamilyThe Mclish Family11 dagar sedan
  • So if you wanna contact me my number is +44 7378 130152

    Matis BouchenyMatis Boucheny11 dagar sedan
    • @Gerard20j how do ya message him privately

      Matis BouchenyMatis Boucheny9 dagar sedan
  • I really want a free iPhone if you have one because my parents won’t get me a new one and I am 14 and still have the iPhone 7

    Matis BouchenyMatis Boucheny11 dagar sedan
  • Cap

    02771 Gbs02771 Gbs11 dagar sedan
  • And people still pay 100 dollars for this? LOL.

    Lord_haven111Lord_haven11111 dagar sedan
  • Yeah but how much does a sketchy iphone without an apple logo on the back sell for? Good look trying to sell it for the prices you listed.

    Dummerbrella987Dummerbrella98711 dagar sedan
  • i bet he was trying to sell that phone for 420

    jay_615jay_61511 dagar sedan
  • This is how apple will screw you over with so many screws LOL.

    Noah LNoah L12 dagar sedan
  • Definitely just a “jump” on the bed

    Tim S74Tim S7412 dagar sedan
  • I've replaced screens on iPhones for years, but it's gotten too difficult in the latest ones.

    George CampbellGeorge Campbell12 dagar sedan