FREE Retro 90s Toshiba Laptop Restoration

21 nov 2020
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Its time to fix up this Toshiba Satellite Pro 4270 that I was given for free.
After the restoration I did some run time testing on the battery was able to get about 1.5 - 2hrs installing applications, amazing for any laptop of this age.
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  • Thank you, for the upload.

    Data Recovery SwedenData Recovery Sweden20 timmar sedan
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    alex ivanovalex ivanovDag sedan
  • Laptop be like Oof =_-

    rizwan usmanirizwan usmaniDag sedan
  • Hb

    H WH WDag sedan
  • I used to repair these Toshiba laptops.

    cwulfe1cwulfe13 dagar sedan
  • it takes over an hour to install window... well, that's what happened in before 2000.

    yuen luciayuen lucia4 dagar sedan
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    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif5 dagar sedan
  • Lucy: uses her proprietary laptop from 2021. Okay let’s upgrade. Ummmmmmmmmm no upgrades allowed. Lucy: oh sh** I can’t upgrade this laptop. Because of proprietary laptop.

    Luka AirGirlLuka AirGirl5 dagar sedan
  • I used to have a satellite running Windows 7 home Premium but I had to get rid of it I wish I still had it or could find it on EBay.

    matthew schreinermatthew schreiner8 dagar sedan
  • *me install windows 10 in an old laptop* 20m later 1:51

    XxcludyerickskiesxXXxcludyerickskiesxX8 dagar sedan
  • It was always so funny for me how those Monster laptops had just a small battery lmao

    Silesian AngelSilesian Angel8 dagar sedan
  • A Celeron, but which Celeron 🤔😭 (it acrually was the reason I watched the video)

    Gonzalo del MoralGonzalo del Moral9 dagar sedan
    • that one it is

      Gonzalo del MoralGonzalo del Moral9 dagar sedan
  • when he said "laptops of this area were loaded with ports" I thought he said something else.

    Dane SkretkowiczDane Skretkowicz14 dagar sedan
  • i have the same laptop also restored and runs puppy linux and win98,love the retro games so that is used to play old dos games and also diablo 1

    Zeljko SudickiZeljko Sudicki14 dagar sedan
  • My interest is computers and you should restore a windows Xperia laptop

    Kyle KKyle K14 dagar sedan

    Vietguy Mp 1967Vietguy Mp 196715 dagar sedan
  • You graduated WHEN?

    Trasher TrashTrasher Trash15 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Mike O'BrienMike O'Brien17 dagar sedan
  • me watching the computer meltdown: 😟

    Alana BalloonAlana Balloon18 dagar sedan
  • 2:17 pause video for this.. That’s not windows 95 it has system32 on it...

    Windows 10Windows 1018 dagar sedan
  • I had one of these from an old job, only got rid of it this year having a clean out. Mine also had a proprietary external drive caddy you could add extra drives with. Great video and brought back some memories, thanks Hugh.

    Keith PawsonKeith Pawson19 dagar sedan
  • I admire your perseverance!

    stowasser11stowasser1119 dagar sedan
  • How does the battery work I have a 8 year old laptop and the battery does not work!

    Xbox360efan GamingXbox360efan Gaming21 dag sedan
  • I have an old Toshiba laptop almost similar issue and model. There's a lot of games there that I really want to play again. It reminds me of my childhood. But I can't remember the games now. I tried searching it. There's around 20+ games in there but I only remember one to three. Puzzle Express, Need for Speed, and Aircraft/Ainsoft I think.

    Jessa YlaganJessa Ylagan23 dagar sedan
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  • I wonder why your teacher would just randomly give you a computer for no reason lol

    Aaa 2Aaa 225 dagar sedan
  • i smell iron idk why

    fumblingcow9577 YTfumblingcow9577 YT26 dagar sedan
  • I thought the title said FREE Retro 90’s toshiba laptop type beat

    WHOGOTTOHWHOGOTTOH26 dagar sedan
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    Blazej jekaBlazej jeka27 dagar sedan
  • Windows 98 is the original OS of this laptop

    Kevin Anto JojiKevin Anto Joji28 dagar sedan
  • 10

    Patryk PatinkaPatryk PatinkaMånad sedan
  • Hi I am from India........ Can you restore my laptop??????

    YogeshYogeshMånad sedan
  • It reminds me of Dell Latitude C610 my uncle got in 2010 for free and made some upgrades and gave to me. It runs Windows XP Pro 32 bit Service Pack 3. I think it’s 3. I can’t remember which version. 60 GB HDD. 1 GB of RAM. It also gives me weird unsupported resolutions.

    Baconface McGeeBaconface McGeeMånad sedan
  • wow THAT'S OLD Bro

    Jackson CollierJackson CollierMånad sedan
  • 2:03 yes welcome to matrix...

    prs245prs245Månad sedan
  • You could probably make a good sleeper gaming laptop with that case

    Toasty BeansToasty BeansMånad sedan
  • You just graduated in high school?

    asmard techasmard techMånad sedan
  • No SSD upgrade? Or windows 10?

  • my dad used to have a Toshiba i i think its just in my basement chilling

    jason chen the pusheenjason chen the pusheenMånad sedan
  • 800th comment lol

    ChoonkyChoonkyMånad sedan
  • Did the teacher ask for his laptop back??

    drokky1234drokky1234Månad sedan
  • When you say flex cable, I think of someone flexing.

    Jack deyJack deyMånad sedan
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    kurt Morakurt MoraMånad sedan
  • Could you imagine using this beast of a machine well into 2007

    Siouxsie the BansheeSiouxsie the BansheeMånad sedan
  • I have an old toshiba laptop, but the sound isn't working properly... Can you help me?

    kanchomerocks12kanchomerocks12Månad sedan
  • The higher than the display resolution support was to run carts in applications that require higher resolutions.

    ToasterTechToasterTechMånad sedan
  • Did they have LED lights in the late 90’s in computers? Or is this the millennial generation using the term LED for any generic status light?

    mrmatalinomrmatalinoMånad sedan
  • nice

    GetGoodGetGoodMånad sedan
  • "Slightly used WesternDigital drive" Thanks for the heart!

    Oliwier 000BOliwier 000BMånad sedan
    • @Devilmonkey667 i dont know Back then I had a heart

      Oliwier 000BOliwier 000BMånad sedan
    • You don't a heart

      Devilmonkey667Devilmonkey667Månad sedan
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    Shira CremeansShira CremeansMånad sedan
  • I just checked mine. its a 4280. Maybe i should considering refreshing the thermal paste myself :X

    GxGamerGxGamerMånad sedan
  • The real travesty is that you were using Windows 98 with dial up internet in 2007.

    TTMånad sedan
  • Me: **pushes Button” Toshiba Satellite: Rèeeêeēęeeee

    Deng PoopDeng PoopMånad sedan
  • Slightly used

    Gavin The sniper computersGavin The sniper computersMånad sedan
  • That pc only for work.

    Ram :P RamírezRam :P RamírezMånad sedan
  • Hugh: presses the S key on the keyboard The laptop: *welp, I'm outta here!*

    The New PatioThe New PatioMånad sedan
    • *M E L T A N G S C R E E I N*

      Kyriakos The Tech GuyKyriakos The Tech GuyMånad sedan
  • Great Job !!!!! Hi from Russia 🇷🇺 ..... P.s. President: Chertanovo Choppers Club (Moscow) .....

    Макс БелыйМакс БелыйMånad sedan
  • Do you also Use ipa or just Regular Alcohol?

    PhoenixYT 124PhoenixYT 124Månad sedan
  • But can it run minecraft?

    BladeBladeMånad sedan
  • 1:51

    Oof YeetOof YeetMånad sedan
  • Nice

    Nitro ZeusNitro ZeusMånad sedan
  • capasitors are 20 year old and most changed

    sony Sonysony SonyMånad sedan
  • 2007 - Windows 98 and Dial Up Internet what 😐

    Araiguma Alice KirunoAraiguma Alice KirunoMånad sedan
  • i had the same issue like that lines appear on boot i think its related to screen cable display

    real4everhreal4everhMånad sedan
  • Me: Wakes up SEworld: want to watch this video? Me: Yes

    Benedict RiveraBenedict RiveraMånad sedan
  • I have that laptop

    joshjoshMånad sedan
  • Let's play GTA V on it

  • Nice video

  • i have a laptop halikan from my uncle , good machine ,

    MetakHorseMetakHorseMånad sedan
  • I have almost same at home :)

    marwmarwMånad sedan
  • I saw a video on facebook where he took a old laptop, removed the mother board and made a custom gaming laptop with 32GB RAM and a TB disk with intel I9 8th gen.( just installed a gaming laptop's mother board into old case). But he also showed his friends underestimating that beast

    RSATonyPlayzRSATonyPlayzMånad sedan
  • 3:51 "slightly used" hard drive

    Firdaus FFirdaus FMånad sedan
  • Is this near the minimum for Win 7?

    Nigel the GO TrainerNigel the GO TrainerMånad sedan
  • For the next video, we are gonna test how this laptop can handle Crysis

    CallMeZyxCallMeZyxMånad sedan
  • i have a tangent g-pc and a proplem with it the display has wierd colers can you fix it for me

    ziad wisamziad wisamMånad sedan
  • Are the bottom left speakers of iPhones microphones???? Because it doesn't emit any sound🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️?

    Anton JiiAnton JiiMånad sedan

    Jaco WinterbachJaco WinterbachMånad sedan
  • This paste looks like Arctic Silver 5...

    Michał StefanowiczMichał StefanowiczMånad sedan
  • Win98SE is more period correct for a Celeron 500Mhz ;)

    Alaric JeardAlaric JeardMånad sedan
  • How do you repair phones and such without loosing money? Whenever I run the math, I'd loose money if I tried, because the parts are too expensive. Not considering that you put some time in it, although this isn't even important for me, because its a hobby.

    Tim. WTim. WMånad sedan

    Shy FerretShy FerretMånad sedan
  • put a and in it

    neekflixneekflixMånad sedan
  • Se vi interessano video di riparazioni di dispositivi informatici, per un minore e-waste passate per il mio nuovo canale:

    CheapFixCheapFixMånad sedan
  • Hi may I have a question, you fix laptops and anything right so do you fix other people's laptop and etc. If you do can I send you my broken laptop thank you.

    Playz PhPlayz PhMånad sedan
  • this was uploaded only birthday lol

    cuda 74- studioscuda 74- studiosMånad sedan
  • $100 fucking dollars!! They litterally have these at Walmart for like $25😂

    MesaMikoMesaMikoMånad sedan
  • Man, you’ve come a long way. I remember when you used to be an overly huge ariana grande fan which sorta let the quality of your content down if I’m honest, but honestly you’re a great watch 👍🏼

    ᴏ s ᴋ ᴀ ʀᴏ s ᴋ ᴀ ʀMånad sedan
  • *and we're done, so this is it*

    Carmelo romanoCarmelo romanoMånad sedan
  • Hey! İTS MY PC

    Kol noobz XdmanlookKol noobz XdmanlookMånad sedan
  • I have an older Toshiba Techra 520 series laptop with a rather large docking station. Used it for many years however I notice that the floppy drive failed. This was traced to a broken micro belt. Found a source for belts from China but I have not ordered them yet. In the meantime the Hard drive failed. Still looking to find an identical drive to try swapping the circuit board to see if I can recover my software. HOPEFULLY I will succeed. There is a lot of software on board that is licensed to me that I need since it is no longer available from the various manufacturers but still needed by me in the field. As for proprietary batteries most were made for Toshiba by Varta Battery's. if you can obtain the proper rechargeable coin cells from Varta one can find a battery shop with a spot welder than can assemble a new pack for you. These might be slow by today's standards but they are true workhorses.

    SubgunmanSubgunmanMånad sedan
  • It may have 2 CPU’s, one is the original Celoron 500MHz, and the new one is the Pentium Pro

    Win 10Win 10Månad sedan
  • finally a laptop i can afford

    LauLauMånad sedan
  • Give any laptop to me plz

    2 G 2G2 G 2GMånad sedan
  • Is there a Linux os to install on this computer?

    Samuele GubbiottiSamuele GubbiottiMånad sedan
  • Waste of time

    TonTonMånad sedan
  • do you want to fix a mac pro that has bin out in the rain and the has a bad gateway

    spacepandaspacepandaMånad sedan
  • that's a really strong battery 🤣🤣🤣 my 10 yr old dell laptop battery died years ago lmaooo

    mieckadeacraemieckadeacraeMånad sedan
  • more ports than a macbook pro.....

    Indian ReviewIndian ReviewMånad sedan
  • I think another youtuber called Psiverwri restored this too a few moths ago

    Windows 7 UltimateWindows 7 UltimateMånad sedan