Fried GPU! MacBook Pro 2011 Restoration

24 okt 2020
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I am not going to let a fried graphics card stop me from using this loverly 43cm MacBook Pro!
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  • My MacBook pro still die, i cant do anything to fix my gpu issue 😞

    black 1178black 11789 minuter sedan
  • Is it only me who only uses the right shift key?

    LolLol6 timmar sedan
  • MAN after spending thousands of dollars on iCrap and you still doesn't have a microscope for 500$????? And it is good one. And for godsake buy battery screw is cheap and good.

    DamjanhdDamjanhd20 timmar sedan
  • he always uses the same old toothbrush

    TheOneWithCarsTheOneWithCarsDag sedan
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    George CarlinGeorge Carlin4 dagar sedan
  • I have the same model. I just used dosdude's patcher (mojave) and choose not to patch legacy graphics.

    TomStevens06TomStevens066 dagar sedan
  • That keyboard gave anxiety

    Vivek PatilVivek Patil7 dagar sedan
  • Those bezels ate strangely thin

    Ali PekaAli Peka8 dagar sedan
  • Hugh: And Now Our Logic Board Is Hacked. MacBook: F!@k You (you hacked me!)

    StefanTime GamingStefanTime Gaming9 dagar sedan
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    Botting ManBotting Man9 dagar sedan
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    Abhishek SharmaAbhishek Sharma10 dagar sedan
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    Steven JacksonSteven Jackson12 dagar sedan
  • i know i'm late with the comment but it might be the power delivery that's causing issues just like the ps3's nec/tokin capacitors

    Stefan BoevStefan Boev13 dagar sedan
  • My heart aches when you had to remove and put back 50 screws on that keyboard just to realize that still the damn Shift Key doesn't work.

    Narayana Babu Paulsamy EswaranNarayana Babu Paulsamy Eswaran13 dagar sedan
  • What Mac do You use i use a mid 2012 MacBook pro

    Jerrys Gaming Channel and other crapJerrys Gaming Channel and other crap16 dagar sedan
  • A hundred, THATS EXPENSIVE

    Jaiden's beginner techJaiden's beginner tech16 dagar sedan
    • I think he said Australian dollars

      Abdullah KhanAbdullah Khan16 dagar sedan
  • Dat litle corosion.. possible kill GPU or make it unable to use normal.. coz is power resistor.. from internal PSU for CPU and GPU.. it get shotr and zap your GPU or you repair it by remowing it.... beter test ot before you try replace chip.. who know where is GPU PSU lane unde black color of PCB

    nin1ten1donin1ten1do17 dagar sedan
  • You could’ve just disables the gpu cuz Psievwri (I think that’s how u spell it) just disabled it

    Isau FelipeIsau Felipe17 dagar sedan
  • 50 screws for a keyboard? There HAS to be a simpler way!

    FurryscottFurryscott19 dagar sedan
  • You could also just have saved yourself the $100 and coded system to ignore the GPU like I did.

    Nicolai Jarlbæk KornmodNicolai Jarlbæk Kornmod19 dagar sedan
  • where do you find all of these broken devices????pls respond ASAP

    Timmy LucaciuTimmy Lucaciu20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
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    Jeremy MunozJeremy Munoz20 dagar sedan
  • 0:37 did I hear 3 beeps? It means bad ram or something

    Codename Rare FoxCodename Rare Fox21 dag sedan
  • You know that you could have just disabled the GPU through single user mode?

    Gaming YorkGaming York21 dag sedan
  • I have also an 2011 with same problem. I habe removed the Files in the Library for the gpu. So now it works with the internal. AirPlay and external Monitor is of course not working. FaceTime camera is also not working. Works the Camera with your gpu Killer ?

    Magic MikeMagic Mike23 dagar sedan
  • Thanks man, excellent work

    saad 208saad 20823 dagar sedan
  • Thanks man, excellent work

    saad 208saad 20823 dagar sedan
  • My M1 MacBook pro has a fried cpu

    DumbMFDumbMF23 dagar sedan
  • Same thing happened to mine

    Brandin MorganBrandin Morgan25 dagar sedan
  • 17" MacBook Pro...

    CaramelColoredCaramelColored25 dagar sedan
  • for the non working shift key, you could have tried cleaning the contacts of the keyboard connector on the logic board, might have just been dirty.

    frankyg2384frankyg238425 dagar sedan
  • 50 screws to just remove the keyboard ????? Yeah i don`t really need that shift key after all.

    Peter IvanovPeter Ivanov26 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think Apple and Nvidea will ever sort their issues out because of the widespread issues with their GPU’s Interesting and failure tho

    Sandy BoleYTSandy BoleYT28 dagar sedan
    • This one has an AMD gpu.

      Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys28 dagar sedan
  • i had same problem with my mac air 2018 this was display problem they remove my dsiplay and charge 300 euro

    the kingthe kingMånad sedan
  • Tell me one think you know any gpu soldering with uv more than apple macbook pro? I have a nice 1500 Dollar bricks call macbook pro c2d with the gpu soldering with uv

    ezquimalezquimalMånad sedan
  • a 2.2Ghz intel CPU from 2011, a now disabled (would have probably survived with better TP and a reflow and worst case a reball) GPU, now with a Crucial SSD that I have used and is not remotely up to par by modern standards--especially compared to M.2, and 16GB of RAM for what? The SSD has no real taxing work to be done, since you're very unlikely to be doing video editing on the system or anything that would require the boosted write speeds. The HDD was probably totally up to the task. If the GPU is disabled let alone the 2.2Ghz intel chip, it's virtually useless except to do things a tablet or phone could do anyway. I just don't get it, it exists and it's good that we've seen it repaired but for what point other than because you could? I would imagine most of the repairs you do (and it would seem so) are ones that have a high-value output whether it's someone would really want this, or someone would want to collect this, but this one is kind of a sad end result. In repairing this laptop and by repairing I mean quite literally frankensteining it, we now have the waste of: the old adapter for the network card the old keyboard, which apparently may have had nothing wrong with it the old RAM chips the old GPU which has been disabled and power cut to it the HDD that was a very good pair for the system in question considering it has lost a very serious amount of possible use cases because of the GPU situation Add the fact that the battery is super old and the laptop is from 2011, and you get . . . ? ? ? It's just going over my head this one. I've personally saved many computers, phones, etc especially ones that have been discarded. There's a point in which you need to ask yourself, am I saving this device, am I collecting this device? Or am I hoarding this device. that's not to say that you are hoarding anything or whatever, but, this repair was, other than the money you've made by filming and producing the video for SEworld, and the iFixit sponsor, seemingly very pointless. Not that it was wrong at all, but the point entirely escapes me since all your repairs seem very purposeful and I always say "that's very useful and he has such a point to make here. look at how old Apple products were so easy to fix and how Apple was beginning to find new creative ways to prevent people from repairing their stuff." But this one doesn't quite have that aspect

    Metal FaceMetal FaceMånad sedan
  • What are you doing why didnt you reflow the GPU???? THEN YOU WOULD HAVE A FUNCTIONAL GPU this was a common issue in the 2011 macbook pro!!!!

    Rage GøkkRage GøkkMånad sedan
  • Could you remove the dead GPU too? Or would it cause problems?

    Waffle PuffWaffle PuffMånad sedan
  • I have a 15 inch MBP 2011 with a working Radeon GPU 😂 Edit: nvm it just died

    Gaming YorkGaming YorkMånad sedan
  • While yours is clearly a more permanent repair, there is a software workaround available from It's a patch/workaround that disables the AMD GPU and even allows for system updates afterward. He's got a host of tutorial videos on there along with free patches available for anyone with a 2011 15" or 17" AMD GPU problem. One issue with these is if you upgrade past Sierra the brightness control doesn't work (it's always on brightest) and it will no longer wake from sleep mode (has to be hard reset). Everything works perfectly in Sierra though. I've personally repaired about a dozen 2011 models with this software fix for customers over the past 15 months or so, and haven't had a single issue with them since.

    CE NewtonCE NewtonMånad sedan
  • Good boy 🙏

    Kamal sKamal sMånad sedan
  • #psivewri

    coolnes Huntercoolnes HunterMånad sedan
  • You Need to put in the music link because of ©

    Luke JenkinesLuke JenkinesMånad sedan
  • Public: Good Job! Apple: Hmmm, send out lawsuits!

    Rolan ShunRolan ShunMånad sedan
  • If 3rd party repair doesn't exist, this laptop gonna throw away. A bad example of motherboard where apple trying to take our money.

    Tùng NúiTùng NúiMånad sedan
  • 2:53 the Mac book looks like a face lloll

    TurdboiTurdboiMånad sedan
  • theres an thing called bga reballing. you did the stupid way out, BGA REBALLING KIT WORTH 50 DOLLARS AND PEOPLE DO IT FOR 20 DOLLARS WHY DID U MAKE THAT MACBOOK THE HD GRAPHICS PUNISHMENT? you know nothing about tech.

    jabla ,jabla ,Månad sedan
  • Literally the fix is more expensive that the entire computer

    Andres DAndres DMånad sedan
  • and i macs

    Nasim PoonawalaNasim PoonawalaMånad sedan
  • where do you find all the broken MacBook's

    Nasim PoonawalaNasim PoonawalaMånad sedan
  • Hi I have this mod done to my 15inMBP and of course discovered the brightness issue when I installed high sierra, Do you know if the default setting is max brightness?

    Garfish SmithGarfish SmithMånad sedan
  • He probably do afk farm for 24/7 that's why it's fried

    I Sleeper lI Sleeper lMånad sedan
  • Apple: do not reomve the logic board!!! Hugh: removes the entire laptop around it instead

    Stefan sTStefan sTMånad sedan
  • Parents: the math test is easy! Test: REMOVING 50 SCREWS

    Okejay57Okejay57Månad sedan
  • from what i've seen on these, the graphics issue seems caused less by the amd gpu itself, and more the horribly inadequate cooling setup apple went with on them

    Crazy Ohioan Cars, Guns, and GamingCrazy Ohioan Cars, Guns, and GamingMånad sedan
  • you love to upload when im about to go to bed 😂

    darek klichdarek klichMånad sedan
  • re-programing the r-o-m , he said.. you cant re-program a r-o-m. READ ONLY lol it looks like an interprtor addon. silly twat.

    Mark namerMark namerMånad sedan
  • Louis Rossman (flux meister) is typing...

    Wood AntWood AntMånad sedan
  • you love to upload when im about to go to bed 😂

    erik nansenerik nansenMånad sedan
  • *disgusting 4 gb ram* me with 2 gb ram: ...

    QuietQuakeQuietQuakeMånad sedan
  • How is that worthwhile? genuine question - $100 for a GPU disabler + time invested, what is the laptop destined to do? I suppose it could function for some years as a basic office/web browsing machine but isn't it more cost effective to get a cheaper modern device which would be faster and more reliable?

    Haitham AliHaitham AliMånad sedan
    • The point is, if you have those problems, you can fix them

      De00pro LazR_De00pro LazR_Månad sedan
  • Disgusting 4 gigs of ram, you sir are a douche bag!

    Hunter's MoonHunter's MoonMånad sedan
  • i knew there was a 17 inch macbook but never crossed my mind to see a video about it 😂😂😂😂

    hellslayer 96hellslayer 96Månad sedan
  • Hmm. I don't think you can call that a "repair"

    JM DJM DMånad sedan
  • Title : Fried GPU Meme : your GPU is a trash go and make french fries with The MacBook owner : hmm...ok

    Chandra SekaranChandra SekaranMånad sedan
  • I have an old 2010 Compac Laptop, it hangs everytime 5-10 minutes after startup and the fan speed increases. What could be the reason

    Raja Junaid BhatRaja Junaid BhatMånad sedan
  • Acer, HP, Lenovo ... two screws and 4 latches, keyboard comes out. Apple ..... entire laptops need to come appart. This is specially stup1d since keyboard are one of the most worked parts of a laptop, and anything that interfaces with the human mechanically is likely to broke first. Even the slim Acers keayboard can be changes effortlessly. But they attach the besel permantly to the keyboard ... so extra work is needed to install a generic one since besel is not included. Still fixable. Low profile keyboards, slim screens with almost no frame, lack of ports ... this is the combo of features that guarantee your laptop will be in the bin as soon as possible.

    38911bytefree38911bytefreeMånad sedan
  • that disgusting rams are samsung apple does not make ram.

    Yiğit Can AydınYiğit Can AydınMånad sedan
  • Ive fixed a 2011 just like this, I baked the dies with a heatgun for 5 minutes and then hit the mobo with low heat to let the solder cool down slowly. Then I replaced the battery and it was able to boot with out lines on the screen. A bad battery symptom is the failed to boot issue. To get the gpu working you just hit the gpu die with a heat gun slowly hitting it with less heat to cool down. otherwise the solder can stress fracture if you just turn off the heat immediatly.

    Nico LichNico LichMånad sedan
  • Apple: do not remove battery! Hugh: do things better so we don't have to.

    ValluXX XXValluXX XXMånad sedan
  • me: alr potato for gods sake do you want to be smashed and put into a video pc: sure ig me: so you wanna see me speedrun my potato pc: so anyways my gpu was put into a microwave

    SrHottySrHottyMånad sedan
  • you can also use software to disable the GPU, heavy internal coding or just a programs that is installed on the MacBook.

    CaptYellowBeardCaptYellowBeardMånad sedan
  • This happened to my 2011 17 MBP. This dudes video worked.

    John SmithJohn SmithMånad sedan
  • I think this computer was water damaged because of all the corrosion build up on the board. This might be the cause of the shift key not to work? By the way I also have a youtube channel about repairing and making diy projects. Check it out!

    陳鵬陳鵬Månad sedan
  • I am incredibly lucky that my 17” hasn’t failed yet

    1994 Honda Civic GLi1994 Honda Civic GLiMånad sedan
  • Just Buy A PC

    jamel falconjamel falconMånad sedan
  • battery replacement in a late 2012 13" retina mbp.... I pretty much had to chisel it out. I fitted a third-party job from amazon & it works fine, but I didn't use bloody epoxy resin to secure it, just regular hot glue from a hot glue gun. apple, wtf is wrong with you people? it's a battery. the very definition of a consumable, a component with limited lifespan.

    duncan rmiduncan rmiMånad sedan
  • Still ugly with a lot of problems .

    Fzaid AFzaid A2 månader sedan
  • I like this huge Jeffreys guy, he seems cool

    Vali N.Vali N.2 månader sedan
  • Wait, does something similar work to disable the Geforce 330M completely and only use the iGPU of the Intel CPU? On a 2010 MacBook Pro

    Kokainarienv0gelKokainarienv0gel2 månader sedan
  • It's not so pro anymore

    King Dee, Gaming and MemesKing Dee, Gaming and Memes2 månader sedan
  • Devil: I want someone to make a laptop that can't repair by humans Apple: Say no more fam

    Hirushan ThilankaHirushan Thilanka2 månader sedan
  • So, you killed a GPU in order to "restore" the whole machine? I'm done on this channel, this is not worth of my time...

    KelefGamingKelefGaming2 månader sedan
  • 08:85 The last time which i witness this kind of punishment while in the primary school. :D

    SpawnSpawn2 månader sedan
  • Good video!

    Hellscream GamesHellscream Games2 månader sedan
  • 12:53 your shift isn’t working because your caps is on, think bro

    SentinalSentinal2 månader sedan
  • how much keyboard screws do you like? apple : yes

    Leonard LitaniusLeonard Litanius2 månader sedan