Custom Transparent iPod Classic 5th Gen - 256GB SSD & "Nokia Battery life"

18 jan 2020
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  • The N U G G E T

    RogueE46RogueE46Dag sedan
  • looks awwwesome

    Murat BaşcıMurat Başcı2 dagar sedan
  • Would love to support bluetooth function on it and it will be the best device ever

    KAMO OKAMO O7 dagar sedan
  • My ipods stopped working because Apple discontinued the software updates ... anyone know I can get around this

    paul lambepaul lambe8 dagar sedan
  • Wow!!! I want this iPod!!! Please

    Anticristo 666Anticristo 66611 dagar sedan
  • I'm wondering where he got the battery?

    Kawaru86Kawaru8612 dagar sedan
  • Yeah Im making this

    MakingMovesMajorMakingMovesMajor15 dagar sedan
  • Links

    DatzNASTY!! 14DatzNASTY!! 1420 dagar sedan

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  • Hi @hughjeffreys! Where did you get the transparent face plate? Thanks!

    Jefferson Perry LeponJefferson Perry LeponMånad sedan
  • Someone’s been in here

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  • Why do all of the good iPod or tech repair channels live in Australia like dank pods and Hugh jeffrys

    Noah WashingtonNoah WashingtonMånad sedan
    • We’re a resourceful bunch

      Mitchell ReillyMitchell ReillyMånad sedan
  • Do you sell your ipods?

    james jabiniaojames jabiniaoMånad sedan
  • not dank enough

    TetashaTetashaMånad sedan
  • How many storage variants does the iPod 5.5 generation have? What will be his model number? Will there be any special recognition of iPod 5.5?

    • any 80gb 5th gen model is a 5th gen enhanced edition

      Thomas SimpsonThomas Simpson26 dagar sedan
  • Woulda had a much better battery life and even surprisingly a faster interface if you just used an SD card adapter from iFlash. Just ask dank pods. But repurposing old meats drives is cool ecologically speaking.

    Richard RRichard RMånad sedan
  • you got to get that clear click wheel to make it fully transparent

    Thomas SimpsonThomas SimpsonMånad sedan
  • to get it open, just use a jimmy from IFIXIT

    Vincent HernandezVincent HernandezMånad sedan
  • sd cards r still the best choice , even like 20$ ones r 100MB/sec rated and this ipod can only do 15MB/sec .. that msata ssd was totally unnecessary cuz its running like 40 times slower than the capability of that ssd , even sd cards r fast enough to fully saturate the ipods hardware. while beaing much much cheaper!

    Kuntal GhoshKuntal GhoshMånad sedan
    • ssds are usually cheaper than sd cards once you get up to the 256gb mark

      Thomas SimpsonThomas SimpsonMånad sedan
  • just need some mojo to fry that dankpods

    Kevin Maulana RamadhanKevin Maulana RamadhanMånad sedan
  • 10Days !

    Pooya KarimiPooya KarimiMånad sedan
  • can you link that battery

    NickNickMånad sedan
  • 7:28 thank you so much for including this in the video. I'd been considering picking up an iPod partly to install an SSD and use it as an external drive for backups, but seeing these numbers (coupled with the explanation that the ZIF is the bottleneck) made it clear that it simply wouldn't be worthwhile for those purposes.

    Christian Fredlev SandChristian Fredlev SandMånad sedan
  • Will a 3000 mah battery work on a iPod video 5.5 gen 30gb? I’m planning to replace the battery, so minus we’ll go all out.

    Aidan MitchellAidan MitchellMånad sedan
  • This videos comments be like: 0% Spam 0% Bots 10% Compliments 100% DankPods

    Niranjani RavindranNiranjani RavindranMånad sedan
  • This iPod classic has the most interesting clear body... fascinating innards! Not sure about how to install an internal Bluetooth component to finally bring this unit to the 21st century.

    Rabid Leroy Channel SaladRabid Leroy Channel Salad2 månader sedan
  • Looks like the GB rating on case back was intentionally blurred. Fair enough. But will you say whether this was the thicker .53” or the thinner .43” size case common to 5th gen. I will be undertaking several flash mod builds and need to determine the largest battery I can fit in each case. Thanks for the video, very interesting.

    Dennis HicksDennis Hicks2 månader sedan
  • Do you know any m.2 2242 SATA SSD for the new iFlash v10 with a black pcb?

    Jaques GeleeJaques Gelee2 månader sedan
  • Do I have to use a thick back cover? Ipod classic 60 or 80g ?

    언노운언노운2 månader sedan
    • thick back cover is to fit the bigger battery, if you won't upgrade the battery you can use a thin back cover. For 256gb both 60 and 80 should work fine.

      IcarusIcarus2 månader sedan
  • 1. As many have said the screen protective cover was removed 2. The battery was upside down, the cable was not too long 3. It's not at all advised to use the 3000 mah battery mod with an ssd instead of an sd card as ssds can produce a lot of heat that is usually dissipated by the back case using the included thermal pad from iflash. As you can imagine lots of access heat on the battery and in the case with no where to dissipate it can cause issues and even be down right dangerous. I like your content, but this was a bit painful to watch.

    Dakota PixelDakota Pixel2 månader sedan
    • @Thomas Simpson 1. Just because it "won't look as good" doesn't mean it's a good idea to remove it. Without it the screen can set directly on the plastic front and be more easily damaged. 2. After a rewatch I can see that the battery is at fault, but not because the cable is too long, rather the cable appears to be in the wrong side of the battery. 3. Even if the ssd isn't against the battery, it still has nowhere to dissipate heat. This, at best will shorten the lifespan of the ssd and at worst can cause heat buildup in the case leading to excess heat around the battery.

      Dakota PixelDakota PixelMånad sedan
    • watched dankpods once and thinks hes a ipod genius 1. you can see the black part through the clear case, its ok not to remove for a normal one but it wont look as good through the case 2. no it wasnt, the battery connector cant go either way it has to go a certain way. 3. the battery was stuck to the back case, and the ssd board isnt tall enough to touch it so it wont be able to dissipate onto the battery, and vice versa. the battery conducts with the back case, like the stock ones do so, again, no issues. its not dangerous. I like your comment, but this was a bit painful to read.

      Thomas SimpsonThomas SimpsonMånad sedan
  • The result looks sickly awesome!

    Afif EmiyaAfif Emiya2 månader sedan
  • i am very curious why the original owner never removed the plastic wrap

    OmabatOmabat2 månader sedan
  • Someone’s been in here

    Logan HansenLogan Hansen3 månader sedan
  • great video and amazing. i love ipods!

    i:s izzeyi:s izzey3 månader sedan
  • uses gif for profile

    AverageYTAverageYT3 månader sedan
  • You should check out the SEworldr DankPods

    HatlessRecord53HatlessRecord533 månader sedan
  • What was the dock you used at the end of the video?

    Hamza KhanHamza Khan3 månader sedan
    • Little late but it's an apple hifi, really good sound quality on these

      Alejandro CervantesAlejandro CervantesMånad sedan
  • do u sell these

  • Why on earth wouldn’t you replace the back shell after all that effort.

    Russell MastersRussell Masters3 månader sedan
  • @dankpods

    Koben HillKoben Hill3 månader sedan
  • Ohgod the way you opened it gave me whiplash

    nopenope3 månader sedan
  • The SSD will overheat and destroy the battery making all of this fairly dangerous. That is unless you use it for cosmetical purposes I suppose.

    SlowPoke101SlowPoke1013 månader sedan
  • Loving these mods!!!

    Grand Adventure JapanGrand Adventure Japan3 månader sedan
  • thx for not linking anything you used

    Apen zijn coolApen zijn cool3 månader sedan
  • *king bali left alone*

    Oliwier 000BOliwier 000B3 månader sedan
  • I hope dankpods sees this

    Giovanni PonceGiovanni Ponce3 månader sedan
  • Nice 👍, one challenge for you now, how do you copy the music if it has it to a hard-drive?

    José CamposJosé Campos3 månader sedan
  • Amazing!!!

    Josefina CortazarJosefina Cortazar4 månader sedan
  • DANKPODS where u at

    brian murphybrian murphy4 månader sedan
  • Hi, I've build myself a modded ipod classic 5G with the cheap adapter, the trick is, to use a pice of the antistatic foil below the flex cable (to make the "plug" thicker) and only put in the cable about half the plug. If you insert it to much it won't work.

    jonasledjonasled4 månader sedan
  • I did this to my ipod about 6 years ago. Pain in the butt. But got it done.

    Tech JunkieTech Junkie4 månader sedan
  • Nice!

    MiscGlory OfficialMiscGlory Official4 månader sedan
  • I’m waiting for parts I have the same iPod but sadly I don’t have the funds for a new screen lcd but I will be restoring it with a new casing and glass new aux flex cable because audio would not play and new battery and this video is so well filmed I think it may be one of the easier Apple devices to work on

    Saab Enthusiast- OmarSaab Enthusiast- Omar4 månader sedan
  • where i can found battery ?

    Yuri AstoriaYuri Astoria5 månader sedan
  • I have an iPod nano 1st gen and an iPod touch 6th gen with a destroyed screen

    Foxy The PirateFoxy The Pirate5 månader sedan
  • Noob, we've already seen 2TB iPod, 256 is nothing

    Jaime HuertaJaime Huerta5 månader sedan
    • @Thomas Simpson m8

      Jaime HuertaJaime Huerta4 månader sedan
    • mate shut it, yer maws only got 2gb

      Thomas SimpsonThomas Simpson4 månader sedan
  • can someone link a good ssd? Also will 512 work the same?

    Craig BrandonCraig Brandon5 månader sedan
  • I have some weird idea for an ipod. how about bluetooth data storage? I know it won't be any good for transfering music through itunes, but as a data drive it might work. or even wifi.

    mik holmik hol5 månader sedan
  • How much for your service?? We obviously want one. This is a good business. There's a market for this, seriously.

    Mr FortitudeMr Fortitude5 månader sedan
  • I have my own strategy for opening iPods. Insert your nails into the seam and release 1 clip, the slide in a guitar pick and release the remaining clips. Simple!

    iMac G5iMac G55 månader sedan
  • Nice, might try this but I don’t really know how to repair electronics smaller than normal computers

    oscar simpson jackaoscar simpson jacka5 månader sedan
  • Can I buy this?

    W. VaesW. Vaes5 månader sedan
  • Hi im from the philippines may i know the upgrade you did is possible on 30gb ipod classic. Thanks hope you reply

    Vill LamvusonVill Lamvuson5 månader sedan
  • Do you or would you do repairs for paying customers?

    Quincy McWilliamsQuincy McWilliams5 månader sedan
  • Quick question - is the back plate the thin or thick one?

    Brian FloodBrian Flood5 månader sedan
    • thick one

      Thomas SimpsonThomas Simpson4 månader sedan

    Kristian NowakKristian Nowak5 månader sedan
    • lol his job is literally opening and fixing electronics. i think he is doing it fine

      Thomas SimpsonThomas Simpson4 månader sedan
  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REPLACE THE BACK PANEL!!!! For someone thts a perfectionist and has OCD this is INFURIATING!!

    Stephen AllenStephen Allen6 månader sedan
  • See trough ipod

    rubano 1421rubano 14216 månader sedan
  • Hey, I got a gen 5.5 iPod classic w/ failing 30gb drive and old battery. I was planning to get the 3000mAh battery and iflash sd solo. I have 2 questions for it, will be glad if someone answers. Firstly, I thought with 3000mAh battery I have to get thick cover and some other parts but Jeffreys was able to use original back cover. Is it optional? Secondly, is sd card option good enough for longevity?

    Önder TARIMÖnder TARIM6 månader sedan
    • The hard drives are thicker in the 80GB models so with your 30GB model you need a thick back if you are wanting to add the bigger battery. If you just do the flash mod you don't need the bigger back. In terms of reliability I havnt spent a long term using an SD Card iPod but if you get a decent SD card I see it way out lasting a HDD, plus SD Cards are easy to replace. I have been using this iPod every day since I released this video and it's been flawless.

      Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys6 månader sedan
  • Bat tree Big Chungus

    Dead channelDead channel6 månader sedan
  • He forgot the heat pad on the msata

    Nothin SpecialNothin Special6 månader sedan
    • lol you dont need it

      Thomas SimpsonThomas Simpson6 månader sedan
  • Dank pod would love this BIGG CHUNGHUS

    BannannannaBannannanna6 månader sedan
  • Those SSDs can get really hot. There's a possibility that battery will start bulging after a few months.

    PataviusPatavius6 månader sedan
  • how much battery life increased by these upgrade ?

    Prashant MehraPrashant Mehra6 månader sedan
  • this is impeccable

    Crostofer BlakeCrostofer Blake6 månader sedan
  • Where do i get the various parts to buy

    NikcloudS AddaeNikcloudS Addae6 månader sedan
  • Very nice.

    BenTheMightyBenTheMighty6 månader sedan
  • Awesome!

    PiyathPiyath6 månader sedan
  • These are the easiest Apple devices to work on IF you can get them open! I have a 5th gen iPod Classic myself with a borked front plastic face, and i've replaced the pitiful 30gb HDD once already, so this gives me ideas. The screen on mine had lines through it just like yours, but lately the LCD seems to be working just fine. Weird...

    Mike's Mac ShackMike's Mac Shack6 månader sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys, your very terrific in handeling all that great devices, thanks for showing and kind regards.

    Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert6 månader sedan
  • You shouldn’t just put the ssd in the iPod it has a heat spreader and the pod will get very if you don’t add it

    Owen_Wilkinson_2004Owen_Wilkinson_20046 månader sedan
    • oh boo hoo

      Thomas SimpsonThomas Simpson6 månader sedan
  • So it would take 48 hours to transfer 256gb of data?

    Yoobin LeeYoobin Lee6 månader sedan
    • Think I misplaced a decimal...4.8 hours?

      Yoobin LeeYoobin Lee6 månader sedan
  • DankPods wants to know your location

    AFunkyMonkey81AFunkyMonkey816 månader sedan
  • very nice mod, congrats. Some things could be improved; there are large batteries that do not need that thick rear cover, also ssd kits much smaller. The foam around the display should have been left, otherwise dust can easily enter the display in the end. Headphone jack and connector plastic frame can be swapped to black color too.

    Exodus VeloExodus Velo6 månader sedan
  • Hi how much for a ipod classic

    nandosti25nandosti256 månader sedan
  • Nice video, well done. I'm curious, any problems with heat with the mSata?

    L96L966 månader sedan
    • I ask the same after I watch the Dankpods video

      SpikerDragon95SpikerDragon956 månader sedan
  • lets put the heatsink on the battery, big brain.

    Tytus WellingtonTytus Wellington6 månader sedan
  • When you find out that SSD rape the battery life lol Better to go with SD Cards as they don't eat the battery faster for the same perfromance.

    Fermin SantiagoFermin Santiago6 månader sedan
  • hmmmm mate.... putting a LiPo pack just on top of a SSD drive is not the safest idea ever. SSDs can get very hot (that's why in the iFlash box there it was a thermal pad, because that's meant to create thermal conductivity between SSD and metal case) and LiPo cells really doesn't like to be hot, they can easily fail, that means vent if your are lucky, explosions and fire if you're not so lucky. And it's very, very easy looking at your how you did mod his device... On a side note, you installed the display adhesive the wrong way. It's meant to hold the screen on the sides... that's not LOCA adhesive, the center portion on the screen must be free

    stefano maccarellistefano maccarelli6 månader sedan
  • Can, the battery and SSD, be done with the 30gb iPod as well? Like, upgrading with the same new storage and battery that you used on this iPod? Will it even fit? Someone, let me know, please, lol

    jeremifrancisco1jeremifrancisco16 månader sedan
  • Dankpods would be disappointed on how this lad opened up this ipod

    LegotheWeatherboy 766LegotheWeatherboy 7666 månader sedan
  • Install RockBox jailbreak for native FLAC support.

    Mr1900Mr19006 månader sedan
  • So it looks like I can fit a 3000 mah battery into my thick 5.5 gen, great! Have you flash modded a 5th gen thin ipod? Somebody told me the ram isn't high enough to mod? Thanks-

    Knight RiderKnight Rider6 månader sedan
  • Focus on the clips, where they are, push and wiggle your tool all the way in down the side and wiggle it along when you get a clip undone. you will never break or bend one ever again. Obviously, there is no 100% safe way to open an iPod without damaging it, I find this way works the best for me! Also, when you are starting off your dissassembly, dont push your tool in where there isnt a clip, as I have found that this can seriously increase the chances of the clips separating from the rear panel, as you would be catching the rail the clips are on and not the actual clip poking out. I used a machine learning style technique to figure this out and just plain looking at exactly how it fits together, running simulations, etc. You can feel where the clips are are and where the tool shouldnt go. Hope this helps anyone playing along! (Search for a guide to see where the clips are in your particular iPod)

    20 E's Productions20 E's Productions6 månader sedan
  • Hey Hugh, Can you tell me where to buy the clear front for the iPod Classic, please? (Or someone else)

    Konrad MaurerKonrad Maurer6 månader sedan
    • TopVersnelling Thank you very much for helping me!

      Konrad MaurerKonrad Maurer6 månader sedan
    • Front and back can be found if you Google "Knotolus Transparant Clear Plastic Front Faceplate Behuizing Case Cover Shell Met Lens Voor Ipod 5th Gen Video 30 Gb 60gb 80 Gb " I know, I know... AliExpress/Ebay/Amazon sellers are somewhat creative in their names.

      TopVersnellingTopVersnelling6 månader sedan
  • Dude just open it with a metal prying tool, the way you do it is horrible

    Jack ChildreeJack Childree6 månader sedan
  • I just bought a used 6th Gen iPod Classic 80GB today and just Wow i really wanna do this and get that 10-day battery life + SSD upgrade.

    Justine CapiliJustine Capili6 månader sedan

    romeo atiagan jr.romeo atiagan jr.7 månader sedan
  • That's a pretty nice upgrade. Well done. Just one question, don't you get in trouble with the heat generated from the SSD hitting the massive Battery. Bye

    Che ZenChe Zen7 månader sedan
  • Waiting on a clear iphone se 2020 vid.

    The177HunterThe177Hunter7 månader sedan