My TV blew up, can I fix it?

1 feb 2020
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Sometimes things blow up, but that doesn't mean it needs to be thrown out.
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  • How many goddamn things did already blow up in your house

    Piter StyczyńskiPiter Styczyński4 dagar sedan
  • im gonna do what how to basic does

    strawberry gamer 2021strawberry gamer 20217 dagar sedan
  • You can also turn it into a fake window

    Citaro SRCitaro SR17 dagar sedan
  • Bro when your tv blows up don’t press it with your hands

    SimplynateSimplynateMånad sedan
  • "Sometimes things blow up" :D

    Vidar HedforsVidar HedforsMånad sedan
  • Record yourself and repeat after me. "I seem to have caught it in the zipper"

    I lost my penis nancy help me harrisI lost my penis nancy help me harrisMånad sedan
  • What is this tv you fixed?

    ken Triesken TriesMånad sedan
  • Your TV actually blew up or is that a joke

    Andrew TanousAndrew TanousMånad sedan
  • Here you can buy some of the boards and controllers, for the most common types of TV. There is a repair market for them because they are not that cheap. With power supplies good luck finding the controller chip, almost no references nor datasheet. Some of them are made why an unkonwn companies. Never repaired a TV PSU, but done a good amount of laptop chargers, and they are not very different at this section. Usually the mosfet shorts, current sensing resistor blow (opens), then high voltage is let into the current sense pin of the chip blowing it. Kinda of chain reaction that require many componentes to replace, even the diode bridge probably gone short and the round fuse is gone. After all this list of components, 90 dollars for a working PSU is a good approach.

    38911bytefree38911bytefreeMånad sedan
  • I had found a 46 inch westinghouse flat screen that was out on the curb for trash Christmas day since they had gotten a new TV to replace it as evidenced by a box to a new TV next to it. I figured it was worth taking it and seeing if it worked, it had no stand or power supply so I used a laptop charger that fit the TV, and it actually is fully functional! The only issue with it was the there was a shadowy spot near the bottom center of the screen from the film wrinkling underneath, but I fastened it to my dresser, and since then after 5 years it is still working to this day

    MDEproductionz HDMDEproductionz HD2 månader sedan
  • 90€ for a used power supply... maybe you could have found the entire tv for this price and get spare parts

    cuiff62cuiff622 månader sedan
  • Man I have not seen a Rank Arena in ages, Bringing back old memories

    Frank The TankFrank The Tank2 månader sedan
  • My Monitors LCD panal is the problem in my monitor. Should I repair it my purchasing LCD from ali express or should buy a new one?

    Md. Mahabubul QuddusMd. Mahabubul Quddus3 månader sedan
  • Do tvs have motherboards

    Muhammed UmerMuhammed Umer3 månader sedan
  • My Grandpas VIZO XVT 65 inch at the same problem

    Patrick’s PhonesPatrick’s Phones3 månader sedan
    • Now He has a 32 inch small tv D-series TV With SMARTCAST

      Patrick’s PhonesPatrick’s Phones3 månader sedan
  • Use a stabiliser to prevent this happening again

    prasan sashkumarprasan sashkumar3 månader sedan
  • The easiest repair I see so far on this channel

    JofxJofx4 månader sedan
  • Hugh Jeffreys What Tools Do You need to fix a broken TV?

    Jacob CoronadoJacob Coronado5 månader sedan
  • Wait, you have a tv in your kitchen?

    Gerrard 114Gerrard 1145 månader sedan
  • okay so with the high voltage capicter, how do you know if it isn't charged anymore?

    CallMeKota's DadCallMeKota's Dad5 månader sedan
  • My house blew up, can i fix it?

    tomas forerotomas forero6 månader sedan
  • Our servers blew up, help a friend out

    FranzFranz6 månader sedan
  • Ok that TVs input looks like my old Vizio tv which works great btw we’ve had it for like 6 years. But your tv was like a different brand even the no signal is exactly the same.

    BingbingBingbing6 månader sedan
  • What about your fridge and your washing machine lol

    Random 3800 Class PhotographyRandom 3800 Class Photography6 månader sedan
  • Pls fix my life

    Marco DRTMarco DRT7 månader sedan
  • Wasn't worth it but he kept some waste out of the dump

    Austin MichaelAustin Michael7 månader sedan
  • 0:22 That T.V. sure is thick.

    Red NinjaRed Ninja7 månader sedan
  • This is what i call... ...impossible

    only eight circlesonly eight circles7 månader sedan
  • Try rice

    Neo PolitanNeo Politan7 månader sedan
  • Anyone else think that he was putting fuel into the tv???

    AhmedShab125AhmedShab1257 månader sedan
  • cheapskate

    Iguana welding solutions LTDIguana welding solutions LTD7 månader sedan
  • ഇവന്റെ വീട് കൊല്ലത് ആണെന്ന് തോന്നുന്നു

    Pranav PradiPranav Pradi7 månader sedan
  • Gay porn not good for you

    Lunch BoxLunch Box7 månader sedan
  • $90 is probably way more than its worth but ok

    21217 månader sedan
  • TV repair hasn't died out, I'm a TV engineer

    darren watersdarren waters7 månader sedan
    • Ok

      Dakota GamesDakota Games7 månader sedan
  • You are a repairing genius, I wish I could do the same, I can only press butons, kind regards.

    Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert7 månader sedan
  • I think you could have saved that power supply without a schematic man. $90 for a whole new power supply seems pretty wasteful considering the age of the TV

    Zarni SoeZarni Soe7 månader sedan
  • I recently got two $60 1080p 50cm TV's I purchased discounted. Image is fine but the speakers are horrible. I still kept them tho.

    Doc. FunkBlackDoc. FunkBlack7 månader sedan
  • i have an samsung syncmaster p2470hd for 11 years, still rockin' in 2020!

    Daniel IgnatDaniel Ignat7 månader sedan
  • "went with a bang" looks like the tv is american

    KSAMKSAM8 månader sedan
  • Can you mame a bomb from home

    Freddie Mercury GamingFreddie Mercury Gaming8 månader sedan
  • Great work.

    Stephen SiuStephen Siu8 månader sedan
  • I once found a 43” CRT on the side of the road looked like it ricocheted bunch of bullets on the screen

    Simon PailléSimon Paillé8 månader sedan
  • Wope, the TV was atleast 1080p

    Mineplayerminer SKMineplayerminer SK8 månader sedan
  • Probably Net seven is in there

    zombiesquad gamingzombiesquad gaming8 månader sedan
  • U could get a 90 doller tv that better than that

    Dilraj SidhuDilraj Sidhu8 månader sedan

    Francis Gabriel L AbordoFrancis Gabriel L Abordo8 månader sedan
  • i am so glad that i live in norway and that no matter how cheap electronics are and how fast they fail all electronics have a legal warranty of 5 years here, and if they fail i am entiteled to get it fixed, replaced or a full refund on my original purchase. so even if I get a $100 tv it legally has to last more than "1 year!

    tb Kittytb Kitty8 månader sedan
  • Bro you spent $90 on a shitty tv when you could’ve gotten a better one for the same price???

    Ethan SmithEthan Smith8 månader sedan
  • did he say Kitchen TV?

    SeagullSeagull8 månader sedan
  • S can play dreamcast on that.noice

    Erick RodriguezErick Rodriguez8 månader sedan
  • Boomer

    NoQuemaLIVENoQuemaLIVE8 månader sedan

    KanuiKanui8 månader sedan
  • Does it have a inbuilt DVD drive? because it looks like it does

    iMac G5iMac G58 månader sedan
  • 90 bucks for a used power supply with crappy caps? Idk, I'd guess the chip and other passive components would cost about 5 bucks. I definitely wouldn't spend 90 bucks on a TV this old unless there's some sentimental value to it.

    AndreiAndrei8 månader sedan
  • You are a repair king

    pofwonpofwon8 månader sedan
  • Legit can get a 32" smart tv for 90$ these days XD

    AaronAaron8 månader sedan
  • This man said 90$ for a power supply lol. You can get a 4K tv for that much

    Condogg 1Condogg 18 månader sedan
  • The answer is Yes.

    SwarajSwaraj8 månader sedan
  • Bro y’all all silly yeah he coulda just bought a new tv, or he could fix his old one make a video on it and make money from it Hugh my guy is the smartest

    ParzzzavalParzzzaval8 månader sedan
  • Blew up? omg... How f*cked was power section?

    FawoniuszFawoniusz8 månader sedan
  • here, where i live you can buy like a good used TV for as low as 20$ maan why would you revive that piece of crap bruh

    PinKolaPinKola8 månader sedan
  • My house blew up, can i repair it...

    not herenot here8 månader sedan
  • what smartwatch does he wear? looks like a samsung active 2

    Michael DijkstraMichael Dijkstra8 månader sedan
  • not gonna spend hunderts of dollars for a new one "buys 90 dollar part" me laughs in new chep TV with bigger screen and 1080p for 75 bucks

    charge4 basscharge4 bass8 månader sedan
  • I dont see the point of tv because i dont watch it. Im on my phone or on my pc.

    Dr. KesaDr. Kesa9 månader sedan
  • i had one and i had to change some capps on the power bord

    TechProTechPro9 månader sedan
  • Why not buy a new one?

    Lestat LunarLestat Lunar9 månader sedan
  • That TV looks out dated I think you should buy a new one!!!!!

    Unknown UserUnknown User9 månader sedan
  • your videos are very good👍

    Extra RiceExtra Rice9 månader sedan
  • I’ve had my Phillips 32” for over 10 years and still going strong.

    uyki uiuyki ui9 månader sedan
  • pero el precio que ha pagado la fuente de alimentacion son casi 85 € ......con 99 te compras una tv nueva y mas grande o es equivocada esta idea ? para que reparar esta tv que tiene de asi importante ?

    Tecno FaBBTecno FaBB9 månader sedan
  • Thanks for not contributing to the e-waste dumpster fire! Been trying to limit my device upgrades for as long as possible and gifting older hardware to family to limit my contribution.

    Andrew ThomasAndrew Thomas9 månader sedan
  • About 6 years ago i bought a xoro tv at my local Tesco, its still running...

    Alpha Dragon1337Alpha Dragon13379 månader sedan
  • i bet you can fix relationships also... damn man

    Ball of BrassBall of Brass9 månader sedan
  • ppl nowdays buy 5k euros tv's...wich they broke down after few months of use and cost a kidney to fix them🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mad MikeMad Mike9 månader sedan
  • I don’t know, can you?

    ajajajajaajajajaja9 månader sedan
  • 2009-2012 tv's are the best.

    Hello TheirHello Their9 månader sedan
  • My dad fixed an old Logik TV (I don’t know the size) and I don’t know what was wrong with it because he never told me but I can see where he fixed it because there are grey bits on the far right side of the TV, the grey bits are transparent but they’ve been there as long as I’ve had the TV.

    eddiescottgeddiescottg9 månader sedan
  • Will an old tv power supply that hasn’t been on since 2016 still have a charge

    The Dawsons MemesThe Dawsons Memes9 månader sedan
    • Probably not at this point. Better safe then sorry make sure to discharge the cap

      diana Garciadiana Garcia9 månader sedan
  • i guess u still profited from the video but... 90 dollars?

    EmbisEmbis10 månader sedan
  • The problem I see here is that the part you bought as of right now is $66 USD but a brand new TV of that size and resolution can be purchased for the same price. I have to say though, you are preventing another piece of technology from going into a landfill so good job.

    DarkthefoxDarkthefox10 månader sedan
  • The question is why do you have a TV in the kitchen ??

    יהודון מגנובייהודון מגנובי10 månader sedan
  • @hugh jeffreys do you think you think you could fix a Samsung's A20 with a LCD problem

    Gxdly_ MauriGxdly_ Mauri10 månader sedan
  • hey i have a iPhone 5s ive had it for 4 years and now its dead i dont know what happend to it has been sitting for a month 1st the home button didn't work and started pressing randomly then it fixed then i didn't know what battery it was on i was charging it but i knew the charger worked but it wouldn't charge and now i dont know what to do with my iphone 5s so if you want it i mean you can have it for free

    aPFplayeraPFplayer11 månader sedan
  • Nice good luck

    real madrid scania 4 everreal madrid scania 4 ever11 månader sedan
  • Has been a huge’s video :Lasts 5 minutes

    AaaaeaAaaaea11 månader sedan
  • God damn terrorists

    PolocatfanPolocatfan11 månader sedan
  • Good job

    JRJR11 månader sedan
  • 90 dollars for a PSU, come on man that TV isn't worth 90 dollars...

    DetmerDetmer11 månader sedan
  • What do you mean late 2000s it’s still in the early 2000s

    MSA RocketMSA Rocket11 månader sedan
  • The only words I understood were Screw Screw Driver Board Power Ect

    Emily WaldonEmily Waldon11 månader sedan
  • The secondary filter caps on mains power supply are notorious for failing very easily. I have fixed two TV boxes (one twice,) two PC power supplies, and even my Apple Time Capsule (twice) for this exact problem.

    陈北宗陈北宗11 månader sedan
  • My house burned down can i fix it?

    LocalLocal11 månader sedan
  • This tv is older than me! 😂😂😂

    EmEm11 månader sedan
    • 😐

      XDboy YT BGXDboy YT BG4 månader sedan
  • This is the real way to act sustainable!! Instead of throwing it away and buying a new one, repair what works to make it last longer

    crankbitcrankbit11 månader sedan
  • It booted right back up he think its a phone

    The Anime CoderThe Anime Coder11 månader sedan
  • hi i have an iphone 7 which has not got a function homescreen button and an update error is there any chance that you could fix it pls

    adam hussainadam hussain11 månader sedan
  • Can you fix my iPod touch 5? The battery doesn’t work, home button doesn’t press. No cracks, has been tried to fix.

    CookiesOnFireCookiesOnFire11 månader sedan
  • Can I get your contact information Hugh

    Rock through TechRock through Tech11 månader sedan