Smashed Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Restoration & SSD Upgrade

15 aug 2020
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Its time to tackle the hard to repair Microsoft Tablet! And make upgrading your tablet the new trend by throwing in a 970 EVO SSD from Samsung to see how fast we can push this tablet.
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  • Your videos are very useful and educational thanks

    Chethan ShajuChethan Shaju10 timmar sedan
  • What a nightmare! I have a book3 and the local service refused to open. High risk of not even being able to assemble it back on.

    Henrik ShinozakiHenrik Shinozaki6 dagar sedan
  • Why no upgrade of RAM? And repaste the CPU?

    TheBerlinbaerTheBerlinbaer7 dagar sedan
  • Will not be buying a Pro needing a battery or screen, was done for demonstration not economy, given only a 50% reduction in purchase price for a broken tablet. Sending $300 for the broken tablet and if I were opening it up probably another $200 for a screen, battery, SSD if under 250G, maybe memory if under 8G and was removable, with no guarantee I don't break something in the process. I would probably put $150 as my top bid for such an experiment, in fact I probably would target a unit with 100G drive and 4G memory to be upgraded. I suspect the glue is a hot glue so I would apply a little heat to remove it.

    myko fredermyko freder9 dagar sedan
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    Botting ManBotting Man9 dagar sedan
  • The screen will fall down. The adhesive tape is bad solution.

    Ban StalkerBan Stalker9 dagar sedan
  • watching this video from a flickering surface pro 4 screen

    sam •msam •m11 dagar sedan
  • there is black tape used to seal antennae areals cb to stop water and corrosion at the scres thread i believe to be the sameand cheap from jcar electronics

    neville douglasneville douglas14 dagar sedan
  • Where is the best vendor and price to order a replacement surface pro 5 - 1796 screen from?

    Bob DuttonBob Dutton14 dagar sedan
  • Mine with i5&4G RAM is running slow ...

    劉富瑜劉富瑜15 dagar sedan
  • Well done on this and the car

    Richard MyersRichard Myers16 dagar sedan
  • really good tut was great to see

    nick b jonesnick b jones16 dagar sedan
  • If you have a surface pro 4, it's about the time where it's scheduled to replace the screen. Flicker gate and an expanding failing battery. Both items has it's hardware failure that causes the time to replace to occur. I would recommend if you are replacing your battery, just replace the following: 1. Battery --> and some specialized double side tape. 2. Screen --> get the sp5 version with the new cable to work with sp4 motherboard. (getting the sp4 screen will give you the same problem down the road). 3. Bigger hard drive SSD (get a new one if you can afford it as this would be a perfect time, largest installed so far is 2 TB ssd m.2 evo). 4. CPU Thermal Grease (if you are going to clean out the fan, which at this time around should be clogged with lint). ** The only down side is the memory is welded down and can't be upgraded. Unless someone knows how to solder or I won't attempt to do this upgrade. Suggestion: I would not glue down the screen more than needed to or just enough to hold the screen down. Since you know there is some maintenance bound to occur in this machine. This will it will be more easily accessible.

    KIT TSANGKIT TSANG17 dagar sedan
  • Have you tried goof off? Maybe that may help removing that old adhesive. Also, Yes, use the new panel, as the old sp4 panel are know to have the "flickergate" issue. Largest ssd install was a guy in thailand on the sp4 with ssd 4tb. Would also recommend to change out the battery as it is another known issue and will cause expansion and bricking the screen as it expands.

    KIT TSANGKIT TSANG17 dagar sedan
  • I think the adhesive was more plasticized than rubberized which it why it wouldn’t remove easily

    Midas' Touch ReportsMidas' Touch Reports17 dagar sedan
  • Hello, Hugh! Great work! My suggestion: try to use acetone. It is a good solvent for many materials.

    Me ajuda, JH!Me ajuda, JH!17 dagar sedan
  • I’m going to do that

    Hannah GouldHannah Gould20 dagar sedan
  • Can I do this with my surface pro 6?

    enterthefutureenterthefuture20 dagar sedan
  • I’m going to get 4 of them

    Hannah GouldHannah Gould21 dag sedan
    • 😝 lol

      Hannah GouldHannah Gould20 dagar sedan
  • "After finding that alcohol just made a complete mess of things..." Going out on a Friday night between filming, I see?

    Smallgremlin GremlinSmallgremlin Gremlin21 dag sedan
  • Please help me I have Microsoft surface pro 4 when I use pro 4 after 30 min or 1 hours my display flickering may be when it’s heat up that’s why it’s flickering please help me thanks

    Waqas HussainWaqas Hussain21 dag sedan
  • Hi' love your vlogs. Apple has gone down since Steve Jobs was CEO. I will never buy an Apple device ever again. I have had in the past an iMac, Macbook Pro, Ipad Pro, and an iPhone 11 pro max.

    Roger ThompsonRoger Thompson22 dagar sedan
  • The craven vermicelli yearly groan because denim precisely handle worth a sassy draw. careful, used cough

    badc gsdhhbadc gsdhh22 dagar sedan
  • Replacing that Nvme drive with the Samsung one was like replacing a Bugatti with a Rolce Royce

    DadDad23 dagar sedan
  • what adhesive do you recommend

    Jason A VJason A V24 dagar sedan
  • Microsoft: Our New product was easily reapaible Apple: You cant repair iphones

    BULUT GBULUT G25 dagar sedan
  • The screen is new because of something called flicker gate

    Philip SavenkovPhilip Savenkov26 dagar sedan
  • Hello Mr. Hugh J. I had a problem with my screen and I am doing the same thing you did in your video. I also found that there was an LG display and the screen had the exact same number of LP123WQ1 (SP) (A2) I am going to order the Pro5 screen and see how it goes. Thanks for your video. :-)

    Roger SwansonRoger Swanson26 dagar sedan
  • That adhesive looked like butyl sealant. Difficult to remove (need heat) but certainly reusable (need heat)

    Gplus sucks bigGplus sucks big29 dagar sedan
  • Is the ram upgradable too or not?

    Omar ChaudhryOmar ChaudhryMånad sedan
  • Wow you managed to take the panel off without destroying the glass. Good job.

    Julius ZietlowJulius ZietlowMånad sedan
  • Waw

    Shakeel BashirShakeel BashirMånad sedan
  • i love your videos

    Mahd siddiquiMahd siddiquiMånad sedan
  • I think it’s a bad boy The bad ways can expand destroying displays equals to me smoking out my exploded in at seven I didn’t buy one

    AngelTichAngelTichMånad sedan
  • Shah rukh Khan: Don't under estimate the power of the common man Huge Jeffreys: Don't under estimate the power of this glue

    Vishal kumar BothraVishal kumar BothraMånad sedan
  • The black double-sided tape you encountered looks and behaves a bit like the 'Mobitools Double Sided Tape Rubberized' that I included in my review of a few different tapes:

    Computer Help Northern IrelandComputer Help Northern IrelandMånad sedan
  • samsung panel is faulty to that machines... "replace its original pannel Samsung LTY123YL01-005 (AIDA64 shows -001 though). I’ve learned from forums and websites that Samsung’s screen for Pro4 has flaws and Microsoft switch it to Pro5’s LG LP123WQ1 at the last batch. So I also purchased LG’s." ( kkk i did see the rest of the video, after write..kkkk

    pedro velosopedro velosoMånad sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍So Good

    Android FanAndroid FanMånad sedan
  • best instructions how to dismantle this beast thin gadget! cool bro!

    Panda.R3NPanda.R3NMånad sedan
  • Will replacing the display fix the screen flickering issue as it's a known hardware issue for pro 4?

    SugarSugarMånad sedan
  • I have the same laptop

    FaheemFaheemMånad sedan
  • i thought the black spot on the screen, which looks like a man in hoodie was included with the wallpaper

    muhammad rehanmuhammad rehanMånad sedan
  • iFixit: surface pro 4 has the repairability score 2 / 10 Hugh: hold my beea

    terry rudfordterry rudfordMånad sedan
  • 10:45 Nice 128MB memory card :D

    Era linder56s jesmin floraEra linder56s jesmin floraMånad sedan
  • The hardest part was the damn glue removal.

    Mike MalloyMike MalloyMånad sedan
  • I managed to fix up a surface pro that came to me super cheap, I spent ages cleaning it and checking and finally after many hours I had restored this awesome computer... Then I dropped it pretty much immediately.

    Quimbly JonesQuimbly JonesMånad sedan
  • What do you do with the stuff after you fix it

    Caleb EvansCaleb EvansMånad sedan
  • 10:45 Nice 128MB memory card :D

    Shira CremeansShira CremeansMånad sedan
  • thanks for featuring me

    Cracked LCD ScreenCracked LCD ScreenMånad sedan
  • protip: Use heat on that adhesive when you remove it

    Energyboy5696Energyboy5696Månad sedan
  • if the devices will become very eazy to repair your videos will be 2-3 minutes long #KUTGW!!!

  • Wait why is DuckDuckGo open on the pc

    Australian Jailbreak GuyAustralian Jailbreak Guy2 månader sedan
  • I’ve had a surface pro 4 for years and never noticed the SD-card slot!

    sam bamsam bam2 månader sedan
  • Thanks for the info! 👍

    Gacheru MburuGacheru Mburu2 månader sedan
  • I purchased Surface Pro 7 with 128GB SDD last year and I am struggling with free storage now... I am using Micro SD card for temporary storage... Any way to upgrade the internal soldered SSD ? Please help. Thanks

    irfan shaikhirfan shaikh2 månader sedan
  • IMO when dealing with the adhesive it's best to make sure any tp just remove any clumps that may cause the screen to no be flush and then just use super glue rather than adding new adhesive strips.

    RealComp5RealComp52 månader sedan
  • It's "spudger", not "spugger"

    RealComp5RealComp52 månader sedan
  • Very pretty

    Bowsette NC-17Bowsette NC-172 månader sedan
  • Also the orginal or "same as orignal" adhesive can be bought on aliexpress. It's either the original or a laser-cut adhesive which is cut the same way as the original. Aliexpress is probably the best place where you can find most of the surface pro parts even like the wifi antena, LG screen or the battery.

    jonasxdufekjonasxdufek2 månader sedan
  • Never use a samsung panel on the surface pro 4. These screens have a high failiure rate and cause A LOT of issues. Always try to buy an LG panel if possible, you can even buy a Surface pro 5 display because they're the same, you just need to also buy the display connector cables for it if your surface doesn't already have an LG screen installed.

    jonasxdufekjonasxdufek2 månader sedan
  • Maybe some heat would help get that adhesive off mechanically.

    Andrew CoxAndrew Cox2 månader sedan
  • The gap in the top is a "feature" that's been part of the Surface line for as long I can remember. The gaps range from 0.1mm to 1.0mm where you can see the aluminum casing if you shine a light in there. I check Surfaces I see in stores from time to time and they always seem to have that gap in there.

    jonessiijonessii2 månader sedan
  • 4:20 what you have also done is get a replace ribbon cable matching the samsung display.

    mtktmmtktm2 månader sedan
  • Use wax and grease remover for automotive paint. I prefer Motospray Prepwash which you can pickup from you local Autobarn. It works an absolute treat for this glue especially and wipes up very cleanly.

    HKRXPRSHKRXPRS2 månader sedan
  • microsoft is eco friendly cuz of repairs unlike apple lol apple never EVER listens to their customers

    RillianeRilliane2 månader sedan
  • Wow sir i like your videos

  • Hey hugh, I have one like this where the panel comes up in one corner and it won’t power on. It was given to me at the end of a project when the owner was late on paying.. since I’m a geek I figured why not, I’ll take a stab. But two years have gone by and I haven’t touched it. Ironically, I work in shipping... if you’d be interested let me know I’d send it to you just so I had some parts or maybe you could even fix it for yourself.

    Mark MooreMark Moore2 månader sedan
  • gu glue ?

    David Nunes LendvayDavid Nunes Lendvay2 månader sedan
  • What happens to the devices you restore for your channel?

  • 2:44 the iphone 6 too

    LuiisLuiis2 månader sedan
  • Hello. My surface screen is/ was broken at the time of removal. How do I tell which type of display to buy? The one I have has the green circuit board on the display where the cable connected. How do I tell which one is a Samsung and LG display? I didn't see the LG code thing you saw there and I don't want to buy the wrong one.

    Christian ChurchChristian Church2 månader sedan
  • "And were done." I love his content. It is therapeutic to view and enjoyable to see someone devoted to not increasing our landfill volume. Three cheers to you, Mr. Jefferys.

    Sergio SnowSergio Snow2 månader sedan
  • I see you work on Microsoft products to.

    Judith CacheroJudith Cachero2 månader sedan
  • So you can buy a Surface Book Pro 4 on eBay for around $650. But you bought a crack screen one for $350, than a Display for it for $255 = $605. So you just save $50 going through all that trouble, removing the adhesive, and putting in another screen??

    StarknessStarkness2 månader sedan
  • It would nice if you had a ebay auction account so we can buy most of this

    FosterFoster2 månader sedan
  • Final Boss: GLUE

    Raymond LoRaymond Lo2 månader sedan
  • Hi! What kind of adhesive a re you using? I'm currently repairing a Surface Book 1 and haven't found a proper tape yet.

    Björn EllensohnBjörn Ellensohn2 månader sedan
  • Hi! I have a question for you, i've broken the lcd of mine surface 4 pro and replace with a new one but.. now touchscreen doesn't work! I mean, i can see everything, but it works just with external keyboard and mouse. According to you, replacing just two wires of touchscreen it will work again? After 1 hour of using lcd started working bad, shadow and "color blinking"... what can i do?

    Enrico RomanoEnrico Romano2 månader sedan
  • How much would charge me to do this screen replacement? Thanks!

    boltsbaseballboltsbaseball2 månader sedan
  • *you did not show touch or pen test on lcd screen.*

    ManyaManya2 månader sedan
  • Would loved to see how a battery replacement would go. I have the same laptop with a new SSD and battery waiting to install. Thanks for the video.

    Ken CheckeyeKen Checkeye2 månader sedan
  • A single scraping blade would let you cut off that Adhesive easily

    A. KhanA. Khan2 månader sedan
  • Road to 500K!!!

    carlos sanchezcarlos sanchez2 månader sedan
  • I would have done the battery at the same time. My surface pro is still good apart from the battery.

    Danny SevilleDanny Seville2 månader sedan
  • Apple be like: We don't allow third party repairs.

    Alfie RudaAlfie Ruda2 månader sedan
  • That's more repairable than the iPhone 12 👍

    King LF5King LF52 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh! I have an issue with a Surface PRO 5, unfortunately there is no service center to fix, it where I live, could you recommend a place that accepts international clients? Thanks!

    Paris BercyParis Bercy2 månader sedan
  • Let me smash mine

    Poonam GroverPoonam Grover2 månader sedan
  • I’ve had a surface pro 4 for years and never noticed the SD-card slot!

    wwd wdffwwd wdff2 månader sedan
  • 7:27 Microsoft:*evil laugh*

    wwd wdffwwd wdff2 månader sedan
  • I've been experiencing the flickering on my refurbished Surface Pro 4 lately, and it turns out that the inherent flaws in the Samsung display were the culprit. So, instead of switching to a Surface Pro 5 or later, I'm considering buying a Surface Pro 5 screen and digitizer with the appropriate cable, along with the right tools.

    Zachary NoahZachary Noah2 månader sedan
  • damn that sucks you need to remove the screen to upgrade the ssd :/

    ReiwasReiwas2 månader sedan
  • What an un-repairable shifest. They could easily made the screen remoavable with screws.

    Horace GrimsbyHorace Grimsby2 månader sedan
  • My destop PC have a i5 6500

    Android Custom Roms GermanyAndroid Custom Roms Germany2 månader sedan
  • what tape do you use to stick back down the screens?

    Eathen AlexanderEathen Alexander2 månader sedan
  • If Surface has the same audio quality as Tab S7+ or iPad pro, it will be sweet.

    Han LiHan Li2 månader sedan
  • can you do mine's?

    •Jocelyn• Hello•Jocelyn• Hello2 månader sedan
  • This tablet was brought to you by JerryRigEverything. Deeper grooves at level 7 and a burned screen at 10 seconds direct flame.

    daniel carterdaniel carter2 månader sedan
  • 04:50 Can anyone recommend USB adapters for the various types of m.2 drives? Occasionally I need to remove these drives from non-working computers for data backup. Thanks!

    bossfan61bossfan612 månader sedan
  • LG displays have a design flaw, check flickergate. The only know fix is use Samsung and a connector adapter. I know because mine was replaced after starting flickering. Installing a new LG display may result in flickering in the future. I believe Surface Pro 5 and 6 screens (even if manufactured by LG) won't have this issue.

    MarceloMarcelo2 månader sedan