New Sealed In-box iPhone Scam - WATCH OUT!

22 aug 2020
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Some cunning scammers have been selling low quality refurbished phones as "new" and "sealed" on online sites like eBay. They go to great lengths to reapply the plastic wrap and create fake boxes to trick people into believing their phone is new when in fact its far from. We are going to be taking a look at this one I was given after the previous owner upgraded to a newer model. While of cause assessing and dissecting the phone to see whats going on inside.
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  • This scam is as popular as fake/staged restoration videos getting around on the internet....

    Hugh JeffreysHugh Jeffreys4 månader sedan
    • It’s probably a goophone box that they used

      NicVandEmZNicVandEmZDag sedan
    • MacBook?

      Last GivedLast Gived2 dagar sedan
    • That's why India is going to make everything in his home.

      Arun 2 WheelsArun 2 Wheels7 dagar sedan
    • @I killed that beard guy sometimes I think jaiphone is faking restoration cause in every package it written same thing

      Why you care my NameWhy you care my Name18 dagar sedan
    • I only watch restoration videos of machinery, cars

      I killed that beard guyI killed that beard guy18 dagar sedan
  • Bought a brand new iPhone 6s and when I opened it up it was revealed. But when I turned it on it was on iOS 9.0.2 so I'm happy lol

    47Tech47Tech2 dagar sedan
  • kinda surprised the iphones weren't from india

    GabeGabe3 dagar sedan
  • I would NEVER fall for any scams like this because these scams are NOT funny at all

    Omar ZowilaOmar Zowila4 dagar sedan
  • I got one and when I put the screen light brighter the phone just starts glitches

    Caroline GriffinCaroline Griffin4 dagar sedan
  • I've fallen for this scam twice, I bought a 'sealed' 6s in 2019, but a few days later, the battery expanded and pushed the screen off, so they must have used a knockoff battery. I did the same last year with a 'brand new' iPhone 5c for an unboxing video but that turned out to be refurbished too, although it still works to this day. So, not only is this nefarious of these companies to scam people out of hundreds of dollars per sale, but it's also very dangerous as that low-quality replacement battery could have started a fire or something! Stay away from these listings at all costs.

    Tech SpreeTech Spree5 dagar sedan
  • umm and it’s dirty! that’s the first given!

    An RNAn RN5 dagar sedan
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    Pam CervantesPam Cervantes6 dagar sedan
  • Not only this but all the phones youtubers fix then put back on the market once they've made their video lol

    boo yeahboo yeah7 dagar sedan
  • my brother was scammed in streets in uk by romanian guy fake iphone 5 for 150£ :D

    GamerFromHELLGamerFromHELL9 dagar sedan
  • Can you kindly give the link for the three utils program? 4:47

    FIREPILOT21 StudiosFIREPILOT21 Studios9 dagar sedan
  • Ebay have this "brand new" stuff so.

    Sergeant FredPySergeant FredPy11 dagar sedan
  • whats the name of program which u use to see this information"?

    MrProClanCsMrProClanCs11 dagar sedan
  • Hello Brother which software you use for iPhone information

    Pawan VishwakarmaPawan Vishwakarma11 dagar sedan
  • DankPods collab soon?

    blue dabedeeblue dabedee12 dagar sedan
  • 12.0.1?!?!?! Wow perfect jailbreakable phone

    blue dabedeeblue dabedee12 dagar sedan
  • Can anyone tell me the software he used here?

    ishmaeL AoishmaeL Ao12 dagar sedan
  • This is why I only buy from the company that produces the product on things over $50

    Jose CoronelJose Coronel14 dagar sedan
  • 4:21 *Chinese writing* 4:50 *Korean writing* Not all Asians are Chinese 🤦‍♂️ 🙄

    藤井雪藤井雪16 dagar sedan
  • Can’t buy anything of value on eBay. It’s up to you what “value” is, but anything over 100$ and I’m going to retail or something a little more reputable.

    Jagged637Jagged63716 dagar sedan
  • what is the application that you use to check what is changed in the iphone?

    sam laham23sam laham2317 dagar sedan
  • 8:17 IPhone Success

    Brenan's ChannelBrenan's Channel18 dagar sedan
  • Imagine how broke you have to be to buy an eBay iPhone 6s to “save money” lol...

    ErickErick19 dagar sedan
  • eBay money-back guarantee is a pretty nice thing

    Thomas B GamingThomas B Gaming20 dagar sedan
  • There's another scam where they get android phones that look exactly like an iPhone 7 or 8. Then they load an iOS skin which makes it look and feel like an iPhone even with its own fake App Store that is like the real deal. These are like 1/6th the cost to get and are 1/10th the quality. But they sell it close to retail.

    Pradyumna Rahul KPradyumna Rahul K20 dagar sedan
  • I enjoy watching this type of video but i know if i tried something like this id completely frak it up . If only i'd kept that electronic course going back in the day I might of moved on from Video recorder/tv repairs to more modern devices....... oh well Se La Vie.

    M GeeM Gee20 dagar sedan
  • What did they do to it afterwards because I want to see this phone the day they got it

    Chase X I I IChase X I I I20 dagar sedan
  • 1:55 this is how you can tell that your iPhone is fake

    Charlie LeeCharlie Lee20 dagar sedan
  • Tip: don’t get it serviced at cheap stores

    Dans Tips And TricksDans Tips And Tricks20 dagar sedan
  • Tip: Never buy 2nd hand items.

    Deepanjan DasDeepanjan Das21 dag sedan
  • What is the app that he used on the pc

    Bumblebee_mobileBumblebee_mobile21 dag sedan
  • Most likely a grafted phone

    Steven GrindeySteven Grindey22 dagar sedan
  • Are there legitimate "new" devices available that haven't been sold new for a while though?

    StalinStalin23 dagar sedan
  • Love people who do a job correctly and absolutely perfect

    Asap RulersAsap Rulers23 dagar sedan
  • I recommend you all to *DANTECHIES* on Instagram, he was able to get me access into my wife's device.....

    Victor DanielVictor Daniel24 dagar sedan
  • I recommend you all to *DANTECHIES* on Instagram, he was able to get me access into my wife's device.....

    Victor DanielVictor Daniel24 dagar sedan
  • “Usually what the scammers do is post a picture of a real one and send ya this one” -DankPods

    Saji AbbasSaji Abbas25 dagar sedan
  • E bay where scammers get away with fake items . So tell us what E bay done about , did they refund your money this is more important then doing China bashing .

    Al BundyAl Bundy25 dagar sedan
  • felt like this was an excuse to repair an iPhone 6s but other than that great video very informative

    Emperor EpitaphEmperor Epitaph26 dagar sedan
  • Hi! Can you tell the software you use to see all the characteristics

    Carlos GonzálezCarlos González26 dagar sedan
  • 🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰🎰

    Ismail RefatIsmail Refat26 dagar sedan
  • Who tf even has a brand new iphone 6 models in 2020

    c-yeezy channelc-yeezy channel27 dagar sedan
  • lol ppl buying 6s in 2020

    ChristianChristian28 dagar sedan
  • Yo

    Cosmic EggCosmic Egg29 dagar sedan
  • 5:47 what song/music was played in the background?

    legotrolls213legotrolls213Månad sedan

    goodbro360goodbro360Månad sedan
  • This is the one justification Apple has in serializing parts and making it impossible to repair yourself. Someone buys what they believe is a new iPhone and it performs poorly due to cheap parts and that person thinks it's Apple's fault when it wasn't. Still support right-to-repair but this is a valid point.

    DantasticDantasticMånad sedan
  • I really like his videos they are so relaxing

    Harrison EyreHarrison EyreMånad sedan
  • Nice work!

    Fred FarnackleFred FarnackleMånad sedan
  • Damn million thanks for this video. I knew about the iPod scam but not this. I might as well build an iPhone from parts as I did with an iPod classic

    TechTechMånad sedan
  • I have a bunch of Broken devices. 1: IPad 1460: Smashed screen and boot loop (Replace screen or battery *Parts from ifixit*) 2: IPad mini: Screen Not the on (Battery replace) 3: iPhone 4: Broken LCD screen( REPLACE LCD ) 4: iPhone 4: Boot loop, Power button jam (replace power button) 5: IPad Pro: Broken Charging Port, Battery became dead, Front Screen Damaged

    goodbro360goodbro360Månad sedan
  • I have one from China this iphone 6, bought from me by my brother for $100 when he went to china,and it's a piece of crap.

    jojo Estrangerjojo EstrangerMånad sedan
  • That’s because you purposely look for the deal that’s too good to be true like brand new iPhone 12 100$ lol always check there rating and feedback if it sounds like a steal of a deal it’s almost 100% of the time fake

    sturg gamingsturg gamingMånad sedan
  • First time in a long time I see somebody replace the seal

    Edgar GomezEdgar GomezMånad sedan
  • on my local gumtree there has been loads for never once would i fall for it plus i do not want a blooming SPy-Phone

    Jason WilliamsJason WilliamsMånad sedan
  • on music magpie i got an iphone 7 refurbished very good quality and no sim card it was sealed inside the box but its really good not all phones sealed in boxes are bad

    GrasseaterGrasseaterMånad sedan
  • What is the program called?

    AngiiieAngiiieMånad sedan
  • i brought iphone 6 in shopee then 3 weeks later its stock on apple logo i don't know what's going on. And now i'm so sad cause i don't have a phone to use in my online class😫 i work hard to get a phone but i only scammed☹️😭😭😭

    Reynaldo BuscaganReynaldo BuscaganMånad sedan
  • I never to buy eBay a new iPhone got an broken. 🤦

    Creative indonesia2020Creative indonesia2020Månad sedan
  • Do you keep these or sale them.

    Brian VentaBrian VentaMånad sedan
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    Fsuuwhd GsuwjheFsuuwhd GsuwjheMånad sedan
  • Are u the guy from Ratattouile

    LalhumhimaLalhumhimaMånad sedan
  • an iphone with a jack... well it's weird

    Georges McflyGeorges McflyMånad sedan
  • The cautious atm karunagappally place because sarah acromegaly damage to a slimy softdrink. callous, six mask

    Mike BarbatoMike BarbatoMånad sedan
  • Yeah, those Apple boxes are some of the strongest I've seen. Once or twice I wanted to use the box to store some stuff and battled to get the inside base out.

    Not the oneNot the oneMånad sedan
  • The only issue I had when buying an iPhone online was that someone ended up putting a cheap screen on it, the colour and contrast was disgusting compared to iPhones with an original screen, be careful and don't be afraid to call them out if they have not listed it in the description.

    JametJametMånad sedan
  • Satisfying video.

    I am MeI am MeMånad sedan
  • 1. Buy a used and see the condition. Check the IMEI serial number to see if it’s genuine

    Kerwin YeoKerwin YeoMånad sedan
  • Apple hates him but we love him

    Fortnite all nightFortnite all nightMånad sedan
  • He should of put a led apple logo in it while it was out

    imightdoyoutubeimightdoyoutubeMånad sedan
  • I bought a LG G4 time ago from ebay, it was refurbished and not original, but everything works right and it didn't went into the bootloop problem, I'm lucky I guess.

    TronCreeperxd199TronCreeperxd199Månad sedan
  • hey, i love seing your videos, they are very helpful. not too long ago i repaired myself a galaxy a3, it unfortunately broke. so i saw an iphone se(2016) with a broken screen and probably a dead battery for 30 euros(close to 50 aud), is it a good purchase? i can buy the parts for like 30 euros for a screen,battery and a toolkit. will it not work and be a scam?

    Ale XAle XMånad sedan
  • Awesome stuff! New subscriber here!

    Make Money NowMake Money NowMånad sedan
  • I bough a used galaxy s8 in "top state" for 180 euros and what i found that wasn't stated in description was replaced rear panel with dust inside both camera lens, bent front glass from panel, and critical battery.

    Jovan MalikovJovan MalikovMånad sedan
  • Indians

    JR PianoJR PianoMånad sedan
  • which software u used to know where phone is made of

    Sana StuffSana StuffMånad sedan
  • Why the batteries need to be sticked down with adhesive?

    WuzzlaWuzzlaMånad sedan
    • So that it doesn't move around when you are using it or drop it.

      Creative AnnCreative AnnMånad sedan
  • Great job

    Adithya MoorthyAdithya MoorthyMånad sedan
  • The IPhone itself is a big scam anyway..

    El OthemanyEl OthemanyMånad sedan
  • Joke: This phone was probably made from these fake Vinetamese restoration channels!

    Kyriakos The Tech GuyKyriakos The Tech GuyMånad sedan
  • Best place to buy an iPhone is from your cellphone carrier as they include earphones and the charging brick unlike apple direct

    Devin RenshawDevin RenshawMånad sedan
  • China NEEDS to be cut off from the western market! There is just too much theft going in, and garbage coming out.

    Joel MartinJoel Martin2 månader sedan
    • that quality iPhone battery he used to replace the old one literally said Made in China on it. not all made in china products are bad I can't believe this even needed to be said.

      Al96Al9626 dagar sedan
    • Oof also the American

      Creative AnnCreative AnnMånad sedan
  • One time my older brother bought what was supposedly a Samsung S6 brand new but was it was so slow you probably couldn't run Google Chrome on it lol that was pretty epic

    6Dankusmemus96Dankusmemus92 månader sedan
  • Hello what is the programme to see if some composantes was change on the phone ??

    Micael RodriguesMicael Rodrigues2 månader sedan
    • 3utools

      Creative AnnCreative AnnMånad sedan
  • The phone is clearly used and beaten up. It can't possibly pass as new. So why even bother with a sealed box ? Anybody with a brain would know it's a scam after opening the box and would open a dispute and get a refund from eBay / PayPal.

    Perplexer1Perplexer12 månader sedan
  • All fakes iPhone are from China. And original iPhone made in China.

    Handie GlorioushandHandie Glorioushand2 månader sedan
    • china is hub for making things.

      Al96Al9626 dagar sedan
  • This is why I never buy from eBay anymore. The auction site is now a joke.

    Charles M.Charles M.2 månader sedan
  • All you have to do is buy an iPhone 6s that is prepaid and it is sealed so you shouldn’t actually buy these “real sealed” iPhone 6s

    ArticlegaminArticlegamin2 månader sedan
  • B-7000 is used by most European phone fixers. It's too expensive for China. They are not using it.

    OhSvenOhSven2 månader sedan
  • Ohhhhhh, an Ebay scam, tHaTs NeW.

    its benjy MUits benjy MU2 månader sedan
  • I still buy refurbished iPhones, but I go certified eBay stores

    Andrescia HootenAndrescia Hooten2 månader sedan
  • I bought an green iPhone 5c from someone on eBay. It wasn’t in a box. But the person didn’t tell me that the battery was swollen in it.

    Andrescia HootenAndrescia Hooten2 månader sedan
  • Always search in Google the images of the eBay or anything to see if they're from Google. Here's how to do it: go to google, search google images and click on the first link, then click the camera, you can download the picture and put it in there

    ideosideos2 månader sedan
  • Anyone purchasing a 5+ year old 6s "new in box" should be kicked in the face🤣🤣🤣

    Luigi BellantoniLuigi Bellantoni2 månader sedan
  • hey please somebody help me. the black spot will be cured by touch replacement or not?

    Hamid AliHamid Ali2 månader sedan
  • What program you used to know if something is changed in the phone

    Jerrus MejicoJerrus Mejico2 månader sedan
  • I stopped watching when Fortnite music played

    Robeon MewRobeon Mew2 månader sedan
  • do this repair to a newer iPhone and u will be greeted with a ton of error messages on your first bootup after repair.

    Synergy SyedSynergy Syed2 månader sedan
  • They target Apple users because Android users have brains.

    Dark_MatterDark_Matter2 månader sedan
  • 6s is really easy to bend and I’ve bought mine used and it was in good condition as described by the vendor

    Trillie DonTrillie Don2 månader sedan