Framing an old iPhone 5 - iPhone Artwork

13 apr 2019
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Turning an iCloud locked iPhone into Art!

  • Great piece of work will be making one soon 🔜 😄

    Ryan hibbertRyan hibbert22 dagar sedan
  • I detest hot glue, you are never certain how long it'll hold and it looks freaking fugly. I dont even own one.

    Not the oneNot the oneMånad sedan
  • where can i buy the frame from online.ty

    Superpuppycorn GamingYTSuperpuppycorn GamingYT2 månader sedan
  • I did the Same thing with the same phone 👌🏻

    GeoByJustinGeoByJustin2 månader sedan
  • Whhhaaaaat!

    Pomson MwololoPomson Mwololo2 månader sedan
  • This is a great idea I want to try. I have a Samsung S7 that I'm learning to rebuild on, but it's such an old model that I don't think I can even sell it for the price of the parts. The shadow frame will be a nice sentimental thing for myself since this is my very first smartphone rebuild back to working and like-new condition. I reviewed the flex cables and I think I can even get it running in the shadow box. We'll see how that turns out. I am subscribed and I look forward to every one of your episodes. Thanks for a great channel.

    X LessThan ZX LessThan Z5 månader sedan
  • Now you can use n1ghtshade to use these iCloud locked devices lol

    Archive VEGAArchive VEGA6 månader sedan
  • I am gana do this with the iPhone that started me fixing phones

    Fun with my FriendsFun with my Friends7 månader sedan
  • What are the dimensions of the shadow box frame?

    Jeremy QuickJeremy Quick7 månader sedan
  • I am going to do this with a broken iPhone 3GS

    Josh SchillerJosh Schiller9 månader sedan
  • Were both the screens bad

    TheStupid2000UserTheStupid2000User10 månader sedan
  • I made a see through iPhone 3G

    This Is like my fourth name on this accountThis Is like my fourth name on this account10 månader sedan
  • I need I phone 5 frame lock.

    Vivek JohnVivek JohnÅr sedan
  • That's cool

    Sakura FurukawaSakura FurukawaÅr sedan
  • 🚎🛫

    Kevin MartinKevin MartinÅr sedan
  • I have a iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 that are both broke you think you can fix them for me pleaseee

    Solttan MalkaSolttan MalkaÅr sedan
  • I have an iCloud locked iPhone 6 that I built so I will definitely do that!!

    SB_FrostySB_FrostyÅr sedan
  • I have a MacBook Pro Mid 2009 with a fried motherboard and defective LCD. I also have some broken HDDs, SSDs and some RAM modules, do you think what i think :D

    battyroshkobattyroshkoÅr sedan
  • That is great but you should make one that you plug in and lights up.

    James RiceJames RiceÅr sedan
  • Can I send you iPhone 7 iCloud lock

    Carlos RodriguezCarlos RodriguezÅr sedan
  • Great video. I have just been given a box full of 4's 5's all icloud locked. I'm so gunna do this. But i'm going to cast in clear resin. If it all works out. I will deffo send you some pic's. Or if a vid. Would massively credit yourself ;)

    Dave HammertonDave HammertonÅr sedan
  • Brilliant project, love it.Well done.

    mickyjb2003 Brassingtonmickyjb2003 BrassingtonÅr sedan
  • I love you channel!

    Alek BennettAlek BennettÅr sedan
  • Earth Day!!!

    Hatsune MikuHatsune MikuÅr sedan
  • Love ya vids bro

    Louise GilesLouise GilesÅr sedan
  • Saw that video. Two days later: Both my old 4S and 5C are framed! Thanks a lot for giving such a great idea on what to do with your old phones !

    Felix BauerFelix BauerÅr sedan
  • nice vid bro :)

    Louise GilesLouise GilesÅr sedan
  • I have a problem and a request, Hugh. The problem is that iPhone I bought for $10 has a bad logic board. Short of me buying another phone for it's logic board and finding out wether it's all that's still bad is there any way you can send me one of your spare logic boards for the iPhone 5s? After I replaced the battery and the screen all I get is a quick flash of the Apple logo and then nothing other than a little light on the bottom of the new screen.

    LJ's UnboxingLJ's UnboxingÅr sedan
  • Was a good ideia, congratulations.

    Kleitom Antonio Machado de SouzaKleitom Antonio Machado de SouzaÅr sedan
  • hello hugh, maybe you do not read, I'm your fan of Brazil, as here the iphone cost a lot above, I have no conditions, you do not make sweepstakes for fans, grateful already. Enviar feedback Histórico Salvas Comunidade

    Gabriel D'aloeGabriel D'aloeÅr sedan
  • hello hugh, my mom has a space grey iPhone 5 laying around. she tried taking it apart but she completely destroyed it. i’m wondering if i can ship it to you to fix it. please reply if you can fix it because my mom wants all of her pictures back from this phone and she can’t because she broke it. thank you

    Mitchell BoyntonMitchell BoyntonÅr sedan
  • Awesome Idea

    savassavasÅr sedan
  • Try fix Samsung s10+

    nash laubannash laubanÅr sedan
  • Hey Hugh I have an I phone 8 + and my front camera and the gps does not work since a few days. Do you think it is possible to repair it?

    Nils RandersNils RandersÅr sedan
  • But I would need it back

    Aloha PokemonAloha PokemonÅr sedan
  • Do you think you can reset my iphone?

    Aloha PokemonAloha PokemonÅr sedan
  • Pleassseee i neeeddd an lcd for ip5s

    ABA4 Delfin, Christian TotoyABA4 Delfin, Christian TotoyÅr sedan
  • Where would you suggest going to get a battery replacement for a Samsung galaxy s7 edge that is good quality

    MichaelMichaelÅr sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • .

    Aya MadridAya MadridÅr sedan
  • Hey Hugh Jeffreys, I have an old iPhone 4 just lying around, do you want it?

    reesrsreesrsÅr sedan
  • This is your IQ | | | \/

    Forgot nglForgot nglÅr sedan
  • When will you be announcing the iPhone 6 giveaway?

    Hot Wheels Review'rHot Wheels Review'rÅr sedan
  • Hey Hugh. I've got a question.. My iPhone 7 recently stopped connecting to Wifi and Bluetooth. The wifi is grayed out and the bluetooth just shows a loading circle. What do you think the problem is? Sorry for bothering you by the way.. Great vids, keep it up!

    Max DptMax DptÅr sedan
    • Max Dpt I’m not Hugh but I think you might want to try hard reset

      Julian :OJulian :OÅr sedan
  • Do a video on replacing the glass only on an iphone.

    kevinkevinÅr sedan
  • An anyone help my 5c won’t turn on and I have opened it up and to add I changed the battery

    Games 526Games 526År sedan
  • I will also do that on my wreck Iphone xs max that i rolled over our car 😂

    Mr CatMr CatÅr sedan
    • Joshwin Roy O. Banares GG

      Laffy LaurenceLaffy LaurenceÅr sedan
  • Hi brother can you please give me a phone please

    Saurav SinghSaurav SinghÅr sedan
  • You're the iPhone restoration expert. So I'm coming to you for answers. I just picked up an iPhone 5s for a whopping $10. Well, technically, it cost me $14 as my one phone routed me to the pick up place on a toll road. Other than a bad battery, as the seller said was bad and he just didn't want it anymore, the phone has several minor dings and scratches. Any advice other than installing the battery ASAP?

    LJ's UnboxingLJ's UnboxingÅr sedan
  • Hay I have a old broken Samsung Galaxy S7. Do you want it for your channel for free. It has water damage and that is about it.

    InvertedInvertedÅr sedan
  • Or do you buy your items to repair your iPhones (battery, screen, ...)

    Tristan BlondieauTristan BlondieauÅr sedan
  • I like your video, +1 subscriber :)

    NoxFuryNoxFuryÅr sedan
  • Hey Hugh I have a Broken Google Nexus 6 and Google Nexus 5 (both are in very bad condition, like shattered display and back door is scratched but they are useable may be after repair, good battery), I am ready to give it away for free just comment below so that I can ship these two very good beast's two you address. Hope to hear from you soon

    Salty FereSalty FereÅr sedan
  • It would be cool to see the internals of the iPhone 2G in a frame

    Alex DoyleAlex DoyleÅr sedan
  • Hugh can you fix my iphone 6 plus its somenthing wrong with lcd

    Fortnite Nerd 11Fortnite Nerd 11År sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys you are pervert!

    extrasupermorgenextrasupermorgenÅr sedan
  • Pretty cool

    LincolnLincolnÅr sedan
  • Looks Awesome Mate!!! Keep it up

    James MayerJames MayerÅr sedan
  • You should do this for every version of the iPhone

    Johnathan SchultzJohnathan SchultzÅr sedan
  • Pure copied EverythingApplePro

    Nathaniel WalkerNathaniel WalkerÅr sedan
  • Great little craft project. PS, I think it’s time to drop the G+ link.

    Michael MulhernMichael MulhernÅr sedan
  • Hey, Hugh Jeffreys This may sound weird custom phone but would you please but an iPhone XR camera in an iPhone SE and change the iPhone SE chip into an A12 bionic Thanks for the content

    eth_zaceth_zacÅr sedan
  • Can u give me a phone bro

    sandeep sanusandeep sanuÅr sedan
  • Copying EverythingApplePro

    I'm a chicken LOLI'm a chicken LOLÅr sedan
  • Love you Hugh!

    Logan F.Logan F.År sedan
  • Can ı buy orijinal apple display hugh please say me

    lupo203lupo203År sedan
  • Everythingapplepro

    Aswin ManojAswin ManojÅr sedan
  • Whoa

    SimplyStimulatingSimplyStimulatingÅr sedan
  • It’s official: HughApplePro

    johnjohnÅr sedan
  • nice work looks amazing 😉 Keep it up

    reddeagoon123reddeagoon123År sedan
  • Cough cough everything apple pro cough cough

    Gary LennoxGary LennoxÅr sedan
  • Fantastic idea! I've got an iPad laying around and would be perfect for a similar project. Cheers!

    Alexandru StancuAlexandru StancuÅr sedan
  • Do an iPad

    SeaTac SpottingSeaTac SpottingÅr sedan
  • I will do it with my broken iphone 7 when i get the iphone 11 or what its gonna be ;)

    William KronborgWilliam KronborgÅr sedan
  • Actually a iCloud locked device can be used, I’ve done it before. I used my own iCloud and activated it with Verizon

    hey heyhey heyÅr sedan
    • Tell me

      Tech481Tech48110 månader sedan
  • I’m sure you can with recboot on windows or Mac make the iPhone into recovery mode and restore it to bypass iCloud lock. Recboot for Mac OS and windows:

    Jacob NimehJacob NimehÅr sedan
  • Try to fix a icloud lock iphone attempt it xD

    RamGamingRamGamingÅr sedan
  • Bro check your instagram dms or email me

    Ahmad ZiaAhmad ZiaÅr sedan
  • what about the giveaway

    harsh vashuharsh vashuÅr sedan
  • How much for changing an iPhone SE housing?

    Cristian RodríguezCristian RodríguezÅr sedan
  • i believe iPhone fly i believe iPhone touch the sky

    Jii LibrantoJii LibrantoÅr sedan
  • I think I’m going to do this one day.

    Christopher CrawfordChristopher CrawfordÅr sedan
  • I have a bunch of iPhone 6 and 6s Parts if you're interested with home button

    Rin ShibuyaRin ShibuyaÅr sedan
  • Anyone think it's worth it for me to get my IPhone 5s repaired? I got it used 3 yrs back and didn't notice/care much about the dust inside the phones back camera lense. Pictures are coming out bad. How much do u think it would cost getting this done not from Apple.

    Sahith 13Sahith 13År sedan

    Marko SunMarko SunÅr sedan
  • I’m actually doing this right now with the original iPhone!

    Dan KDan KÅr sedan
  • Was thinking about doing this after seeing Strange Parts' latest thumbnail. ;)

  • Might do this on my broken ipod touch 2nd gen. Really cool idea! :D

  • Cmon bruh u couldnt give credit to strange parts

    AndreAndreÅr sedan
    • No, strange parts video came out just hours before this one, the idea probably came from everythingapplepro

      Shay MitchellShay MitchellÅr sedan
  • Good idea 💡🖤

    Md Rakibul HasanMd Rakibul HasanÅr sedan
  • That’s cool

    Krillson 364Krillson 364År sedan
  • Is there anyway to unlock a icloud lock phone because i payed 150 for a Iphone 7 plus and it icloud locked so can someone help

    Itz_SytheItz_SytheÅr sedan
  • omg this is so cute

    Vincenzo NarracciVincenzo NarracciÅr sedan
  • **when you run out of youtube content** JK love your videos mate!

    Josef RJosef RÅr sedan
  • That's the most stupid thing ever

    LightningLightningÅr sedan
  • now make fully functional working iphone in fully disassembled state like strange parts video! 👈👈

    Se ZanSe ZanÅr sedan
  • Ill use a phone and frame it too.

    BadGamer 101564BadGamer 101564År sedan
  • That's really neat. Thanks for another great video...

    Joe KingJoe KingÅr sedan
  • Did you get the idea from that one dude who built his own iPhone in China? He did a similar video yesterday or today

    GuyGuyÅr sedan
  • But too costly

    Status SecondsStatus SecondsÅr sedan