15 FREE MacBooks - School Tossed them out! - Lets fix them!

20 sep 2020
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  • And I’m using a chrome book lol

    LOLA MADSENLOLA MADSEN47 minuter sedan
  • hey i love the info on how u got those units up and working on this video i have 2 ? for u 1 i have a make book air same model and year as u have on this video mine the m.2 mounting screw is striped and will not move 'lve tried litle heat even little cold non conductive lube any ideas? and i saw that u said u put windows on your is there a video of u showing how u did this ? thanks again and great show

    Cal SCal S2 timmar sedan
  • Damn this school had no IT guy

    DatBoiDatBoi4 timmar sedan
  • School with macbooks. Very weird

    Dovydas *Dovydas *6 timmar sedan
  • Any for sale? I need one so I can see my twitch chat. Also so I can watch some of your yt vids. (My tablet slow af)

    SirPuguinSirPuguin19 timmar sedan
  • intresting

    Daniel28021991Daniel28021991Dag sedan
  • what ditmar website

    Hany EledkawyHany EledkawyDag sedan
  • And by plenty you mean WAAAAAAY too much, this is why Mac power users are a joke.

    Bram HenryBram HenryDag sedan
  • Will you return them or sell them?

    sammy mendssammy mendsDag sedan
  • Just apple things. 16v backlight pin is next to the integrated gpu pin. So everything will burn.

    KiKi_HUNKiKi_HUN2 dagar sedan
  • LOL the eucalyptus oil killed me 😂😂😂

    rubesrubes2 dagar sedan
  • kids need to learn how to take care of their stuff.....

    martin millermartin miller2 dagar sedan
  • My school threw away 200 or more MacBook pros which where in way better condition then this its funny how much money they wasted and I’m not talking about the 2015 or 2016 MacBooks I’m talking about the 2017 one which solved the keyboard problem the reason for them throwing them was that they bout the new silicon MacBook pros for the school Ps I’m in a private school

    Dheer ChandruDheer Chandru2 dagar sedan
  • Wow, these schools really need a repair man...

    broken .exe.broken .exe.2 dagar sedan
  • That school must be rich in taxes. I had to pay Ins just to pick my kids I pads up, At least they repair them, They just tossed those what a waste. And only few repairs needed so far, but those Laptops took a beating. nice repairs. Matter of fact atm waiting on set repairs tools, my daughter spilled small amount liquid on her I pad today, I cant get the protective cover off, clean it up, hopefully doesn't ruin the touch screen before I get cleaned up be 3 days before I get the tools.

    Scrapy 5672Scrapy 56722 dagar sedan
  • Now just put some extra RAM in and run dosdude to upgrade the OS to 10.15 👍🏻 How bad

    wexicanwexican3 dagar sedan
  • This school: tosses MacBooks My school: still using windows 7, 4 go ram bulky computers with half the keys malfunctioning

    couldnt find good usernamecouldnt find good username3 dagar sedan
  • My high school does this, except all of the laptops still work as they do it to get more government support

    Julian GraceJulian Grace3 dagar sedan
  • School:throwing away laptopts My school: still having only Pentium 4 and Windows 7 pc

    kiwimasterkiwimaster4 dagar sedan
  • I have one that’s like 12 years old and it does better than these and I’m not even a teen!

    GearanimationGearanimation4 dagar sedan
  • This private school - bye macbook airs! MY private school - *Windows 8 take it or leave it*

    OsakaOsaka5 dagar sedan
  • do you have any 2012 macbook pros you'd be willing to part with? i'd love to make a video upgrading one

    Jacky EvansJacky Evans6 dagar sedan
  • The school my dad works at gives the old laptops to families who want them

    Blue PlantBlue Plant6 dagar sedan
  • "These came from a girls school" me: makes sense

    X4Ghost_Phantom XX4Ghost_Phantom X7 dagar sedan
  • ugh.... kids are nasty

    rebuildeverythingrebuildeverything7 dagar sedan
  • "Apple didn't want me to install macOS on this MacBook, so I installed Linux instead." Insert photo of Steve Jobs shooting himself into the foot

    kleines Filmröllchenkleines Filmröllchen8 dagar sedan
  • the smaller die doesn’t actually need thermal paste as it’s just the PCH or Platform Controller Hub, and thus does not generate much heat or need much cooling, putting thermal paste on it actually makes temps worse...

    Adrian AnzanoAdrian Anzano8 dagar sedan
  • Not like you cant install hackintosh doh

    roel metdepenningenroel metdepenningen9 dagar sedan
  • My school With Windows xp: „We are eco!”

    Zero BadenZero Baden9 dagar sedan
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    alex ivanovalex ivanov9 dagar sedan
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    alex ivanovalex ivanov9 dagar sedan
  • I admire your skills man👍🏼

    joel khjoel kh10 dagar sedan
  • This is my favorite MacBook desing! Idk wjy it just looks good!

    Tyfs LifeTyfs Life10 dagar sedan
  • apple: haha i remotely locked you out **installs ubuntu** apple: wait thats illegal

    real cartoon girlreal cartoon girl10 dagar sedan
  • jeez those kids who used them don't appreciate how to take care of them because its schools laptop

    real cartoon girlreal cartoon girl10 dagar sedan
  • Sir, Can you please sent me one of that working laptop? I'll pay for it. From Northeast India. Thank you.

    Chongshen ChangChongshen Chang10 dagar sedan
  • Can u send me one

    Bipra HalderBipra Halder10 dagar sedan
  • My high school didn’t allow me to save their i5 Lenovo desktop systems..

    Ethan WallisEthan Wallis10 dagar sedan
  • "This label is near impossible to remove."

    Lasky LabsLasky Labs10 dagar sedan
  • "Gee I wonder why tuition costs so much..." The Janitor said while tossing these into the bin.

    Lasky LabsLasky Labs10 dagar sedan
  • Hi there, which kind of alcohol we have to buy, for cleaning the mainbord??

    MartinMartin11 dagar sedan
  • Hugh - When you get Ex school Macs. Never use the original install as since it’s imaged with your council security policy meaning when connected to the internet , It’s location can be traced

    Iain AdamsIain Adams11 dagar sedan
  • I want to learn macbook repairing. I am ready to pay fees for learning. And i am also an iphone,ipad and iwatch repairer

    Kintu VasoyaKintu Vasoya11 dagar sedan
  • Bruh you should make a apple store or sell all ur phones/laptops/iPads for 300 200 100 you can earn a lot of money!💰 very nice vid

    Shafia IjazShafia Ijaz12 dagar sedan
  • Those girls did a number on these. I wonder if they got expelled.

    RalexcraftRalexcraft12 dagar sedan
  • Galaxy brain strat, install Mac OS on a VM on the Linux macs

    The ObserverThe Observer13 dagar sedan
    • Omg wtf

      Reliance legalReliance legal13 dagar sedan
    • Omg

      Reliance legalReliance legal13 dagar sedan
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    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif13 dagar sedan
  • This school: Thrown out macbooks My school: Actually has fast PC's with Intel Core i5's and 6GB RAM

    SkateoxSkateox14 dagar sedan
    • Just copied an other comment

      Aswin BUCAswin BUC13 dagar sedan
    • Weird flex but ill allow it

      AMD Athlon llAMD Athlon ll14 dagar sedan
  • Most private schools like mine started BYOD device programs, so the school got rid of A LOT of laptops, most of them were given away to teachers and family members of the staff.

    Aiden HasaniAiden Hasani14 dagar sedan
  • Do you still have some of them the you could donate to me??

    Jose NuñezJose Nuñez14 dagar sedan
  • Wow Hugh! Nothing beats free! Awesome video.

    TechableTechable15 dagar sedan
  • Did you check back with the school for those pass codes? Would have liked to see a bit more of a repair effort for some (just starting to watch your channel, don't know yet what your limitations are 😊). Looks like most are still economical to repair.

    Peter A1466Peter A146615 dagar sedan
  • I don’t understand how students treat their laptops like this. my 2014 windows 8.1 machine is my baby

    Zachary WorthingtonZachary Worthington15 dagar sedan
  • Grubby girls

    Anthony XuerebAnthony Xuereb16 dagar sedan
  • All I get from my school is a cookie.

    animations with no purposeanimations with no purpose16 dagar sedan
  • CSU do some donations to me man am Paul on +256757512655 am in Uganda Africa

    drakes editdrakes edit16 dagar sedan
  • Can u please donate to me one please am in Uganda Africa

    drakes editdrakes edit16 dagar sedan
  • School: *Gets rid of thousands of dollars worth of laptops* Reason: “Faulty enter key” (Actually saw that on one of the things, like wtf that’s such a small reason ur throwing a whole device away)

    DexrexDexrex16 dagar sedan
  • Probably swapped them with Chromebooks smh 😒

    TheFakeSlimShadyTheFakeSlimShady16 dagar sedan
  • Where can you get such offers? Like a dozen of macbooks or old workstation pcs maybe? I would like to also buy old stuff schools and business don't need anymore

    ShiinaBeatsShiinaBeats16 dagar sedan
  • ah, yes, i remember. Apple SpyBook Pro, those with permanent webcam and microphone feed.

    JOhn DoeJOhn Doe17 dagar sedan
  • Wait a second ... It's possible to install Linux on an iCloud-locked Macbook? Doesn't an iCloud lock force a firmware password?

    freshginofreshgino17 dagar sedan
  • Our public school had MacBooks but so many people would break them in fights and would be on SEworld/steam. They got rid of them and gave us iPads instead

    Harry HineSHarry HineS17 dagar sedan
  • 17:32 Ironic..

    George BambuGeorge Bambu17 dagar sedan
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    Johar AustinJohar Austin17 dagar sedan
  • I want one pleaseeee

    Mr. OfficerRexMr. OfficerRex17 dagar sedan
  • OMG I just got my free MacBook with help from #willitools, I'm so grateful for this. Thank you willitools

    Garcia de santos PenelopeGarcia de santos Penelope18 dagar sedan
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    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif18 dagar sedan
  • I'm so glad I met #willitools on IG, he gift me a free MacBook. I strongly recommend willitools

    Kesha GriffinKesha Griffin18 dagar sedan
  • I'm so glad I met #willitools on IG, he gift me a free MacBook. I strongly recommend willitools

    Kesha GriffinKesha Griffin18 dagar sedan
  • I hope I can donate laptops to a school someday. With schools using Chrome OS more often and Google just acquiring Neverware (CloudReady), I've been practicing installing CloudReady on a 10 year old Windows computer (video scheduled later this month) and soon a 14 year old Macbook. Will see how the Macbook turns out soon. You do good work! Thanks

    X LessThan ZX LessThan Z18 dagar sedan
  • Right now I got macbook from #HOPE_HACKER1 on Instagram thanks.

    Johnny kiraJohnny kira18 dagar sedan
  • Right now I got macbook from #HOPE_HACKER1 on Instagram thanks.

    Johnny kiraJohnny kira18 dagar sedan
  • Yo what are you doing with tho mack books can I get 3 I really need it 1 for me for school and 1 for my mom for work and 1 for my dad work pls :(

    Im2cool4uIm2cool4u18 dagar sedan
    • @Kevin eh idk

      Im2cool4uIm2cool4u18 dagar sedan
    • ALEX Whos going to,pay for the expensive shipping? Shipping cost money. He can't just walk or drive to your house and give them to you, and it would be very selfish and horrible for you to expect him to give you the laptops for free and pay the very very very expensive shipping.

      KevinKevin18 dagar sedan
  • Their school, has macbooks My pub school, *chromebooks*

    OwO- KunOwO- Kun18 dagar sedan
    • Right now I got macbook from #HOPE_HACKER1 on Instagram thanks.

      Johnny kiraJohnny kira18 dagar sedan
  • If you want sell it than plz contact me

    Kamal KumarKamal Kumar19 dagar sedan
  • Are your selling this

    Kamal KumarKamal Kumar19 dagar sedan
  • I would like a free Mac book please

    Retro GamerRetro Gamer19 dagar sedan
    • 🤑

      Retro GamerRetro Gamer19 dagar sedan
  • What about installing hack intosh on the Ubuntu macs

    Lukas LetsPlayYT InfoLukas LetsPlayYT Info20 dagar sedan
  • it's sad that the school didn't erase the pin

    RomanRoman20 dagar sedan
  • 4:43 No wonder its a girl school

    RageGamer 15RageGamer 1520 dagar sedan
  • How did you get these for free?

    RageGamer 15RageGamer 1520 dagar sedan
    • RageGamer 15 He literally explained it in the first minute of the video, sweetie, lol.

      KevinKevin18 dagar sedan
  • How does a school have macbooks? I mean don't schools have desktops which is the school property. How can a laptop be school's property. What they give students the laptop in their computer classes and then take them back?

    RageGamer 15RageGamer 1520 dagar sedan
  • if macbook were living things, each and every single one of them would go to him for repair if it was possible

    yasasvi burlagaddayasasvi burlagadda20 dagar sedan
  • Please repair and send me one. I really cannot afford to buy any laptop.. But can really use one man.

    Snehal SharmaSnehal Sharma21 dag sedan
    • Snehal Sharma Yeah, sure. I'll send you a whole truckload of brand new MacBooks for free, lol. God. Spoiled.

      KevinKevin18 dagar sedan
  • try visiting reliablespy.uk/ghosthacking for your hacking jobs

    Treena JobeTreena Jobe23 dagar sedan
  • Sell them for 10$

  • I dont blame them. Knowing apple it was probably cheaper to throw them out rather than repair them.

    Ths1sN0tM3Ths1sN0tM323 dagar sedan
  • My school always had some shotty old PCs but I went to one class at the other school in town and one day we went to their pc room and they had all iMacs- I was shook to say the least and wonder to this day how they got 15 of them when our school couldn't even replace the projectors lol

    Taiga HonestTaiga Honest23 dagar sedan
  • 🇦🇺

    elroy liyonelroy liyon23 dagar sedan
  • Can you sell me one, im poor and looking for a cheap macbook

    EmirEmir23 dagar sedan
  • You are in luck with these laptops. They come from a school. In schools there are people who take care of the computers (system administrators) My experience is that these people (at the lower levels) usually have little understanding of the hardware side of the PCs. at various schools)

    Henk SmitHenk Smit23 dagar sedan
  • And unscew from its AH LOVE UNSCEW

    ByersPlayZByersPlayZ23 dagar sedan
  • Great job! I totally agree, there's a lot of technology that could still be repaired and they just toss it :(

    filoshi's Worldfiloshi's World23 dagar sedan
  • I have a similar macBook, one year older. I tried buying a battery replacement but they told me that my serial won't allow generic batteries... Do you know anything about it? I'm from Mexico so I don't know which battery to use as a replacement and where to get it :( help?

    filoshi's Worldfiloshi's World23 dagar sedan
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    Ben KwokBen Kwok23 dagar sedan
  • Bro, I would’ve taken up the opportunity to repair them in a heartbeat. Although I’m still a student, it would’ve been so fun trying to fix those laptops, salvaging parts, and taking them apart. The satisfaction of fixing something that was otherwise broken is exciting. Although most schools can’t buy from a private source, who says students can’t repair them using their own money. A lot of the basic parts can be found pretty cheap on part retailers if you look hard enough.

    Renzjulien PascualRenzjulien Pascual23 dagar sedan
  • this is what happened after a reboot

    Spartan'sSword77Spartan'sSword7723 dagar sedan
  • Apple can't claim to be a "progressive" company designing products and macos to become obsolete after a few years. These companies are the reason my great grandkids are going to be fucked.

    Bentley VianeseBentley Vianese24 dagar sedan