I WAS SCAMMED! - Is anything salvageable? - Phone Lot

6 apr 2019
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This phone lot didn't go quite to plan...
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  • Always makes me mad when I get scammed off of eBay and Mercari

    Th37oolishlea6er 2.0Th37oolishlea6er 2.02 dagar sedan
  • This is what you’d be expecting in the Philippine market. People won’t be selling their iphone 5s (until now, until it is realisitcally unusable). If you something being sold here for parts, expect them all to be of no hope.

    Kel TsangKel Tsang3 dagar sedan
  • Hey Jeff want to ask you a question.... I have a iphone 7+ with problems on the logic board. You have one for replace it with and how mutch does it cost? An by the way you're awesome with iPhone phones

    Steffyno SteSteffyno Ste3 dagar sedan
  • Eye choons

    KingNewfyDogKingNewfyDog8 dagar sedan
  • Thats not our problem why you upload that

    Jayvee TalledoJayvee Talledo19 dagar sedan
  • The piquant father aboaly moor because option fourthly spot till a robust undershirt. clever, weary north korea

    George CarlinGeorge CarlinMånad sedan
  • Why anybody would ever desire to scam another person is beyond me. My mind cannot comprehend. I am truly disgusted and am left thinking that this person is broken.

    Michael KeeneyMichael KeeneyMånad sedan
  • I'd love to know who that user was so that no one here gets scammed :\

    Mr. DMr. D2 månader sedan
  • I bought three time from Ebay and in each cases I was disappointed. Ebay is on my black list, never used it after. They assume no responsability.

    androgynbeautyandrogynbeauty2 månader sedan
  • I'll buy the 7 motherboard from you (I really want a 7)

    The Master Of TechThe Master Of Tech2 månader sedan
  • Luckily you are protected through eBay and PayPal and will get your money back. That seller won’t sell again.

    Bjoern AltmannBjoern Altmann2 månader sedan
  • i had a iphone 6 for 3 yrs but someone stole it :(

    shubhankar Tshubhankar T2 månader sedan
  • I hate scammers

    James MckJames Mck3 månader sedan

    David JuříkDavid Juřík3 månader sedan
  • Seems like some JerryRigEverything phones landed here😂

    Jimmy GrantJimmy Grant3 månader sedan
  • the seller probably trashed everything to rip you off and took all the good parts

    Alex J.GAlex J.G3 månader sedan
  • literally the most useful and expensive things in here are batteries. those cost less than 50 dollars max. the other stuff is max 10 dollars. would cost like max 120 dollars

    Terapoint91Terapoint913 månader sedan
  • All garbage..!

    António RebeloAntónio Rebelo3 månader sedan
  • Hugh you’re way to nice with scammers. Your calm nature is probably something we could all do with

    phil trechselphil trechsel3 månader sedan
  • One thing... How can you shatter a housing glass on SE? This part is almost indestructible

    ShadowcatShadowcat3 månader sedan
  • My friend with a shattered iPhone screen: Oh it's not that bad My mom with a tiny crack in her Android's screen protector: How did this crack?!?! I need a new screen protector! Ahhhhhh

    Dominic03Dominic033 månader sedan
  • A lot of eBay buyers, and sellers are unaware of the fact that even 'For Parts Or Not Working' lots can be returned. Sellers usually put something along the lines of 'This item is sold for parts with no returns.' in the description but ANYTHING you buy on eBay is returnable, and at the seller's expense. As far as eBay goes, it's more a case of seller beware rather than buyer beware. I once sold a legitimate job lot of portable soldering irons. The buyer took the part(s) he wanted off of one of them and opened a case against me, and won (of course, the buyer ALWAYS wins no matter what). He got a full refund, including original shipping and I had to pay the return postage too.

    Mike HawkinsMike Hawkins3 månader sedan
  • I have an even larger pile of iPhone junk you can have if you need parts. Hit me up. I actually have some parts you can use though. I’m not gonna use any of it I’m out of the LCD repair iPhone resale business now,

    Billy MehaffeyBilly Mehaffey3 månader sedan
  • I have a better iPhone lot in my storage all my old iPhones and other iPhones that I have found around the house throughout the years. Lol

    Louie QuintanillaLouie Quintanilla4 månader sedan
  • I can't find anyone to fix my phone! was able to replace my screen, but now the home button replacement won't stay in place😠 I'm not able to attach the L shaped bracket over the cable. I'm wanting a new housing replacement also maybe the Red since the Screen is Black. However everyone I ask they charge way to much you might as by brand new out the box instead of repairing it. ---- Help Me Please I Need I Need Gimme Gimme I tried the Baby steps But Not Enough 😂

    Michael B.Michael B.4 månader sedan
  • bruh i told you it was a scam!

    YadierelleYadierelle4 månader sedan
  • I don’t think you should have had to send back the parts because this kid will just use them to scam someone else

    Carbon GamingCarbon Gaming4 månader sedan
  • Hmmmm don't belive scammer in ebay Amazon or others some is scams warning scam alert

    Ninja Playz YTNinja Playz YT4 månader sedan
  • They should be sued

    Shawn DollarzShawn Dollarz4 månader sedan
  • GSP?

    Xavo NizerXavo Nizer5 månader sedan
  • E eu pensando que ele ia fazer um umboxing do ventilador kkkkkk

    tem coxinha na cabeçatem coxinha na cabeça5 månader sedan
  • I hope you complained to ebay about that seller hes clearly ripping people off

    MobilGamesMobilGames6 månader sedan
  • People are so horrible these days, loosing your hard earned money to some idiot

    Family Guy ChannelFamily Guy Channel6 månader sedan
  • Dear if we bypass the iPhone the sim is working or not

    hamza hamayunhamza hamayun6 månader sedan
    • Reply me dear

      hamza hamayunhamza hamayun6 månader sedan
  • Hi Hugh I think the model of the Oppo Smartphone is Oppo F5 black. I’m not sure but it looks identical

    Kerwin YeoKerwin Yeo6 månader sedan
  • Hi

    Jack KaiserJack Kaiser7 månader sedan
  • Don't feel bad Hugh everyone gets scammed.

    Phillip RhinehardtPhillip Rhinehardt7 månader sedan
  • Me : i need a new phone it’s broken My mom : just put it in some rice The phone : 4:25

    SupermotoslideSupermotoslide7 månader sedan
  • Dude these are trash I can find better things in target

    phasmagamingGRphasmagamingGR7 månader sedan
  • That is oppo f5

    Oun NakOun Nak7 månader sedan
  • How tf do u bend an iPhone 4

    Foxy The PirateFoxy The Pirate7 månader sedan
  • The iPhone 7 must have broken power button

    xxBonnie09xxxxBonnie09xx7 månader sedan
  • How could the seller damage all that by accident. He definitely like smashed the phone bc you can't like destroy a logic board with a drop or like sit on it. They had to like be owned by techrax bc he is like the only person that would damage a phone that bad.

    Sebo Abram-PavlovSebo Abram-Pavlov8 månader sedan
  • Hugh you are somehow to me a good repairder from phones, it is good if you are paid for it !

    Saskia van HoutertSaskia van Houtert8 månader sedan
  • Poor iPhones

    Binuk VidanaBinuk Vidana8 månader sedan
  • רואים שזה חלקים שהיו צריכים ללכת לזבל !! לא הייתי קונה כלום . בטח לא משלם . תשלם לי אתה , ואני לא אקח אותם !!!

    aviram662aviram6628 månader sedan
  • How do people beat their phones so hard? (Though is blame the scammer for 90%) of the damage

    Crispy Joking TunaCrispy Joking Tuna9 månader sedan
  • I hate these people on eBay This is the reason why a lot of people are skeptical about buying stuff on eBay is when this crap happens like this is really sad that there are people like this And honestly why eBay will always have an asterisk next to it

    Patrick CarrilloPatrick Carrillo9 månader sedan
  • "What you see is what you get." You didn't get what you ordered, time to refund.

    Lasky LabsLasky Labs9 månader sedan
  • Why blur the seller...

    V12BigBlockV12BigBlock9 månader sedan
  • i just asked where you get very good deals from, however with this video I see you win some and loose some, it happens :/

    Sports CarsSports Cars9 månader sedan
  • Opens the package, *boom* a Mini Fan box! _deceased_ 😂😅😂😅

    Shiny MewShiny Mew9 månader sedan
  • can you tell me where you find these lots from?

    Angelo BennettAngelo Bennett9 månader sedan
  • Wow, that's really bad... poor condition parts, how can people trash their phones like this? Best thing to do was exactly what you did, i.e. open a INAD case, you'll get your money back and the seller has to pay fees and return postage.

    spotify95spotify959 månader sedan
  • Get your money back.

    M GomezM Gomez9 månader sedan
  • Yeah I got scammed for "OEM" earpods.. The seller used word play to try and trick me into not complaining. I opened a case and within 2 hours the seller refunded me. Scared I'd give him a negative feedback

    Sad PillzSad Pillz9 månader sedan
  • bro from whrer did you buy those iphone

    oman bdoman bd9 månader sedan
  • That oppo is an A73

    Lachlan’s Train ChannelLachlan’s Train Channel9 månader sedan
  • E bay isn't available in India?

    Azeem ArfathAzeem Arfath9 månader sedan
  • Imagine if the seller actually misplaced the parts.

    Random22Random229 månader sedan
  • in short seller raped all those phones before he sent them to you

    jans belertsjans belerts9 månader sedan
  • From where do you buy the phone lot?

    Samen TajbidSamen Tajbid10 månader sedan
  • Them are ok for 25$ . You think in my country (Romania) a motherboard for an iphone cost +25€

    Gaby-Ramon DobreGaby-Ramon Dobre10 månader sedan
  • Very happy to see you were able to get your money back. I hate it when people like that scam and get away with it.

    TedTed11 månader sedan
  • The f*** tried to scam you completely by trying to remove all the parts from the phones and send you housings. I know I’m too late.

    Master KamenMaster Kamen11 månader sedan
  • Can I have ur iPhone 7

    Tavon Gaines-JonesTavon Gaines-Jones11 månader sedan
  • Hello sir hugh could you help me fix my iphone 5s??

    jared manguanjared manguan11 månader sedan
  • could you please restore my life with US$ 30 ? please?

    Thalles ValleThalles ValleÅr sedan
  • The iphone 4's structure is made of stainless steel opposed to the newer "softer" alluminium iphones. How on earth did someone manage to bend stainless steel. wtf.

    LimerenceLimerenceÅr sedan
  • This parts lot literally looks like the seller broke and smashed everything right before shipping it off to you 🤦🏽‍♂️ smh.

    Amaan MominAmaan MominÅr sedan
  • My dad was working on a roof dropped his phone couldn’t find it and then accidentally ran over it in his car it was DESTROYED

    Soupy SharkSoupy SharkÅr sedan
  • Sue that person

    Kayvon’s iPhone 12 ProKayvon’s iPhone 12 ProÅr sedan
  • Australians call it mobiles .. not cellphones.. :-)

    Scott BryantScott BryantÅr sedan
  • Maybe the second package never got delivered?

    Isaacs Random VideosIsaacs Random VideosÅr sedan
  • Lol dude says he will send the other parts when the money is cleared to his account lmao like seriously?

    Christopher ParkerChristopher ParkerÅr sedan
  • It’s never a scam when Hugh is around.

    connor mackenzieconnor mackenzieÅr sedan
  • Where do you get the phones?):(

    Diego RefugioDiego RefugioÅr sedan
  • I bought a iPhone 5s for 8 pound smashed up then sold the battery for 15 pound and the motherboard for a 12.50

    Beefy BotzBeefy BotzÅr sedan
  • It’s 45 dollars 💵 dumbest

    Hani HashmiHani HashmiÅr sedan
  • Wow u sound a lot like

    Zxivo シZxivo シÅr sedan
  • I dont have Twitter or Instagram. But I have a couple question I would like to ask in private.

    chef soufflechef souffleÅr sedan
  • Is it really that hard not to break something I don't care if your trying to make money, but its completely fucked up to destroy something your customer is buying

    The CreepyOnezThe CreepyOnezÅr sedan
  • Hey Hugh! That iPhone 4S, (The one stuck in a boot loop) that same problem happened to me! Any chance you could make a vid on fixing that?

    Keagster06 PreviouslyKeagster06 PreviouslyÅr sedan
  • where do you get these tech lots from? Just ebay?

    EmotionlessMotion69EmotionlessMotion69År sedan
  • It looks as if they showed it perfectly fine but when they were packing it to give it to you they snap the pieces and bent water and put the pieces in water

    Broderick ClayburnBroderick ClayburnÅr sedan
  • That oppo is F5

  • Wow he scammed you bad bro omg that’s shocking even my junk box is not that bad

    billy somervillebilly somervilleÅr sedan
  • much of that damage looked deliberately done, prior to shipping

    Ray CalderonRay CalderonÅr sedan
    • BFD Mod took the pictures then he broke them all

      MarcOnYew TVMarcOnYew TVÅr sedan
    • That would explain why they didn't care with the packaging

      BFD ModBFD ModÅr sedan
  • @Hugh Jeffreys that oppo smartphone is an j7 or something check imei

    KhoiLe MAINS HDKhoiLe MAINS HDÅr sedan
  • you were not scammed.. i can tell you're a looser.

    you tubeyou tubeÅr sedan
  • Dang man bruh I bought a iPhone 4 when I was like 2 my dad got it for me and it’s still in amazing condition

    Emine TemurEmine TemurÅr sedan
  • Where do you get these phones?

    Frederic BandongFrederic BandongÅr sedan
  • I feel like he always includes “I got scammed” in every title.

    Angel MountainAngel MountainÅr sedan
  • Hugh, you should name & shame the scammer!

    Iam MeenaIam MeenaÅr sedan
  • Sorry there are scammers like this guy was..

    Wayman SimmangWayman SimmangÅr sedan
  • What the hell? Some of those devices look like they were deliberately destroyed, like someone completely wanted to irrevocably destroy them. Why would you do that, then try to sell those destroyed devices?

    ecmorgan69ecmorgan69År sedan
  • My first phone was a Nokia Lumia 536 3 years later he was like a new one but i give to my father ;))) sorry for my english How to broke a phone like that

    Paul OlteanuPaul OlteanuÅr sedan
  • What kind of tool kit do you have? I would like to get that type of kit for me to start repairing devices myself. Thanks! Great Video!

    David SalmonsDavid SalmonsÅr sedan
  • Damn i hate people who scam others.

    bapor tabobapor taboÅr sedan
  • very interesting vid, good to show you get scammed too. thanks for sharing your experience.

    Richard Chan 0Richard Chan 0År sedan