How I saved $1017 on the latest Samsung by fixing a broken one - Note10+ Restoration

16 maj 2020
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The latest phones are expensive but they don't have to be...
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  • Dang I got this phone refurbished for $535

    Epic Bass BoosterEpic Bass Booster2 dagar sedan
  • I had the exact same problem With my s20+, only my screen wasn't all white just yet, but was flashing like crazy. Where I Live no one was able to do the screen replacement.. so I had to go to a Samsung dealer to get it done 😔 but gotta say, loved their job.. as the phone is still on warranty, they replaced the battery which apparently wasn't all that great, also replaced a piece from the charging board area, and it came with all the original protective plastics, including the ones going around the metal frame. Really great work

    Augusto BarbosaAugusto Barbosa3 dagar sedan
  • Sad man the round vibration motor is a real downgrade because the square one is an haptic engine

    Xander OerlemansXander Oerlemans3 dagar sedan
  • correction 0:38: actually 20% of the screen is useable

  • Hey !🤔 You got scammed! It's missing the headphones jack 😂

    Monster InfamousMonster Infamous4 dagar sedan
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    Thomas RichardThomas Richard5 dagar sedan
  • Very good

    amar Jeet123amar Jeet1235 dagar sedan
  • *0:58* me trying to watch youtube before i fall asleep

    Patrick StarPatrick Star5 dagar sedan
  • This is the flat sung

    Ninqa TGTNinqa TGT7 dagar sedan
  • i can just tell you’re the kinda guy to sell this on ebay saying it’s 100% original and screwing someone over, i can just tell.

    timidtimid8 dagar sedan
  • Lucy Heart Filia: I will give my phone to someone. Me: fine here is the money Mei: no here is my money Me and Raiden Mei: What.?! Mei: You know what let’s fight Me: Okay! *as Raiden and myself fight to the ground Lucy picked someone* Lucy: Ughhh. Hugh: here is my money. Lucy: ok here Hugh: thank you Lucy! Lucy: your welcome. *fighting stopped* Me and Mei: what where is my phone?! Lucy: I gave it to someone. Me and Raiden: WHATTTTTTT???!!!

    Luka AirGirlLuka AirGirl8 dagar sedan
  • Hugh says its awful to remove magnetic phone mount when they paid almost 2000 dollars

    Ultimate Lego ProductionsUltimate Lego Productions8 dagar sedan
  • I don't like new phones, when I say new, i mean I only just upgraded from my trusty old s3 mini this week :P. Trust me that s3 has been dropped so many times and must have got soaked in puddles 10+ times over the past 10 or so years ive had it, it takes a while for the headphone connection to dry out but after a month the headphone connection input stops and it still works perfect to this day as a phone to call or message people with. Kids of today probably don't even know what a public phone box was and probably think you jesting them with nonsense lol. The first mobile phone I ever saw was when i was 14 working on the market, gaffer had this car battery with a full sized home phone headset on top, he thought he was the bees knees lol. Trust me if the nokia 3210 had a touchpad ild still be using that today but even the hardcore old skooler i am, i cant be arsed with abc typing no more :P. My upgrade, absolute mint S5 mini, 45 quid ebay and for the money its sick, I don't understand why people would spend over a grand for a phone :O, I brought my last car for only 330 quid, needed a tyre for mot, serviced it myself, 26,000 miles later its still running mint, you gotta be mad to spend so much money on a phone man! :P

    Staffordshire Bull Terrier Lives MatterStaffordshire Bull Terrier Lives Matter9 dagar sedan
  • i wanna

    RoberțelRoberțel10 dagar sedan
  • not everyone can do this,

    sardar khansardar khan10 dagar sedan
  • "and were done" Well done Hugh another great and therapeutic video.

    HeimerblasterHeimerblaster10 dagar sedan
  • 5 cameras at the back including the heart rate (which i think it has never used it in N10+) lol.

    constantinos schinasconstantinos schinas11 dagar sedan
  • 200iq

    Khaled AlKhaled Al12 dagar sedan
  • Edges phones are in danger to fall

    Im Legit subbing to everyone Who subs to meIm Legit subbing to everyone Who subs to me12 dagar sedan
  • So glad I could find *Spectacularhack* on lnstagram after seeing good reviews about his great jobs, my device was perfectly fixed.

    Chris CarrickChris Carrick13 dagar sedan
  • So glad I could find *Spectacularhack* on lnstagram after seeing good reviews about his great jobs, my device was perfectly fixed.

    Chris CarrickChris Carrick13 dagar sedan
  • Being a Phone technician and having my first Samsung repair the other day outside of practice devices I was pleasantly surprised with how serviceable it was. Screen replacement on a Samsung A20 which requires parts to be moved to another device would have liked pull tabs of some sort on the battery but lots of heat solves that. All for Right to Repair as many devices can stay out of the landfill with a bit of TLC and a small amount of money on parts of eBay. Also, thanks for the inspiration from your channel. During the Pandemic I began my own local Mobile Device Repair Business which has been a profound success in my local community repairing iPhones and Samsung's alike. Currently working on an iPhone 7 Screen Replacement, found that investment in tools such as the iFixit ones have worked a treat unlike cheap tools, found out the hard way on my own old iPhone SE. Keep doing what you are doing!

    PC EternalPC Eternal13 dagar sedan
  • Who came here from Gucci mane

    Ys_marionYs_marion15 dagar sedan
  • Watch all you iPhone repair vids ... the big takeaway on this is the amount of times you comment on how it's easy to remove stuff, and even that they are making things easier to remove! I'm on the verge of dropping Apple, so sick of their customer abuse, and environmental e waste mountains.

    Gavin TurnbullGavin Turnbull17 dagar sedan
  • I have a s10 normal and it happens the same and my s10 still there bc they askin for 500 dollar to fix it

    LIT /PUBGMLIT /PUBGM17 dagar sedan
  • Satisfying...

    Hami Afsar NafisHami Afsar Nafis17 dagar sedan
  • fixing a samsung = profit fixing an iphone = loosing money

    alger bacharalger bachar18 dagar sedan
  • I have a galaxy note 9. After something metal was shoved into the sub c charging port, I believe the screen was shorted out as there is a vertical white line that is very similar to the white from the old damaged panel on the note 10. Would replacing the screen actually fix the dead area of the panel?

    BreadtardBreadtard18 dagar sedan
  • Jerryrigeverythings’ tear down phones😂😂

    Miles BarberMiles Barber19 dagar sedan
  • How did you get the galaxy note 10 plus for that price?

    Mark LiMark Li20 dagar sedan
  • This isnt a hugh jeffreys video if there is no cleaning

    Andre TeoAndre Teo20 dagar sedan
  • you didn't save 1000$, you paid 700$ for an used phone, not a new one. ;)

    GrokGrok21 dag sedan
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    LOUIZ AbdellatifLOUIZ Abdellatif22 dagar sedan
  • The curved display for phone is dumb

    Arief RakhmanArief Rakhman23 dagar sedan
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    Mandy PrestonMandy Preston23 dagar sedan
  • And on that NOTE this has been a Huge Jeffery video 😂😂 It is a NOTE 10 video!

    TechThisOutTechThisOut23 dagar sedan
  • Love your step by step instructions 👍

    stng100gmailcomstng100gmailcom24 dagar sedan
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    petty kickzpetty kickz24 dagar sedan
  • Even though this phone was 2019 model. I still love to own 1. Even it's 2021 soon and a lot of new phones will be announced

    Just a Kid ViewerJust a Kid Viewer25 dagar sedan
  • it costs 450 euros in my country. Sounds like phones are becoming disposable nowadays

    Jhone DoeJhone Doe25 dagar sedan
  • The s8's vibration was awesome 😍

    Dimitris zeloDimitris zelo26 dagar sedan
  • I have a waterdage note 8 I need it to be fixed

    gamer soulgamer soul26 dagar sedan
  • 4:36 Siri turned on on my iPhone

    Callum AndersonCallum Anderson26 dagar sedan
  • well done mate 👍👍

    龍道龍道26 dagar sedan
  • I am an electrical engineer with expertese in the field of telecommunications. I am addicted to your videos, they have a strange calming effect. They solve the curiosity as how modern electronic devices look like from deep inside. It requires a massive level of patience and determination to repair these phones and computers. It seems now that repairing these devices is not only a skill but an art.

    Mohsan NiazMohsan NiazMånad sedan
  • You are an amazing young man! Please move to Texas, lol

    George LucasGeorge LucasMånad sedan
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    mako kimotomako kimotoMånad sedan
  • Trust me Samsung is fixable but experience as hell

    Virak RangerVirak RangerMånad sedan
  • 11:50 Lifehack: I use my crepemaker for that xD

    Mr. MeeseeksMr. MeeseeksMånad sedan
  • I'm curious how much you really saved, including the amount of labor you would have to pay someone to repair it

    ScytheScytheMånad sedan
  • This is literally the same problem my note 10 has, except my screen is flashing green

    WeebmowerWeebmowerMånad sedan
  • I was wondering what was annoying me with these videos, it's your speech pattern, it goes up and down every sentence

    DSN 1DSN 1Månad sedan
  • The seller probably thought he was practically stealing your money

    bailey jermanbailey jermanMånad sedan
  • Investment guru be like: you dont save $1017 but you spend $600 think about that my child

    sucka punchasucka punchaMånad sedan
  • Apple: unable to verify whether the battery is genuine. Camera failed to load.

    darek klichdarek klichMånad sedan
  • Hello sir, How to buy this things like this? Please please describe me. I want to be a youtuber. Your little information will big help me.

  • Hlw bro! Can u please repair my Samsung c9pro! The display was broken

    ZeRoᖭHP /GamingZeRoᖭHP /GamingMånad sedan
  • never doing this but I enjoy watching it

    Dema MohammedDema MohammedMånad sedan
  • You can buy a used galaxy s10+ for under $500 on eBay why would you wanna buy a broken one?

    SHoRMSHoRMMånad sedan
  • hi, Hugh, I do have a question regarding screen & batteries from where do u purchase those like original or tends to original...

  • Where did you get the background music from?

    S SS SMånad sedan
  • "not a fan of the no headphone jack" works on iPhones all day, lol

    darek klichdarek klichMånad sedan
    • How many comments do you want to copy and paste

      Bruh MomentBruh Moment27 dagar sedan
  • Really like your videos!

    Make Money NowMake Money NowMånad sedan
  • This guy has so many devices he got from repairing, he could resell them for thousands of dollars

    FallseFallseMånad sedan
  • eucalyptus oil is goos for dissolving adhesive/removing stickers.

    Peter EmeryPeter Emery2 månader sedan
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    Poornima NayakPoornima Nayak2 månader sedan
  • Try to watch this video in 2x speed

    Menaga_vin SamayalaraiMenaga_vin Samayalarai2 månader sedan
  • How i saved $1017 on the latest samsung by buying a stolen broken one on ebay

    Tom H.Tom H.2 månader sedan
  • im an ex samsung engineer from the us when placing on heat pad place on the display or else could result in mother board damage

    Avith009Avith0092 månader sedan
  • Turn the brightness down as low as it can go, this should make the OLED function normally if you need access to the broken phone before repairs I have been using my s9 with the exact same kind of damage to the OLDED for over a year now lol

    Aidan FilmsAidan Films2 månader sedan
  • I got cracked screen and dead pixels black dot on screen will screen will be fixed or plane?

    Akbar OmarAkbar Omar2 månader sedan
  • 3:53 Hugh : Mother Board Subtitles: Umm... i think he said “Mother Bullet”

    Art_ DogeArt_ Doge2 månader sedan
  • I always suggest if you are using heat to remove adhesives, that its wise to use heat when applying it as well. Just try it.

    Christopher RayChristopher Ray2 månader sedan
  • 1:40 it was so bad!

    mancraftplayzmancraftplayz2 månader sedan
  • I hate it too

    mancraftplayzmancraftplayz2 månader sedan
  • If you change the lcd module , you need to change the battery too , because samsung says that's not ok , the battery can explode due to bending it. I am a tehnician at samsung service.

    Tibi TimiTibi Timi2 månader sedan
  • Remember when Samsung was kind and had removable back panels and removable batteries? Yeah that was nice. No good reason to have changed that.

    JMGRICHJMGRICH2 månader sedan
  • Wait, samsung repairs the screen for $440? That's actually not a bad deal. You can have them ensure waterproofing still works too.

    KvATKvAT2 månader sedan
  • Have you ever remove the screen glass with liquid nitrogen?

    TecSanentoTecSanento2 månader sedan
  • I need my nokia 3 v and iphone 11 fixed pls

    appleapple2 månader sedan
  • When you pulled up the battery at 5:45 it looked as if it had been damaged somewhat as the battery had a slight curve down the middle.

    Gabriele Di BernardoGabriele Di Bernardo2 månader sedan
  • Not waterproof, not restored

    Maine GuideMaine Guide2 månader sedan
  • As a certified Samsung technician, that NFC antenna connector is giving me anxiety. It's very soft and loses contact during assembly. ALWAYS make sure your phone is both cable and wireless charging before putting that back cover on.

    razaelllrazaelll2 månader sedan
  • Hugh Jeffrey you wanna trade a bundle of phones s6 s7 edge s5 Samsung omega Huawei p20 lite iPhone 4s and another s6 and parts for the note 10 plus

    Hussain OfficialHussain Official2 månader sedan
  • You lost the IP68 protection. For some people having a watertight phone is a selling point. You stated in the video that the repaired one is clearly not. As such it's not worth nearly as much as a new phone or even a by Samsung repaired one, as they guarantee you the watertightness of your device after their repair. As such I don't think the "saved this much calculation" is accurate as the results aren't the same.

    RomsstarRomsstar2 månader sedan
  • Hi, ex-samsung engineer here - when heating the device, place it on its front rather than the back. The reason for this is that the heat is not being applied directly to the battery or NFC/wireless charging coil, and removing the back glass is a lot easier. The heat will also evenly distribute throughout the body, and will allow you to remove the back glass.

    Shira CremeansShira Cremeans2 månader sedan
  • Apple: unable to verify whether the battery is genuine. Camera failed to load.

    Shira CremeansShira Cremeans2 månader sedan
  • i do like samsung giving out option for users to repair, and i think repair fee is quite justified as well, probably is going it retain water resistance as well

    TheLonelyMoonTheLonelyMoon2 månader sedan
  • note 10 and s10 features a different vibration motor and it feels better on the note 10 it's like ones in iphone taptic engine

    김승재김승재2 månader sedan
  • my galaxy note 8 has the same damage how would it cost me to repair it

    SNORLAXSNORLAX2 månader sedan
  • Sooo you said that you bought the phone for 300 right and the phone is 1,667 soo you saved 1,367 dollars lol

    DarandomvidzDarandomvidz2 månader sedan
  • Papi, como me lo estafaron.

    Esteban MarinEsteban Marin2 månader sedan
  • When you change the touch?

    leader of game overleader of game over2 månader sedan
  • cooool

    SETHI GAMING.SETHI GAMING.2 månader sedan
  • Fra 10 anni il suo valore è appari a 0

    Kledy YoloKledy Yolo2 månader sedan
  • Always donwload the *samsung info app ti watch bateries circle to calculate a anlog way how many times phone is used .. so is smarter cheking the power resorese info😉

    gersi ggersi g2 månader sedan
  • u have passion toward electronics love ur videos

    Mohamed HajaMohamed Haja2 månader sedan
  • How can we find original samsung displays... AMOLED

    Aml DeshAml Desh2 månader sedan
  • Question Do you sell them after making them XD

    MudassirMudassir2 månader sedan
  • Remember kids Samsung is not Apple, they are not as greedy!

    Filip PopoviciFilip Popovici2 månader sedan