iPhone SE 64GB Restoration

27 jul 2019
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Its time this iPhone SE got some much needed repair!
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  • When a new touch ID cost more than the actual phone

    AbuAbu7 dagar sedan
  • Why dont you upgrade your IOS

    Earnest ArchanistEarnest Archanist16 dagar sedan
  • Bro will touch id still work

    Muhammed NehalMuhammed Nehal20 dagar sedan
  • I tried to replace the screen but when I did, the screen had a shaky look as if every part of the pixels were in separate squares. Then it went completely white.

    MPViewerMPViewer29 dagar sedan
  • "Unable to activate price gouging on this iPhone."

    Okejay57Okejay57Månad sedan
  • Can we replace motherboard

    pranay kpranay kMånad sedan
  • I love this phones rather 6S :(

    SwandikaTio_1931SwandikaTio_19312 månader sedan
  • I have a 16GB on iOS 11.3.1 *also it's ASSISTIVE touch

    The Master Of TechThe Master Of Tech2 månader sedan
  • Watching this video now, makes me miss my old iPhone SE. :(

    Chief MigitChief Migit2 månader sedan
  • Rip Touch ID 😢

    Wolf MasterWolf Master2 månader sedan
  • unless, you replace the motherboard with matching touch id home button hahahha 8:48

    Duane Dayle BaliatanDuane Dayle Baliatan3 månader sedan
  • This is parts replacement video

    Vidyasagar ReddyVidyasagar Reddy3 månader sedan
  • How do you lose your home button tho.

    iMac G5iMac G53 månader sedan
  • I want to know how this phone got to this point

    Jose RiveraJose Rivera3 månader sedan
  • Fix my iphone se too

    killer 128kkiller 128k3 månader sedan
  • JerryRigEverything Sending Phones To HughFixEverything

    JunsJuns3 månader sedan
  • That's a victory royal, ninja is a trump supporter

    MementoMemento3 månader sedan

    Kristian NowakKristian Nowak4 månader sedan
    • I was thinking the exact same thing haha

      Thomas WylyThomas Wyly2 månader sedan
  • My phone is fine love it because it is iPhone 11 Pro

    Gaming with KyronGaming with Kyron4 månader sedan
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why that phone

    ChickenChicken5 månader sedan
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why that phone!!!

    ChickenChicken5 månader sedan
  • Ok I really need to know before I put together. I have measured the screws that goes on the motherboard bracket (4 screws). One is 1.5mm and three are 1.2mm . Can somebody help me where to put the big one? I heard they are all supposed to be different size but only one is different

    J HeighteNJ HeighteN5 månader sedan
  • Please help Ok I really need to know before I put together. I have measured the screws that goes on the bracket 4 screws.One is 1.5mm and three are 1.2mm . Can somebody help me where to put the big one? I heard they aware all supposed to be different size but only one is different

    J HeighteNJ HeighteN5 månader sedan
  • Dude.. please change your channel to jeffry fix everything

    Elangovan NElangovan N5 månader sedan
  • How do some people manage to rip the home button off?

    FatFalcon 34FatFalcon 345 månader sedan
  • Please support me by watching my channel m.seworld.info/tv/c22ItpjFLq6AMf6UzG-LuQ.html

    Rock through TechRock through Tech6 månader sedan
  • Nice video, I'll try to replace my old housing to have a "new" SE.

    Dee & ShinnaDee & Shinna6 månader sedan
  • duck connector

    Pomidor TVPomidor TV6 månader sedan
  • Me trying to fix an iPad 1 min later I give up

    ClockyPlayzClockyPlayz7 månader sedan
  • Remember when 6 inches was huge for a tablet and 3.5 inches was great for a phone

    SpiltBeansSpiltBeans7 månader sedan
  • If you don't want the phone anymore, I'll be more than happy to take it

    DwightDwight7 månader sedan
  • I have that exact iPhone and same storage

    Quinn GrecoQuinn Greco7 månader sedan
  • How do you get the phones you restore?

    Eke PaulEke Paul7 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh u can make a decent living in restoring phones.

    Phillip RhinehardtPhillip Rhinehardt7 månader sedan
  • do you give away phones

    Playboi LaPlayboi La8 månader sedan
    • No, buy your own

      Soupy PupperSoupy Pupper7 månader sedan
  • Hey hugh get some gloves brother it drives me nuts when u just putting all over your finger prints all over the inside of iPhone please get some gloves of any type asap..

    Joe G.Joe G.8 månader sedan
  • You do know that since Samsung makes all of apples display panels you can order them from Samsung a hell of allot cheaper

    Tony's WorldTony's World8 månader sedan
  • I love the iPhone SE!

    Kid Klarity ReviewsKid Klarity Reviews8 månader sedan
  • Can you restore my iphone 5s There is touch issue It fall down and break

    Junaid HassnainJunaid Hassnain8 månader sedan
  • I love it when he says and were done

    pofwonpofwon8 månader sedan
  • Oh a new iPhone SE JUST bought and shattered int pieces DamN

    1 minute Videos1 minute Videos8 månader sedan
  • I’ve had the se pretty much since it was released (gold version) just upgraded to the iPhone se 2020. My old one doesn’t have a scratch on it. No wear or anything. Don’t know how people get them like this. My old one is back in its box tucked away never to be seen again. All safe 😌

    SaucyBegger25SaucyBegger258 månader sedan
  • Where do you sell the phones you fix?

    LEXxTALIONSLEXxTALIONS8 månader sedan
  • The intro is like a horror movie Xddd

    Dmitrijus SivovasDmitrijus Sivovas8 månader sedan
  • I tried to fix my phone, and I broke the Home button flex cable, and now I’m just fuckedddd

    Stefan RæbildStefan Ræbild8 månader sedan
  • 0:05

    3beidan fan ._.3beidan fan ._.8 månader sedan
  • I believe in right-to-repair BUT I totally get Apple being assholes about 3rd party companies making home buttons. It's a security problem, lemme steal this iphone and just break it open, replace the home button with a cheap chinese replacement and BAM bob's your uncle. It's kind of a necessary evil.

    WhiteTylerPerryWhiteTylerPerry8 månader sedan
  • Couldn’t you take the serial number from the original button and burn it to the replacement button

    Austin SagoAustin Sago8 månader sedan
  • The price is for a replacement unit, not for the repair itself. So you get an entirely new phone, hence the flat rate.

    Jordan BrownJordan Brown8 månader sedan
  • do you have a shop where people can buy restored phones? I would trust buying from you!

    iamcorneliuiamcorneliu8 månader sedan
  • can u give one free restored iphone to me,

    Zeeshan AliZeeshan Ali8 månader sedan
  • Your videos look so satisfying

    boywnderrboywnderr9 månader sedan
  • Dude you are really skillful :)

    Sports CarsSports Cars9 månader sedan
  • Can I have it I need a new iphone se the charging port on mine is damaged

    Cameron MusgroveCameron Musgrove9 månader sedan
    • 1.) No 2.) This is the old one 3.) Its not new, but refurbished

      Just A Dude With A Scary SmileJust A Dude With A Scary Smile8 månader sedan
  • Can you sell any i phone for India

    FÜÑ ZÖNÊFÜÑ ZÖNÊ9 månader sedan
  • The iphone SE just got announced somebody broke it already? 😂😂😂

    AlfredoRiel MoloAlfredoRiel Molo9 månader sedan
  • I have an SE as my main phone. It is absolutely perfect. I only wish that the battery lasted longer.

    Hunter KlowssHunter Klowss9 månader sedan
  • I watch hugh jeffrey videos for pleasure and for learning

    Makeup by ChristyJMakeup by ChristyJ9 månader sedan
  • Guess its Australia thing but imei is normally printed on the sim card tray

    RRPRRP9 månader sedan
  • One of the prettiest phones ever

    Mad ChatterMad Chatter9 månader sedan
  • Awesome

    I_M YashI_M Yash9 månader sedan
  • Hey that’s the exact phone I had before I stomped on the damn thing in last period, got another SE the next day, 3 days later broke it by throwing it at a dresser after my mom took away my AirPods. Now I have a XR.

    Starboard LinesStarboard Lines9 månader sedan
    • Loser play3 she done snatched them bc she got mad

      Starboard LinesStarboard Lines7 månader sedan
    • She took your aipods lmao

      Loser Play3Loser Play37 månader sedan
  • >Brand new condition >No touch ID yeah sure thats brand new lol

    JazawaToadJazawaToad9 månader sedan
  • He should have ripped a home button from an iPhone 5s or another SE

    Shayan NaqviShayan Naqvi9 månader sedan
  • Where do you get the housings from

    Mickeal WhiteMickeal White9 månader sedan
  • This is basically a 6s

    Tolu AdeyemoTolu Adeyemo9 månader sedan
  • My beloved iPhone!!!!!!

    trelos1333trelos13339 månader sedan
  • Hilarious im watching this on a iPhone SE

    LazyAidKittLazyAidKitt9 månader sedan
  • so manyphones give me one thank you

    Renz Marrion PerezRenz Marrion Perez9 månader sedan
  • iPhone SE is hard to repair

    Mustafa AkramMustafa Akram10 månader sedan
  • Brikkiant.Keep going

    Joao JaneiroJoao Janeiro10 månader sedan
  • I just Recently fix a Samsung Galaxy s6 edge I got off Ebay £30 can it working again

    Owen wint 21Owen wint 2110 månader sedan
  • SE Stupid edition

    fk nikanfk nikan10 månader sedan
  • "I got a replacement battery, a replacement housing and replacement screen" Well, why didn't you get a replacement phone instead lol

    Enzo PerruccioEnzo Perruccio10 månader sedan
    • Because I won't watch a video about replacement phone.

      fuzzfizzfuzzfizz8 månader sedan
    • @itbelikethat Nope! Could buy a new in box iPhone for the price of all those parts.

      Enzo PerruccioEnzo Perruccio8 månader sedan
    • It’s less expensive dumbass.

      itbelikethatitbelikethat8 månader sedan
    • Enzo Perruccio Because a full phone with the motherboard and everything would cost a lot more,plus all he does is repair beaten up phones and then sells them so he makes money of these broken phones

      GaspGgGaspGg9 månader sedan
    • Enzo Perruccio keeps them where possible and they won’t go to landfill

      Lachlan’s Train ChannelLachlan’s Train Channel9 månader sedan
  • This design is so beautiful. Did you sell the phone ? I need it.

    Bashir MutebiBashir Mutebi10 månader sedan
  • I woulda bought that SE

    Garrett ReymanGarrett Reyman10 månader sedan
  • Sir im your big fan can you help me please My iphone 6s Activation lock imei number is 355400089400712

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  • Where to buy a gud replacement battery 4 I phn 5.

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  • too fast

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  • Can you restore my iPhone 5C and iPhone 6

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  • It did not survive Jerry’s bend test

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  • why i don't have display accommodations setting in my iphone 8 plus after screen replacement? can you help me?

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  • Can you provide link for buying original housings for all phones.

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  • Nice video

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  • Rob the parts/Nest

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  • Never

    Amtrak Fan 8Amtrak Fan 810 månader sedan
    • Never

      Amtrak Fan 8Amtrak Fan 810 månader sedan
  • thats the exact same iphone i used to have but got water damage and doesent turn on

    MatthewPlayz GamesMatthewPlayz Games10 månader sedan
  • What's next a apple logo protector 😂😂 what's your obsetion with screen protectors

    Daniel 12345Daniel 1234511 månader sedan
  • Would love to see a restoration on a flashing red screen issue

    phillip virgophillip virgo11 månader sedan
  • I wanna buy it sorry?

    Kankam manuKankam manu11 månader sedan
  • Me:i’mma fix the iPhone se home button Me:*Breaks display* Opps

    Barz YTBarz YT11 månader sedan
  • And apple wanted me to purchase a screen replacement when all I wanted is a battery replacement. The wanted this because the screen was 'Separating' when they were trying to open it up. By separating I couldn't get a fully definite answer but I asked if it was separating from the digitize and the rep had to check with the tech guy and he told me it was 'The clips' They were trying to charge me $265.55 (w/ tax) CAD, for a $65 (w/o Tax) CAD battery replacement because they couldn't figure out how the screen removal works. They even offered me to purchase another IPhone SE for $365~ish CAD. They treated my IPhone as-if it was completely destroyed, but I was able to get it back in one piece. While my Phone's screen is almost flawless, They probably meant the surrounding plastic casing around the display .. I easily worked around it with an IPod when I did a Batt replacement on it. Binge watching what Hugh Jefferys does with the SE so I can do it myself and assert dominance over that apple store.

    over9000713over900071311 månader sedan
  • Jerryrigeverything buy phone He destroy it and send it to hugh

    gina quimquegina quimque11 månader sedan
  • 1:10 AssistiveTouch* 😉 great video my man, as always!

    Emperor MingEmperor Ming11 månader sedan
  • Have you sold it?

    Joshua FischerJoshua FischerÅr sedan
  • I can say i want a se so bad

    Joshua FischerJoshua FischerÅr sedan
  • You are honestly my favourite youtuber of all time Love you dude

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  • What kind or size of screw driver is that? Need your respond. Thank youuu

    VILLAMOR Michael John B.VILLAMOR Michael John B.År sedan
  • i’ve wanted an iPhone SE i think its a great phone

    XPWindows_XPWindows_År sedan
  • Because they don't really fix the button, they just take it away and give you a fresh refurbed phone. That's how they do most "repairs"

    Dana WDana WÅr sedan