Destroyed MacBook Pro Retina - Can it be Restored?

14 nov 2020
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This poor MacBook is completely obliterated with major damage inside and out. This is definitely going to be a challenge.
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  • I found logic boards on AliExpress below 100 Australian Dollars

    Last GivedLast Gived7 timmar sedan
  • Apple would charge the same price as a new mac

    jay_615jay_6152 dagar sedan
  • Somewhere in this world, JerryRig is laughing watching this video

    HateLover GamingHateLover Gaming5 dagar sedan
  • I just need 50% of this guy's patience

    Being HomieBeing Homie6 dagar sedan
  • Hugh: Can’t think of what happened Me: have you heard of Dankpods and the 1Grit?

    NotaNurseNotaNurse7 dagar sedan
  • This guy must make a lot of money to resell these electronics

    Joseph MorrisonJoseph Morrison7 dagar sedan
  • 2015 macbooks in high demand because of ports ? WTF

    AsixAsix8 dagar sedan
  • If said this on this channel and I'll say it again.. it's bad jeebees to put on the housing before you try power on the device. You should try turning it on before screwing every latest housing screws..

    Arief RakhmanArief Rakhman9 dagar sedan
  • Hi, i have here an broken ipohone 6 plus 64 gb,if want to restore it?just reply to my comment

    Zhymon Steeven D. OcampoZhymon Steeven D. Ocampo11 dagar sedan
  • 0:50 TechRax ofc bro

    A snakeA snake16 dagar sedan
  • *They raged at fortnite way too hard-*

    Moon _CloudMoon _Cloud16 dagar sedan
  • The person who owned it got very angry and took all the anger on the poor laptop

    Reuel Ethan RodriguesReuel Ethan Rodrigues17 dagar sedan
  • Dear Hugh from where to buy your fixed laptops?

    Deepak SharmaDeepak Sharma17 dagar sedan
  • iPhone 3GS that's been through 2 bombings 3 rainstorms and a tsunami Hugh:we fixed this iPhone 3GS on iOS 3 into perfect condition Everyone:😑😐😑😐

    xRIOTxxRIOTx17 dagar sedan

    Parth HandeParth Hande17 dagar sedan
  • The owner must've dropped it while driving a motorcycle and it got ran over by a car. Thats my opinion

    Ken MengKen Meng18 dagar sedan
  • i have the exact same (but the 2014 model) laptop and my screen is broken I use an external display because new screens cost way too much

    M.AM.A18 dagar sedan
  • maybe they decided they really don't like apple like me

    dingusdinodingusdino19 dagar sedan
  • Big sur ??

    Daniel GuerinDaniel Guerin19 dagar sedan
  • It looks like it was run over by a car or something ngl

    courtney tuxfordcourtney tuxford19 dagar sedan
  • how come all tech restoration youtubers are australian?

    camboi 345camboi 34520 dagar sedan
  • I think a kid threw a fit

    Eitan PasterEitan Paster20 dagar sedan
  • that laptop is not sad *it is depressed*

    rizwan usmanirizwan usmani20 dagar sedan
  • I never touched this... (Hugh Jeffreys, 15.11.2020)

    ThinkyThing TebestThinkyThing Tebest21 dag sedan
  • Can you gift me a iphone and a macbook 😭

    Sudeer ShaakyaSudeer Shaakya21 dag sedan
  • Wish I can have any used/repaired macbook from Hugh Jeffreys for my studies 🥺

    ieman hakimieman hakim22 dagar sedan
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    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif23 dagar sedan
  • the little mac book that could

    Michael SmithMichael Smith23 dagar sedan
  • he makes it look easy

    XperiorTRXperiorTR24 dagar sedan
  • Planrock124 did it to the MacBook LOL like if u think so too

    flame pro'sflame pro's25 dagar sedan
  • That was probably the HowToBasic's Mac

    Max' / UuraniumM_PRODMax' / UuraniumM_PROD28 dagar sedan
  • that damage had to be done on purpose there's no way it was accidental unless it was thrown off a cliff or something...GREAT video Hugh!

    The Defective ChannelThe Defective Channel28 dagar sedan
  • Such a nice video! It encourages me to try and fix some used lap tops too, salvaging pieces seem so cool and this would help me get a working computer for my online classes lol

    Mario Adolfo MedinaMario Adolfo Medina29 dagar sedan
  • Do you sell this laptop s ???

    Shiva Kumar RaparthiShiva Kumar RaparthiMånad sedan
  • Hello @Hugh. What solution do you use to clean the Displays? I am looking for something to clean the Display of my iMac and MacBook Pro

    fufu20boyfufu20boyMånad sedan
  • TechRax broke it.

    Baconface McGeeBaconface McGeeMånad sedan
  • press f to pay respects to this sad laptop.

    Cracked LCD ScreenCracked LCD ScreenMånad sedan
  • This laptop is cursed

    Kamal sKamal sMånad sedan

    SkullDUDE101SkullDUDE101Månad sedan
  • You're probably not gonna see this, but I'm just curious. I have an early 2015 13 inch Retina MBP for which I had the battery replaced by a third party due to bloating. It's fine for the most part, but the one issue I have is the fact that the HDMI port is not working. When I plug into it, the MBP display sort of flashes on and off or just remains off, and there is no display on my external monitor. I have tried all sorts of resets but nothing worked. And I know my VGA to HDMI adapter isn't the problem because it's working for my Dell work laptop, and the VGA cable itself isn't a problem because buying a Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter solved the problem. I'm just curious, what could be the cause of this, and is it worth fixing or looking into?

    N DN DMånad sedan
  • A crazy dad and a bad son

  • Looks like it was stolen, gutted, then smashed.

    UnrealOGUnrealOGMånad sedan
  • Still rocking my 2011 MBP. Swapped out the battery, upgraded RAM and switched to SSD. Works like a dream, plus I don't need to spend money on annoying adapters thanks to its plethora of ports!

    Mike RMike RMånad sedan
  • I like seeing you save these things from the landfill but feel bad for how expensive the repairs are for you in Australia. I’ve bought used MacBooks in good condition for less than the display cost you. Downside of all that ocean, I guess.

    Chris LackeyChris LackeyMånad sedan
  • anyone from here knows how to check if a macbook pro has some sort of vinculation with someone icloud , bc i want to buy 1 but it seem its blocked but just by usarname and password request at the screen lady told me it doesnot ask for vinculation to recover , and also if is just bloked by someone who created a account it can bypass and change it for use ? thx also iphone six S after 14.2 battry dies so quickly is by actualization or just logic board

    alex dzibalex dzibMånad sedan
  • Very cool and inspirational how to turn a non operational laptop into top shape very a awesome Hugh Jeffrey

    Ron MercedesRon MercedesMånad sedan
  • I might have to come back to this video. I got a display screen I wanna replace from 2012 iMac that one of the kids messed up somehow.

    Latinofire202Latinofire202Månad sedan
  • Amazon : tells a perfect condition macbook pro You : wow i7 and 1tb storage, il take it When yuou recieve it : BRUH, ONLY i3 and 156gb storage and SOOO DESTROYED MACBOOK PRO

    Adityo KristiantoAdityo KristiantoMånad sedan
  • Thrown off a six-storey building...?

    ChloekabanChloekabanMånad sedan
  • plainrock124 got mad at his mac

    robert jasicarobert jasicaMånad sedan
  • Genius

  • Probably the kid threw it.

    Thien-An HuynhThien-An HuynhMånad sedan
  • There is a key cap falling off from the keyboard and I want to glue it back. Any chance I can manage to do it myself?

    Jiamin ZhuJiamin ZhuMånad sedan
  • I am looking for mac, and can you maybe selling the all macs to yours subscribers? for good value?) PLEASE LIKE, SO HE CAN SEE THE COMMENT, THANKS

    Dima BezuglovDima BezuglovMånad sedan
  • apple trying so hard to end 3rd party repair that it's harder for themselves.

    Cracked LCD ScreenCracked LCD ScreenMånad sedan
  • plot twist, this was from jerryrigeverything

    Cracked LCD ScreenCracked LCD ScreenMånad sedan
  • Apple: Wait that's illegal !

    AlexChannelAlexChannelMånad sedan
  • What happened? Shipped by Polish Post xD

    RoteKampffliegerRoteKampffliegerMånad sedan
  • First guess: a hammer 🔨

    Angelo SkyeAngelo SkyeMånad sedan
  • thse are my new favorite videos ive been watching

  • I really wish I had a Mac. I love producing music and in school we use logic but I don’t have my own Mac and they’re so expensive.

    MartinpeMartinpeMånad sedan
  • Se vi interessano video di riparazioni di dispositivi informatici, per un minore e-waste passate per il mio nuovo canale:

    CheapFixCheapFixMånad sedan
  • Fake restoration videos be like:

    bitelaserkhalif 平家boybitelaserkhalif 平家boyMånad sedan
  • he keeps saying OUR .....who else is there ?

    Mark namerMark namerMånad sedan
  • Where are you selling your repair?

    Eytuh SaintEytuh SaintMånad sedan
  • What adhesive bands do you use? Especially for your phone repairs ?

    Max WieseMax WieseMånad sedan
  • BUT how much did u spent on this. More than it cost new ...

    Adrian ŠepinskiAdrian ŠepinskiMånad sedan
  • I am crazy to buy a macbook but couldn't afford one.

    Sourav DeSourav DeMånad sedan
  • Check this Gigantic Bread Cutter Restoration 😘😘🙈 this is a collaboration with @my mechanics insights 😎

    Novella MooresNovella MooresMånad sedan
  • even your threadlocker is purple :)

    KamilKamilMånad sedan
  • I’m wondering if the person who owned this had anger issues or had a bad rage moment lol Or it was a person doing it for SEworld and was destroying a Mac

    Kovalan KalamohanKovalan KalamohanMånad sedan
  • Crack head 😹 broke ot

  • Gu

    AR92 GAMERAR92 GAMERMånad sedan
  • Please open a reparing startup.

    jigyanshu shrivastavajigyanshu shrivastavaMånad sedan
  • hi Hugh, can I ask you if I can "transplant" a mid 2009 15" MBP into a early 2011 one? Any difference in chassis or internal components?

    • Model A1286

      GALLINAGALLINAMånad sedan
  • Cell phone contruction on a laptop .... I dont get why people overpay for them ... REALLY I'm sure if you can use it as a daily driver at work. I prefeer a chunky Dell Precision over this show off gadgets. All this garbage of slim led pannels, low prifile keyboards, no ports .... Yes, you get better portability, less weight when travelling. Nothing like Dell or HP havent adressed properly. The difference with HP or Dell is ... corporate ones are under big contracts of maintenance, so selling non fixable garbage is out of the equation. I have used HP 12.1 subnotebook i7, it a delight, it is fast, small, lightwieght and you can still replace the battery, the drive etc, you dont need to call nasa to do that.

    38911bytefree38911bytefreeMånad sedan
  • How the laptop was destroyed Throws out window

    Science with SimonScience with SimonMånad sedan
  • To really restore you should fix the parts not buy new parts =D you can also buy all a whole new laptop and call it fixed lol

    Amir DashtiAmir DashtiMånad sedan
  • Would definitely want to grab one of his laptops someday, but not sure if he is happy with shipping to Australia

    OmegaZeroKillerOmegaZeroKillerMånad sedan
  • Is the name of the prev owner actually jerry?

    Mikasa AckermannMikasa AckermannMånad sedan
  • It got yeeted into the sun

    Critter-ThingsCritter-ThingsMånad sedan
  • Plainrock124 must’ve destroyed it

    Dingus PodsDingus PodsMånad sedan
  • The only thing you did in the correct way, was removing the fans and clean them inside out, the rest was crap and unprofessional. I don't want to spread hate or negativity, but I would never send you thing’s to restore for me and even pay you money for it, you fix things in a way, so they can keep working a little more and that's it, even for educational purpose, this is not right because other who watches your videos, can learn the wrong way doing it from you, and then we would have a bunch of wrong restores who destroy more than actually fix it.

    Veton ToonVeton ToonMånad sedan
  • If only we have something like iFixit here in Indonesia. Let alone the authorized service center or other 3rd party ones, you still most likely gonna get scammed by the official service center here, and this apply to almost all electronic related service centers.

    Indra KusumaIndra KusumaMånad sedan
  • I would rather buy a MacBook from you, than from Apple, and pay you the full price ofcourse, super reliable

    ALsRigALsRigMånad sedan
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    Annie DabbyAnnie DabbyMånad sedan
  • Would an iPhone 8 running the lastest software be affected by the new battery pairing restriction? And should any replacement battery have the original battery serial no transferred?

    George GalpinGeorge GalpinMånad sedan
  • Run over by a car?

    Chandler MChandler MMånad sedan

    ken Triesken TriesMånad sedan
  • Recently I had an iPad stuck in a boot loop. We took it to the apple store and he said that the processor has stopped working and we need to buy a new iPad. Surely the processor is replaceable?

    Paradox And RockerParadox And RockerMånad sedan
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    Ryan HildrethRyan HildrethMånad sedan
  • Great work, but very expansive :) Thank you for that video.

    thomas allertzthomas allertzMånad sedan
  • Apple is a terrible company who attempts to control everything that happens with the device from purchase to eventual retirement of the device. All the while, they're putting the bill for everything on the user, and adding a ridiculous fee for their "experts" and their "premium parts". I will never buy an Apple product, and I feel sorry for the people who were sucked into the "Apple is best" mindset.

    Keenan KellyKeenan KellyMånad sedan
  • Can I use nail polish remover to get rid of the old adhesive? I am going to replace the screen of my iPad fifth generation.

    Kaylee WestKaylee WestMånad sedan
  • Hey @hugh jeffreys the real question is how do you get almost of the stuff free?

    Tsr GamerTsr GamerMånad sedan
  • Use wd40 for adhesive removal. Soak it for a couple mins and it'll come right off.

    Linc FessendenLinc FessendenMånad sedan
  • good video content sir keep it up plz visit my channel

    Experts Specialists In TechnologyExperts Specialists In TechnologyMånad sedan
  • Watching your videos gives me How It’s Made vibes

    DollaBillz___ _DollaBillz___ _2 månader sedan
  • Can you buy a 1$ iphone xs from sendico to see if it is a scam

    Ozren CupacOzren Cupac2 månader sedan