Repairing Apple's Notorious iPhone Cables for $8! - Save $$

12 sep 2020
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I wasn't paying over $130 to buy new cables just because my current ones weren't built to what i would call a quality standard. So to save money and waste i am going to fix my current ones.
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  • Apple is the master of planned obsolescence

    youaintwrongthereyouaintwrongthere4 månader sedan
    • I’m still using my Ericsson A2618s phone, and the original charger. Over 20 years old and still working.

      Amiga A1200Amiga A12004 timmar sedan
    • @Joao Paixao Then you're using it wrong.

      NaxzedNaxzed4 dagar sedan
    • @Hannah Noneyabiz man I’m just tryna appreciate Apple for doing something half of the world doesn’t even care that we’re legit fucking kill each other with pollution

      藤井雪藤井雪9 dagar sedan
    • @藤井雪 There's only a prob if you want there to be lol? What you originally said just didn't make sense.

      Hannah NoneyabizHannah Noneyabiz9 dagar sedan
    • @Hannah Noneyabiz ok why is that a problem

      藤井雪藤井雪9 dagar sedan
  • I've never seen a cable just fall apart like this then again I've never owned a apple product y'all apple user just put up with this

    ECCLES 91ECCLES 914 timmar sedan
  • This will come handy for my charging brick for the iPhone 12! Oh wait I don’t have it...

    Minecraft RulerMinecraft RulerDag sedan
  • I don't mean to defend Apple, as they have done some pretty bad stuff in the past, but I have never had one of their cables break or fray on me. I have just been careful with them and using them in my desk and other wall outlets around my house. I guess it depends on your use and the millage you have on some cables.

    Emilio MoralesEmilio MoralesDag sedan
  • Great content. I've had good luck with liquid electrical tape...from various manufacturers like Permatex and GB. A few light coats will build up to a permanent and good looking repair.

    trackdog90trackdog90Dag sedan
  • In my country you can buy long heatshrink tube so you can use it for the whole length of the cable!

    Márton PénzesMárton Pénzes2 dagar sedan
  • Why would Apple fix their cables when they know most people will just buy another one? And of course the """geniuses""" are trained to say you used the cable incorrectly. That's typical Apple - blame the user for their failures. A lot of people blame Tim Cook for this, but I refuse this lie, this was a Steve Jobs special. Remember who famously told people that they were holding the defectively designed iPhone 4 wrong. That's right, Steve Jobs.

    mjc0961mjc09612 dagar sedan
  • Lol apple makes some bad cables

    Raivo LiepaRaivo Liepa3 dagar sedan
  • I still use the cable I bought for my iPhone 6 in 2017 since then i have changed my phone twice X then 11 Pro I think the best way to save the cable is to not use it while charging. I think that damages it the most.

    YouTube DaddyYouTube Daddy3 dagar sedan
  • Apple Cables In 2025 : Charging has Been Disabled Due To Repair By Third Party

  • Please no one ever do this ever, the damage is due to the cable getting hot and breaking down, I see hundreds of phones every year with internal damage due to people using cables in this condition there is also a possibility of fire due to an internal short in the cable. Please just spend the extra and rep[ace the cable.

    Ken SkeatsKen Skeats4 dagar sedan
  • Used my cable for 2 years, still is perfectly working will jo cracks but a little yellow, maybe you guys are too rough

    Jason the bestJason the best4 dagar sedan
  • You have no idea how much you helped the economy with this video

    kristal kerrickkristal kerrick4 dagar sedan
  • Apple just cheaps out so they break and you have to buy more cables from them since a lot of people buy original even tho third party cables can be so much reliable and for less

    C AlvzC Alvz4 dagar sedan
  • Im not even kiddibg my charger once lit on fire

    / TheNitroCat // TheNitroCat /5 dagar sedan
  • And this is how Apple is stealing your Money! By selling you cheap-made Stuff where only the Brandname has Value. And you're giving your Money willingly away! 😂 Go on, give your Money away each Year for "newer" Iphones so that you can show your Friends your newly purchased Status-Symbols! I'll stick to Android and probably will until the Rest of my Life. 😁 #Android4Life

    Tommaso SiriguTommaso Sirigu6 dagar sedan
  • OMG....for the one that is completely yellowed and cracking and falling apart!?! Go to eBay and buy generic cables for $10 each! Cheaper than buying a HEAT GUN??? And all that other stuff.

    vestcoatvestcoat7 dagar sedan
  • Would plastic dip work? Thanks.

    ronald walkerronald walker9 dagar sedan
  • Just buy an 8€ third party certified cable.

    TheBerlinbaerTheBerlinbaer10 dagar sedan
  • When an Apple store employee judges that you were using your cable “wrong” or “abusing” it, then call them a monster.

    MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 2020MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 202012 dagar sedan
    • Not trying to look like an Android fanboy, but imagine their reactions... 😳

      MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 2020MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 202012 dagar sedan
  • 4:25 boys in the morning. Like if true

    Raul GarciaRaul Garcia12 dagar sedan
  • Then the cables are either different here or I treat them well without realizing. Not one have I ever broken in some way. The one that saw the most use, was the iPhone 5 charging cable I used until I replaced the phone in November of last year. It's gross looking, but otherwise no damage.

    FoxFox13 dagar sedan
  • In the 8 years of owning 🍏 cables, I’ve never had one deteriorate or fail.

    W42PZW42PZ13 dagar sedan
  • Y'all apple users really pay that much money for a charging cable that's bound to fall apart in a few years?

    Gemma BogaertGemma Bogaert14 dagar sedan
  • It is easy let me do it *Burns down a whole city and forgets to turn it off*

    thecargamer1234thecargamer123414 dagar sedan
  • 5:47 how ironic that he has a cracked screen

    Sebastian SkaanildSebastian Skaanild15 dagar sedan
  • Wth i bought heat shrinks under a dollar and it had different sized from a big one to the smallest i dont even know what fits in the smallest.

    Stephene EnteraStephene Entera16 dagar sedan
  • Hey you forgot electrical tape

    Adams AngelsAdams Angels16 dagar sedan
  • how many time did you said ''CABLE'' :))

    Alex G.Alex G.17 dagar sedan
  • excellent thanx

    davidAll5davidAll517 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: *Apple will add freature that can self-destruct their products so nobody can repair it again, forever*

    CYBER MECH [ID]CYBER MECH [ID]17 dagar sedan
  • really?? you can't think of why thy switched material... think of the mr krabs meme

    Jebadaiah1Jebadaiah118 dagar sedan
  • I seem to be in the minority by having a couple original Lightning cables (came with new iPhones and other Apple devices) that still look and work perfectly. What the f**k are people doing to them?

    Marcus EicherMarcus Eicher18 dagar sedan
  • i bought a 4 dollar Chinese lightening connector, that was 5 years ago and my apple cable ended its life in 8 months, this is proof that apple is trash and money sucking leech

    adhil mehmudadhil mehmud18 dagar sedan
  • *Product* Suglue *Hugh* Sugrue Me wondering if that's a racist joke

    Oscar MagnussonOscar Magnusson20 dagar sedan
  • Charger plugs: Electronic waste! Cables you need to replace every 2 years or so: Nah, they're fine.

    Rhythmic SoulRhythmic Soul21 dag sedan
  • My 2 year old charger is just like new, I bought a cable bite thing to protect it, works well

    kumi chikumi chi23 dagar sedan
  • My 2m lightning chargers always broke but the 1m ones I’ve never had an issue with

    Anders PetAnders Pet24 dagar sedan
  • Oh yeah, you heat shrink that chewb.

    HiveTyrant36HiveTyrant3624 dagar sedan
  • how the fuck are they gonna keep up this same bullshit for this long

    rolls _879rolls _87925 dagar sedan
  • I fixed a Apple charger using tape

    Ahmed AbdulhabebAhmed Abdulhabeb25 dagar sedan
  • Me being an android user after having to deal with those cables for so many years

    Hi there PersonHi there Person27 dagar sedan
    • @Metrik I can believe that but its a stock galaxy cable

      Hi there PersonHi there Person14 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone knw how to make the yellow color white again?

    Sonal PunchihewaSonal Punchihewa27 dagar sedan
  • The teal green is copper oxidation.

    Damian9303Damian930328 dagar sedan
  • For $8 i can buy 16 generic ones at the mall

    MizaiMizai28 dagar sedan
  • Only problem with the heat shrink is where the end of it is on the cord is where it’s going to start breaking again as that’s where it’s the most flexible.

    The177HunterThe177HunterMånad sedan
  • Heat shrink works for a while, but it will slip and fail.

    Joseph StokesJoseph StokesMånad sedan
  • Xaiomi and apple charging cable 😆😆😭 . Same .

    Pabitra Hazra v10.0Pabitra Hazra v10.0Månad sedan
  • May be this is the reason Apple stopped providing chargers now..😁😁😁

    N BauaN BauaMånad sedan
  • Thank you! Super valuable content right here!!

    Tope SosanyaTope SosanyaMånad sedan
  • People could've just bought an android and not have that problem in the first place...

    stupid nerd ?stupid nerd ?Månad sedan
  • Apple cables are expensive trash

    Dina NikolaidouDina NikolaidouMånad sedan
  • Me looking at my 1000ft roll of white 1/8in heatshrink. Then realizing I bought all braided cables when the stock cables broke years ago.

    2000TJ2000TJMånad sedan
  • “Apple only makes highly quality products” Their products:

    William QuirogaWilliam QuirogaMånad sedan
  • My older brother also uses Heat Shrink. He applies electrical tape to the cable first then the tube then shrinks it with a lighter. No problems and it’s been over a year.

    Baconface McGeeBaconface McGeeMånad sedan
  • Apple 🍎 usb c to lightning

    jose ramosjose ramosMånad sedan
  • dang, that 30 pin connector turned into 2 lighting connecters

    ZeroTwoZeroTwoMånad sedan
  • This is incredible. I have cables from 2011 iPhone 4s and I still use them. I've had iPhones for 8 years and never, ever once in this time a single cable had this issues. I repaired lots of cables from other people I know. But every time I keep asking myself how the hell do people use their cables?

    Alessandro ReginaAlessandro ReginaMånad sedan
  • Apple is counting on this happening. They won't fix it. If anything, they will make it worse.

    M BM BMånad sedan
  • But, new iPhone USB cables are 2$.

    sajber kurajbersajber kurajberMånad sedan
  • Why am i hearing subaru

    Vin PascualVin PascualMånad sedan
  • cool . I use also thermoplastic polymer . it is small plastic granule you can melt at +60 degree in hot water and get hard again when room temperature . you can found that on Ebay or Amazon ( thermoplastic polymer )

    Martin FMartin FMånad sedan
  • This never happened to me and I using apple products for over 7 years...🤷‍♂️

    Ondrej ChalupskyOndrej ChalupskyMånad sedan
  • in india u can get a third party charging cable at Rs. 180(3$) .. Fast chrge works. data transfer works.. itunes also connect .. Brand name - ERD.

    sumit rawatsumit rawatMånad sedan
  • The Amazon Kindle USB leads also fall apart like this, its not just Apple, although the Kindle USB leads are much cheaper to replace.

    Peter MortimorePeter MortimoreMånad sedan
  • I’ve had one cable in 10 years of using the rubber chargers that had a tear, and it looked like it was cut open with a knife. One of the other chargers that I had like a year and a half ago now broke in the plastic and stopped working a month after the plastic completely came off

    Packerman BruhmomentoPackerman BruhmomentoMånad sedan
  • That's odd that I never had those cables degraded like this, the oldest one I have is now 5 or 6 years old, and it still looks like new. I was wondering if it might depend on climate

    Viacheslav AndzhichViacheslav AndzhichMånad sedan
  • This man can fix anything 💯

    Epic FailsEpic FailsMånad sedan
  • I just buy third party cables to avoide this

    dank nerddank nerdMånad sedan
    • Yeah but some don't work

      Alex J.GAlex J.GMånad sedan
  • That some expensive heatshrink

    S BaykoS BaykoMånad sedan
  • just dont buy apple smh

    ゼロとぉゼロとぉMånad sedan
  • Or save some time and go buy a new cable. Problem solved.

    Brad MottramBrad MottramMånad sedan
  • Apple does not like this video

    Hoofed Toaster97Hoofed Toaster97Månad sedan

    Vince RuvoloVince RuvoloMånad sedan
  • Hehe (-:

    The B2010 12The B2010 12Månad sedan
  • I am still using my lightning cable I got with my iPhone SE roughly 3 years ago and two phones later it still works perfectly and shows no signs of excessive wear. I don't know what you people do with your charging cables so they fall apart so quickly

    Osama Bin LadenOsama Bin LadenMånad sedan
  • i never had such an issue with any cable, but i never used apple cable before so. their cables are nasty, look cheap and dirty. i feel the need to disinfect my hands after touching a apple cable

    GG46043GG46043Månad sedan
  • I can see through your iPod why not original? Top

    Jackie lynn PorterJackie lynn PorterMånad sedan
  • What mm size shrink tube do you use for the latest iPad?

    Anglo SaxonAnglo SaxonMånad sedan
  • Like n sub

    Luke PakiLuke PakiMånad sedan
  • I think you skipped a very important thing in this video: you did not check the condition of the actual wires under the shielding. There is a risk of shortcircuiting the wires if you do not check them and only repair the cover.

    JarkkoJarkkoMånad sedan
  • I don't buy apple cables. There are other better brands that have better quality cable and cheaper too.

    Ray HornerRay HornerMånad sedan
  • Can I use any of that method even if my cables are not damage?

    la muertela muerteMånad sedan
  • This video will get DMCA take down due to apple and their copyright. I hate apple

    usynn stradlerusynn stradlerMånad sedan
  • Cheap Chinese rubber and plastics riot within 1 to 2 years and start to crumble.

    RickyORickyOMånad sedan
  • you buy a new one for less than 8 dollars in China

    Clay LiuClay LiuMånad sedan
  • they changed the cable material because the old one was too resistant.

    AlexChannelAlexChannelMånad sedan
  • Apple will recycle and replace your cable for free

    Bully HomesteadBully HomesteadMånad sedan
  • Not just the cable the ends crack as well, I think they are an electric safety hazard and the government should make apple change this. Any other maker would be pulled off the shelf.

    Joshua TurcotteJoshua TurcotteMånad sedan
  • Apple customer support: Did you turn the cable off and on again ?

    38911bytefree38911bytefreeMånad sedan
  • Using an old Samsung charger from 10 years ago. No issues. Apple Magsafes ..... more like the tape in mision impossible .... Here a guy is selling cables and repairs in 40 minutes for magsafe chargers. This tell me two things: They are expensive. The break easy. Good vid teaching how to avoid their planned obsolence.

    38911bytefree38911bytefreeMånad sedan
  • Apple makes quite soft cable and it’s very annoying , the Chinese nylon wrapped cables are often better ❗️

    Zee KayZee KayMånad sedan
  • I did the heat shrink repair years ago, it’s not worth it, once the breakdown begins they just fall apart all over.

    Joel MartinJoel MartinMånad sedan
  • Apple chargers are crap, I am currently using a juice charging lead and it’s incredible, it’s fast charging, durable (hasn’t even shown any sign of damage or wear) and I got it like 2 years ago

    RyanRyan2 månader sedan
  • i just use tape

    LindaLinda2 månader sedan
  • That green is copper oxide. Seems like the rubber lets through moisture which makes the copper underneath oxidize. But hey environment right.

    JohnnyVVlogJohnnyVVlog2 månader sedan
  • Even the White Samsung charging cables are prone to this too. I have one that deteriorated like the cable has been stripped with a wire casing remover. It also had the same kind of yellowing too.

    Pink AgaricusPink Agaricus2 månader sedan
  • Can’t beat Amazon Basics cables

    Mrs. MonkeyMrs. Monkey2 månader sedan
  • Mine is still working with just a bit of dirt on it 3 years later luck for you

    Kieran jonesKieran jones2 månader sedan
  • Iphone cables also have super thin wires that snap really easily when the outer rubber disintegrates. I have a 5 year old micro usb cable that still looks brand new

    Peter MarshallPeter Marshall2 månader sedan