Apple's "Disposable & UNFIXABLE" $250 AirPods - e-waste problem

17 okt 2020
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Give me an aux cable any day.
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  • Have you seen REWA's new video, They managed to replace the battery on Airpods without damage at all. Very neat method.

    alreadyputitupalreadyputitup14 timmar sedan
  • You can now replace the batter, see this video

    Ron levinRon levin2 dagar sedan
  • This is why i hate Apple AirPods. It looks good from the outside but bad from the inside.

    Shafia IjazShafia Ijaz2 dagar sedan
  • "My airpods broke so instead of realizing they are overpriced low quality garbage, I bought new ones" Apple has truly cultivated the most loyally stupid sheep I've ever seen. Anyway this is why I refuse to buy a phone that doesn't have a headphone jack. Guess what? They still have bluetooth, for if wireless headphones ever become both affordable and good (yeah right), but in the meantime I can use vastly superior wired headphones without having to worry about dongles.

    mjc0961mjc09612 dagar sedan
  • Black berry key one

    Christopher JohnsonChristopher Johnson3 dagar sedan
  • I need your help man

    Noah SmithNoah Smith3 dagar sedan
  • Truly an eye opening piece with this one. I make sure to no longer buy an Airpods. Expensive and disposable is what they are.

    Pastel KunPastel Kun4 dagar sedan
  • Oh... yea maybe I shouldn't acedentally leave left airpod in pool for 2+ weeks... just opened it and its disgusting

    Flex4249Flex42497 dagar sedan
  • This was the product that convinced me to stop purchasing apple products. What an abusive device.

    Future Bubble Gum CultFuture Bubble Gum Cult10 dagar sedan
  • Just a trash company, like their products. They will sell phones without charger and ppl will buy them. LOL

    Kiddor ValentinKiddor Valentin10 dagar sedan
  • I like how they talk about e waster with their chargers but they produce bullshit like this...

    Sour SkittlesSour Skittles10 dagar sedan
  • Why dont someone file a case against apple for making such products.

    Sam's coverSam's cover10 dagar sedan
  • Mine had no battery problems but they did have a sound issue taking off the shields fixed it thank you

    JordenlamondJordenlamond11 dagar sedan
  • Cool I will only buy these headphones now!

    TheBerlinbaerTheBerlinbaer12 dagar sedan
  • This is beyond JerryRigEverything's destruction, this is DankPods

    Lyr QKLyr QK12 dagar sedan
  • Planned obsolescence, It's a very very important business strategy.

    Stephen UsherStephen Usher12 dagar sedan
  • i honestly don’t get why people buy airpods. they’re expensive, ugly, and break so easily...

    TeclinsoroTeclinsoro12 dagar sedan
  • Apple be like "we used 1 less screw for this year's Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit. we care for the environment"

    Choi ChoiChoi Choi13 dagar sedan
  • How about airpods max

    B Eric ShiB Eric Shi13 dagar sedan
  • ill grab em out the trash-trash man

    Eber WhiteEber White14 dagar sedan
  • The thing about repairability is that as software becomes more prevalent in items there will be less and less of an incentive for a company to make something that can be repaired, because it's the software that technically costs more than the item and it's generally more cost effective to simply not release the source code and just anger the people who want to repair something. It also costs more to make something repairable, for example the airpods (disclaimer: I do not support the mindset of making everything irreparable just to make it a monopoly as Apple has been doing) would be incredibly difficult to make that battery stay in the tube while ensuring that it will not break apart easily without surrounding the battery in glue. Often the engineers are given design sketches of what a product should look like and they have to work around the design and keep it within an arbitrary budget. Also, most technology is not designed to last an incredibly long period of time just due to the degradation of silicon chips due to radiation. Ever had electronics just kind of stop working without looking like anything inside is fried, probably a gate in a chip was destroyed by radiation. On Earth it's generally not a huge issue because most strong radiation is blocked by the atmosphere and magnetosphere but in space satellites use chips that would be considered an old design because the larger gates and heavier duty circuitry is needed for radiation resistance and long term use, not to mention that everything has a backup. That is the sacrifice though; smaller, faster, more efficient, and cheaper means disposable and brittle unfortunately.

    Skylar ASkylar A15 dagar sedan
  • this is by far the most disgusting video you've put out yet :D

    jonathanNYCjonathanNYC16 dagar sedan
  • Try airpods pro

  • "UNFIXABLE"... the main reason i dont buy Apple products.... and i cannot afford it. LoL

    Aldrin ConcepcionAldrin Concepcion17 dagar sedan
  • I removed the grills and its honestly the best thing I have done this new year I don't recommend but I like it

    Christian KrizanovicChristian Krizanovic17 dagar sedan
  • Next: Repairing Apple Stand

    CYBER MECH [ID]CYBER MECH [ID]17 dagar sedan
  • money money money! that's why sadly

    frostyfrosty17 dagar sedan

    Vietguy Mp 1967Vietguy Mp 196718 dagar sedan
  • Apple One of the most wasteful companies ever

    Nong_IngNong_Ing18 dagar sedan
  • Guy from who knows where looked found a pair of AirPod pros in the mud torn to shreds and fixed him just watched the video 🤷‍♂️😂

    TheGoldenEagleMCTheGoldenEagleMC19 dagar sedan
  • No du they want money so they make them bad

    Cagy AnteaterCagy Anteater19 dagar sedan
  • When are you doing the AirPods max? For damn near $600, they better be able to replace the battery. But we already know

    Jagged637Jagged63719 dagar sedan
  • I had a mouth full of food when he showed the open case for the first time 😝

    Jagged637Jagged63719 dagar sedan
  • I have a question, why did you break it just to disassembly, and Pablo Cimadevila made the Airgolds without breaking them? Is it a different model, or do you just have to be careful?

    Ivan 7731Ivan 773121 dag sedan
  • It’s a disgrace. There needs to be legislation to stop companies producing products that are unfixable like this.

    Raed JibrailRaed Jibrail21 dag sedan
  • I do agree that they are meant to be sent back to Apple and let them trash them. And give you a fresh pair

    Drew DeGeerDrew DeGeer22 dagar sedan
  • pablo cimandevila made it look easy in his edit. Hmm

    tomoose22tomoose2222 dagar sedan
  • Like idk how are they supposed to make the earphones them selves fixable.

    LucklessLuckless22 dagar sedan
  • first off, they start at $150 do some research

    JoshJosh22 dagar sedan
    • Are you American

      Toby DavosToby Davos21 dag sedan
  • But I feel using wired headphone might also create e-waste problem in future considering either side of the earpiece stops working at some point of time.

    Abhishek gosainAbhishek gosain23 dagar sedan
  • but they don't include tiny charging blocks with phones to save the environment

    Thomas B GamingThomas B Gaming23 dagar sedan
  • Apple are very scummy

    DodgeCity111DodgeCity11123 dagar sedan
  • Somehow pablo cimadevila managed to get it out cleanly

    GoodnessGoodness23 dagar sedan
  • Exactly as planned

    Aitor FernándezAitor Fernández23 dagar sedan
  • kelvin. you're a fcking pig. your airpods look disgusting. how can you live with yourself.

    LiveMedia123LiveMedia12323 dagar sedan
  • I know all can be fine doing it this way but using the jimmy tool, metal tweezers and blade on and by the battery i was still internally scared af

    Robert FRobert F24 dagar sedan
  • You and you're bad english. "Bachree bachree bachree"

    HiveTyrant36HiveTyrant3624 dagar sedan
  • Wtf the dude who sent you the headphones was a really nasty bloke

    G ChavgoG Chavgo25 dagar sedan
  • I own the first gen...i still use them daily, they don't last long for phone calls but are still acceptable for listening to. It pisses me off apple doesn't have a trade in program for them while they refuse to hand out a charger out of "concern" for the environment

    alextheromanianalextheromanian25 dagar sedan
  • Quit breaking your stuff then.

    Screw KalergiScrew Kalergi25 dagar sedan
  • Along time ago Tesco supermarket in England sold jeans with their own labor on, people laughs when they saw them, they were wearing Brutus and Wrangler jeans, Then a TV shower that Tesco jeans were made by Brutus to the same standard as Brutus, only minus a Brutus labor, it's the same with people and Apple phones, because it says Apple people pay ridiculous prices because it says Apple. It's only that in the past someone said Apple was spool good that a load of twonks will only pay for Apple products

    Ray O'DellRay O'Dell27 dagar sedan
  • This is not limited to apple, galaxy buds are complete trash as well. I can’t find anyone that can repair mine

    HighagainHighagain28 dagar sedan
  • Apple: we removed the powerbrick from the box to save the environment Also apple: you need to buy a powerbrick seperately that comes wrapped in even more plasti

    Sir SausageheadSir Sausagehead29 dagar sedan
  • i've been their customer since 2010, iphone 4, iphone 6, iphone xs, macbook pro, mac mini and an ipad... and I'm happy to announce that i'm done with them... I was never a fanboy to begin with, I just got used to iOS... but seriously they don't deserve my money. My next phone is probably going to be oneplus or sometihng.

    Haim MaikHaim MaikMånad sedan
  • Feel sorry for those who send it

    bannedfahim asmr robloxbannedfahim asmr robloxMånad sedan
  • Fact Steve job actually wanted it not to be a very annoying brand and wanted to have respectful customer Steve job dream has failed

    bannedfahim asmr robloxbannedfahim asmr robloxMånad sedan
  • 6:14 which phone is that?

    TCCTCCMånad sedan
  • I have a set of these, the batteries are starting to age. I watched this video to the end, sighed, uttered the word "Bugger!" and realised that they will be e-waste when they inevitably die on me! Such a shame

    Mr XR6Mr XR6Månad sedan
  • The only thing Apple cares about is the.... bottom line.

    vk45 devk45 deMånad sedan
  • Why is this experience so different

    FaBian castilloFaBian castilloMånad sedan
  • But how do you want to make the batteries replaceable in such a small case. It's impossible, if you want them to stay in this small form and without the sound quality suffering

    J LJ LMånad sedan
  • This guy “claims” it to be unfixable but they actually are he’s just not actually a professional

    Midas' Touch ReportsMidas' Touch ReportsMånad sedan
  • Tim Cook is about to send some assassins after you for exposing him like this.

    Bigbo 1Bigbo 1Månad sedan
  • no shit, its small. its meant to be anti repair,

    liquifyliquifyMånad sedan
  • This is why I buy $10 earbuds. I always manage to break them (after 8-12 months) so...not worth it.

    ipeters61ipeters61Månad sedan
  • does anyone know where you can buy replacement mesh for them

    William WhiteWilliam WhiteMånad sedan
  • Kind of wondering why legislation doesn't exist to stop this to reduce e-waste

    Phenom MenonPhenom MenonMånad sedan
  • Apple is a big waste company and 99% of its products end up in an e-waste build-up.

    Harjot Singh VirdiHarjot Singh VirdiMånad sedan
  • i bought some £3 fake airpods from aliexpress and they work great lol, i9 i think

    KamilKamilMånad sedan
  • 👋

    Joshua TvJoshua TvMånad sedan
  • Rip to the person who lost there AirPods when trying to fix it

    Xavier Simmons bruhXavier Simmons bruhMånad sedan
  • I recently noticed in SuperSaf's video that the new AirPods Max have some screws under the ear cups. I was wondering if you would be up to making a video on the repairability of them? I think that it would be interesting if they locked down the digital crown or something like that😂

    Wild ExplorationWild ExplorationMånad sedan
  • Hugh See This Video, He Repaired Them-

    Ranveer MehtaRanveer MehtaMånad sedan
  • If a person is stupid enough to pay $250 for this then they deserve what they get.. You are just paying for the name. You can get the same thing for less than $25.

    David HendersonDavid HendersonMånad sedan
  • Seems like Hugh is more intelligent than the entire team of R-D at Apple who designed this product .

    Abhilash BhosaleAbhilash BhosaleMånad sedan
  • Hugh! Thanks my AirPods were very quiet! removing the grill worked so well! Thank you!

    Matt ShummieMatt ShummieMånad sedan
  • Laughs in American prices

    NotTim_12NotTim_12Månad sedan
  • What was the phone you were using in the vid?

    Lazy content with JOKKEELazy content with JOKKEEMånad sedan
  • Apple cares about the environment just as much as a politician cares about the environment.

    Garret ZenankoGarret ZenankoMånad sedan
  • So, will an Apple watch save the pelican that chokes on that airpod?

    Metal MonkeyMetal MonkeyMånad sedan
  • I saw this coming way back when they completely phased out easily removable batteries on phones under the guise that "waterproofing" was necessary

    protoman1214protoman1214Månad sedan
  • Engineers doing engineering: _Things are either screwed, bolted or snapped in place._ Designers doing engineering: _"Where is the hot glue and sticky tape?"_

    TimmyTimmyMånad sedan
  • Jesus give us warning for that ear was when removing the grill

    skullberryskullberryMånad sedan
  • I thought AirPods are 150

    Felix TsangFelix TsangMånad sedan
  • Ridiculously costly authorised repairs and original spare parts, blocking 3rd party repairs by gluing in components (eg non-removable battery) and planned obsolescence: In this case, "Don't like it, don't use their products" doesn't work for 3 reasons: All companies are follow the same money minting trend since no one speaks out against it, and the average consumer is too ignorant to care, so there's no one left to buy from And second, those who practice such tactics as planned obsolescence make more profit in the long run and so are able to sell their products at a lower price. The average consumer being unaware of this, will obviously not buy the costlier product, thus those who decide to do things ethically are at a huge disadvantage. Not to mention higher profit means more R&D budget, which means the unethical ones will pull ahead in today's cut throat competition, so it really isn't economically viable to be ethical. Hence the need for laws

    Prathamesh AgashePrathamesh AgasheMånad sedan
  • You can get the batteries changed for $45 each pod. Not ideal but it is the only way

    Jason BrooksJason BrooksMånad sedan
  • This video sounds great on my Google pixel bubs 2nd generation 👍

    The_real_SquidBeatzThe_real_SquidBeatzMånad sedan
  • 0:30 do some people really put these dirty things in their ears?! that is disgusting... i clean my airpods at least once a month bc i wear them and they get dirty... at least clean them before donating them...

    equalfireequalfireMånad sedan
  • What is the phone he holding?

    Sakhout HossainSakhout HossainMånad sedan
  • The only green Apple want to save is their money 💰

    JmTradJmTradMånad sedan
  • You'd almost be better 3D printing new frames for them every time you need to replace the battery or print empty shells and just swap the boards over with new battery. Might save money. It's ridiculous how Apple get you to spend more and more money. I like things that have a long life and reusability that's why I like your page and others.

    Liam GeogheganLiam GeogheganMånad sedan
  • These pods are a expensive an environment polluting pair of s**t. They even sound only average. 0 of 100 points, Apple!

    Jens KühneJens KühneMånad sedan
  • I understand the ear pieces being glued together, but the charging case could have been made with a few screws holding the inner part in. This is very deliberate.

    Alexander GräfAlexander GräfMånad sedan
  • Why the heck... do they need so many logic boards???

    Bird MomBird MomMånad sedan
  • Better off not even buying the AirPods. I never use anything like the ear buds or AirPods as I had several operations on my left ear and have a block tube going from sinus to inner ear. The old fashioned over the ear head phones is all I use if I want tunes.

    MikeskeMikeskeMånad sedan
  • You are the reason why I and my entire family never will buy apple products EVER again Thank you very much ❤️

    cy cycy cyMånad sedan
  • Apple did same thing to new phone killing third party repair

    Riders BlitzRiders BlitzMånad sedan
  • It is annoying that they aren't built to be repaired, but think about it - how many of the "repairable" earphones will actually be repaired when the average person finds that the battery doesn't hold charge?

    Rennie AshRennie AshMånad sedan
  • Hi With the grill mesh on airpods, you don’t have to take them out mate. The only thing you need is very warm(boiled) water and some dish soap. Dip the ends of pods in it so it goes in for like 2mm. Wait some time, shake off the water Let them dry and you are done. I’ve tested this on my pods. And this works because i’ve had problem with right one

    Marek KopećMarek KopećMånad sedan
  • The answer is no, most likely for apple

    HerrEiklarHerrEiklarMånad sedan