Samsung Galaxy S4 Restoration

1 jun 2019
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  • hello bro im sorry :( if is posible to help me :( my EN langunge its not the best... i have a brend NEW Galaxy Note 3 ! 3gig ram 64gb inter memory ... phone work but its litel problem with software :( if you know what to install what is the best for it to use in 2021 ?? thanks and respect from Montenegro MNE :)

    abudabidibibudiabudabidibibudi17 timmar sedan
  • The amazing fog psychophysically behave because feet preoperatively smash of a clever knowledge. upset, fuzzy current

    Gill ChanGill Chan10 dagar sedan
  • You forgot to swap back the internet sticker

    Infinity StormInfinity Storm12 dagar sedan
  • What in the boomer is this lol

    um chile anyways soum chile anyways so15 dagar sedan
  • You should use original replacement parts....

    Martin SchmidtMartin Schmidt25 dagar sedan
  • But why this is issue is only when you assembly the mid frame?

    ChrisChrisMånad sedan
  • My first samsung phone!

  • WHAT A PUSSY: why didn't you replace only the glass. You replace a whole display.. thats easy...

    Adrian ŠepinskiAdrian ŠepinskiMånad sedan
    • Uh hu Maybe he didn’t have the money or time...

      Tech WorldTech WorldMånad sedan
  • My phone is it SE5

    Lukas BrownLukas BrownMånad sedan
  • i miss Android 4 Kit Kat. It was very nostalgic and that’s what came with my old tab 10.1 I don’t have anymore

    YMCooperYMCooper2 månader sedan
  • please make a galaxy s3 restoration

    Farah AsifFarah Asif2 månader sedan
  • my classmate has one of those with an ultimately shattered glass screen protector :) brings me lot of nostalgia

    Prod. JacobProd. Jacob2 månader sedan
  • The sound died on my s4. If you try and flex it it makes weird screeching noises.

    Super ShifterSuper Shifter2 månader sedan
  • i want this phone for my online class❤️❤️❤️

    Jelorie EdwardsMUAJelorie EdwardsMUA2 månader sedan
  • I miss the physical home button on the samsung s series...

    wooperflosswooperfloss2 månader sedan
  • You can’t turn on old Samsung phones while it is in charge

    Turbo AutomobilesTurbo Automobiles2 månader sedan
  • same like me, i had GT I9505 suddenly dead not boot up, problem in the cpu board and i went to samsung service center in my country but they reject my phone because this is not region from my country, because i bought from UK. and s4 version of my country only GT-I9500. after that i tried to fix by tutorial from youtube by re heat the cpu board with hair dryer. and working like a charm, but only for 4 days. after that not boot up anymore. and i decide buy used machine of GT-I9500 from online market only 20$, and test it with I9505 screen, working good all sensor and wifi and bluetooth working. after i close the back case until pops all the side, they suddenly dead and cannot be turn on, i have to remove again the back case to start the phone. and also the charging connector always shown charging and make a phone very hot. so i assume is not compatible connector I9505 to I9500. so, i bought the used part but original from online for connector only for 3$ and i buy OEM back case for I9500 for 5$, and now i can use it normal. i can screw the back again and charge fast around 1200 ma. because i see connector original for I9500 is Rev0.8 and I9505 is Rev0.25. tip: flashing back to the kitkat ROM for better battery consumption. better than Lollipop. just love to share.. Good video anyway (restoration date, Aug - sep 2020)

    adham haris aladham haris al2 månader sedan
  • I'm use galaxy S4

    Slacker TechSlacker Tech4 månader sedan
  • Donde puedo conseguir una bateria para ese celu en Argentina Córdoba

    Sofia Sánchez AlassinoSofia Sánchez Alassino4 månader sedan
  • The Samsung Galaxy S4 was my first Android phone. Good memories.

    Tom 2404Tom 24044 månader sedan
  • This is kinda what mine looks like but its black

    corruptcorrupt4 månader sedan
  • My grandma had a Samsung Galaxy s5, but she got a new phone and smashed that one with a hammer! ☹️

    Walter ManWalter Man4 månader sedan
  • I'm using a black galaxy s4 with android 5

    Kourkutas2 KutsukutaKourkutas2 Kutsukuta4 månader sedan
  • I still remember fixing my own s4 😂. Ended up buying a nuwe one after

    Music worldMusic world5 månader sedan
  • The motherboard and dock connector is completely different okay reassemble the original to... Oh it works fine ok cool and impossible

    GD JumplexGD Jumplex5 månader sedan
  • are you going to sell that S4 that you just fixed?

    Ricardo BelloRicardo Bello5 månader sedan
  • Nice

    witt gutierrezwitt gutierrez6 månader sedan
  • My Moto e6 it has a plastic removeble back cover and has a REEEEEE moveabe battery ( I'm upgrading soon

    THE ROCK YEETTHE ROCK YEET6 månader sedan
  • Genuine battery is hard to find (Only fake/counterfeit ones)

    Wellboy JohnsonWellboy Johnson6 månader sedan
  • lol that's the galaxy s2 battery sign

    Ryo SeoRyo Seo6 månader sedan
  • Notes about the S4. 1. You cannot use a dock connector flex from an I9500 on a I9505/9506/9507 and vice-versa. Same goes for american versions of the S4. 2. You cannot use a display/midframe assembly of an I9505 on an I9500 motherboard and vice-versa. 3. You cannot use a back battery frame of an I9500 on a I9505 board. (Due to an extra screw hole missing on an I9500 frame.) 4. Korean market S4 parts aren't interchangeable with the international ones due the power and volume buttons attached to the back frame instead of being soldered on the board on international versions.

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  • I Love your videos uploaded in 60fps bro. Keep it up

    TechView28TechView287 månader sedan
  • 0:44 you dont have to press the home button..? My life... Everything I've believed in... It is and always has been all just a lie...

    Canel HancarCanel Hancar7 månader sedan
  • Older phones are so much more easy to work on then new ones.

    Hussein Hussein KumbarovHussein Hussein Kumbarov7 månader sedan
  • If the phone is detecting the battery but shut down and does it again means it has been water damaged but has been dried and is still functioning, but sometimes it goes to docking mode for no reason (my experience from a Samsung Galaxy express which is similar to the S4)

    Shadow FoxShadow Fox7 månader sedan
  • S4 was my favorite phone, wow i loved it so much. Great phone with great features ❤️ i wish i could buy s4 again

    Magomi NakamotoMagomi Nakamoto7 månader sedan
  • I have the same unit same prob and it make me smile to see this

    Aiziezeymer SanandresAiziezeymer Sanandres7 månader sedan
  • You paid 65 dollars mate u got jipped

    Blaze FireBlaze Fire7 månader sedan
  • HEY did the phones wall paper happen to be a plane wing? If so THATS MINE AND IT WAS STOLEN FROM ME😡

    Maximilian GerberMaximilian Gerber8 månader sedan
  • When i whatced this video, i think about my stolen s5 phone😢

    Steinar MossSteinar Moss8 månader sedan
  • It's android. If the phone is powered off fully and you hold the power button, it'll show a battery symbol.

    cydcyd8 månader sedan
  • I actually have a broken S4, but the display doesn't work, and the replacement display will cost as much as or more than the actual phone on ebay.

    cydcyd8 månader sedan
  • Back when android phones were original

    lit archives.lit archives.8 månader sedan
  • 6:08 Yeah,there's the exynos and snapdragon

    MintyMinty8 månader sedan
  • if you take a look at the back of the boards, the chip in the center says either Exynos or Qualcomm

    Ethan ChongEthan Chong9 månader sedan
  • The fact that he called the back cover a “back door” is mildly unsettling

    Ethan SmithEthan Smith9 månader sedan
  • I loved the S4 when I had it. But the touchwiz ui was terrible in my opinion.

    John ReyesJohn Reyes9 månader sedan
  • I have a black one

    Jake MuellerJake Mueller9 månader sedan
  • Watching this on my S4 i9500 Still a camera king 😍

    E. AE. A9 månader sedan
  • when i was 15 i got two of these verizon locked, one had a broken screen and the other was bootlooping, i had a red display with a white back everyone busted on me for the "santa" phone I had it unlocked. This was my main phone for 4 years. and my first smartphone

    Emil MikolonEmil Mikolon9 månader sedan
  • I have an iPhone 5, I'm real mad at myself for doing something real dumb, I left the phone when i got a new phone and dumped it in my closet, 3 years later I find my phone again and surprisingly and stupidly reseted it, Until I finnaly realized i forgot my apple id when i tried to activate the phone again, Now i'm stuck here with a gerat iphone 5 with a forgotten apple id, Please help. ;(

    ItsYaBoiThernageItsYaBoiThernage9 månader sedan
  • Hello hugh Jeffreys can you make restore for Samsung note 2 and note 3 because I'm want to buy and use it again thank you.

  • Does anyone know why after unlocking att s4's they wont accept other cards still? Put code in and still no netwirk with tmobile sim card.

    M GomezM Gomez9 månader sedan
  • One of the most beautiful phones ever made. Always will hold a sweet spot in my heart.

    AFAinHD ProductionsAFAinHD Productions9 månader sedan
  • I've still got my S4 and have had issues recently regarding apps not being supported. I'm currently on Android 4.2. It performs OK, if a little slow. Should I upgrade to Android 5.0, which is the OS used in the GT-I9500 model in this video?

    spotify95spotify959 månader sedan
    • Its a 6+ year old phone at this point, just buy a new one. Even a 100 USD phone is 4-5x time faster than the S4

      KolTonyKolTony9 månader sedan
  • I're not really "restoring" a phone here so much as you're building a brand-new phone that happens to include the same motherboard.

    timg2727timg27279 månader sedan
  • This is lies the phone won't work because the battery is bad.

    WitherWither9 månader sedan
  • Can anyone explain to me how to buy recycled phones????

    HYDRA BEASTHYDRA BEAST9 månader sedan
  • not even worth it

    joshua turnerjoshua turner9 månader sedan
  • Hi, Hugh. Just wanted to ask if that S4 has a fingerprint sensor?

    exPLODingINaHOLEexPLODingINaHOLE9 månader sedan
  • Most satisfying part of yur videos is when you put tempered glass screen protector but in some videos you don't do it why 😅😅

    MAHARAJAMAHARAJA9 månader sedan
  • I had a phone like that it broke for no reason the battery gets hot easily and it was so laggy and had no sounds 1 like i can get another phone

    DaneDane10 månader sedan
  • flex cable sounds like a new flex (insert name here) product advertised by phil swift xD

    Homo SapiensHomo Sapiens10 månader sedan
  • Here are the diferrences:

    Joao MartinsJoao Martins10 månader sedan
  • My dad literally carried round 2 batteries so if one died he just replaced them and charged it up over night when it died 😂

    Tylah Murray-jacksonTylah Murray-jackson10 månader sedan
  • Great phone I still have one but the battery died and is not able anymore in Mexico, unless you want a Chinese one that only works like a week and then dies.

    FicoXLFicoXL10 månader sedan
  • Do a video in which u add wireless charging to a phone tht doesnt have it

    ST3W!3 MSST3W!3 MS10 månader sedan
  • I have this phone, but I have the active version.

    Stephen SwordStephen Sword10 månader sedan
  • Btw I know a friend who has a s4 but the phone has a thing installed”by factory”that covers and turns off the phone screen but shows time why don’t these

    E.S.O.A OFFICIALE.S.O.A OFFICIAL10 månader sedan
  • I really like the Samsung galaxy s s1 s2 butvl I have s3

    Ikhaatmaandag PlaysIkhaatmaandag Plays10 månader sedan
  • Can I recover data after hard reset as u did?

    Vivek JohnVivek John10 månader sedan
  • I am currently using this phone, exactly the same model as in the video. Its great to this day :)

    WolfWolf10 månader sedan
  • Please do one pluse 3/3t

    יובל כהןיובל כהן10 månader sedan
  • i spilled chocolate milk on one of these took it apart broke used rice turned on the phone it worked next day go to turn it on does not work ended up breaking the cable replaced the display it worked but the lcd kept on cracking and do note this phone has fallen of a car on to a highway and worked just fine

    Trenton CrowderTrenton Crowder10 månader sedan
  • Can I have the phone for a lower price or something or you can't cuz I rly need a phone cuz I'm broke

    Wolfy FurryWolfy Furry10 månader sedan
  • hmm.. does this guy repair Amazon tablets? mine broke because the charger port stopped working out of the blue btw I'm not expecting any response no need to tell me

    hexianimateshexianimates11 månader sedan
  • One of these old fuckers

    Henry JohnsonHenry Johnson11 månader sedan
  • my S4 is broke bur i afraid to open the phone

    小茶茶Little Tea2小茶茶Little Tea211 månader sedan
  • Sleet fb

    Gabriela JimenezGabriela Jimenez11 månader sedan
  • i used a samsung s3 until last year. dont know why i didnt wanna upgrade tbh

    gassug2gassug211 månader sedan
  • me mom used to have the s4 but now me mom has the s9 Just noticed no one cares.

    Nid Da NoodleNid Da Noodle11 månader sedan
  • Y o

    Jessie RoseJessie Rose11 månader sedan
  • I like this phone

    Crafting budYTCrafting budYT11 månader sedan
  • Mans on 112 subs can I get 130 plz 😁

    Gyimah YTGyimah YT11 månader sedan
  • hey i just wanted to ask u if u have a gray back cover for the s4 bc mine is scratched a lot

    Čedomir KocićČedomir KocićÅr sedan
  • I had a Samsung galaxy s4 and it’s battery was on its way and I smashed the screen by lobbing across a playground cause it died at 30%

    Mylo FryettMylo FryettÅr sedan
  • There was a glass screen protector over the screen so the phone screen may be mint

    Iain AdamsIain AdamsÅr sedan
  • wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like this!

    ha tranha tranÅr sedan
  • the i9500 wasnt compatible with your i905 frame which make it dont turn on.. it have a large capacitor shorting with the frame and thats why i couldnt turn on... if your model is i9500.. make sure that the same model will the one you get to. because even mid frames of s4 are different base on their variant models.

    itsmeyuuchan 「jesrael」itsmeyuuchan 「jesrael」År sedan
  • At 2:31 did anyone see the Intel on one of the components

    Douglas SheppardDouglas SheppardÅr sedan
  • I wanted to change the sides of my S4

    Esmeralda GachaEsmeralda GachaÅr sedan
  • lol my first ever phone when I was 11

    AkitaAkitaÅr sedan
  • i love this phone had it for 2 years and still having it But i'm having a problem i hope you help me with it, my Back , Menu buttons are not working nor lighting but the home button works and the usb connector works , this happened after swapping motherboard from gt - i9505 to MGH-M919 is it the model number issue ?

    EpicXEpicXÅr sedan
  • One of the best phones ever made....I still have one somewhere in mint condition after i restored it.

    Chief BrodyChief BrodyÅr sedan
  • Ahh, when the good ol’ intro existed

    TheDaffiestDandelionTheDaffiestDandelionÅr sedan
  • I had an S4 it constantly shut off at random and would try to restart and die, when i put it on charge it would say it was dead if anyone knows how to fix this let me know

    Banter_tuberBanter_tuberÅr sedan
  • this was my first smart phone! nice video btw

    David PorterDavid PorterÅr sedan
  • Same thing happens to me on my Samsung galaxy s3

    One VideoOne VideoÅr sedan
  • motherboard x daddyscreen phonekid

    ⌘År sedan
  • When I was 11 having this phone was unimaginable. I had a S3 mini and It use to consume battery charge faster than you blink :/

    SnajSnajÅr sedan